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Tall. British. Feminine. English first language. Straight talking. Professional. NO BULL and most importantly FRIENDLY, chatty and very cheeky.

I'm not brazilian or hispanic. English is my first language so your assured if I say I do it, then I do it and you won't be given the excuse "oh i didn't understand, my english is bad". My pics are real, non professional and no airbrush or my face photoshopped on a porn stars body. If its too good to be true then they probably are. My service is described clearly here so there are no doubts as to what I offer.


A different approach for a different type of service.... A long, erotic, foreplay filled massage with sex and a whole lot more.


You call, book and arrive. The session starts with a shower or freshen up and then you lay on the bed. Once on the bed I will sit my body on top of yours, its then that I will start massaging you with my hands as I ask you questions about your likes and dislikes, fantasies and especially erogenous areas. (REMEMBER: we have never met and I do not read minds, so I need something to work from).

Not sure what you want ? First time, just tell me to give you "The Works"

Once I have a picture of what you like and what your looking for, the session starts, I will begin to kiss you (if you like that) lick and nipple your lips, ears, neck and chest, slowly working down to the nipples. Light teasing of that area will start getting the blood flowing to your dick, i'll feel it starting to grow as my ass cheeks are pressed into it.

It is then I will starts to work my way further down your body with my mouth and tongue, I will start playing around your penis, your groin and ball sack but never with your penis (for now, foreplay is as important as the sex itself), by then your dick will be hard now.

Laying between your legs I will then put my hands underneath your knees and push your legs gently up to your chest and then begin to lick your ass (discretional*) for a while eventually with bigger strokes from your ass hole up to the tip of your cock.

Then lowering your legs, I will begin to start sucking your cock slowly and deeply, by this time your cock will be vibrating as I start using my thick wet surgically plumped lips sand tounge to apply more pressure to your dick, up and down, rotating my tongue and more up and down and occasionaly taking it all in my throat down to the very base and letting it relax in my throat whilst you enjoy the sensations of your meat where it belongs.

Want to play with me too ? 69 is my favourite number.

After some time has past and I see your nearing the height of your arousal, we will then being to fuck (if you want to), you tell me how you want it and I will make it happen. I start slowly and work my way up and down as my hard cock is slapping you on your chest with every up and down motion. Dirty talk here always helps. Your free to play with my 7.5" too.

The session comes near to an end when you blow your load wherever that may be.

The final piece du resitance is the final kiss on the tip of your penis and then you are free to shower and change and leave feeling energised and truly relieved.

*This is just a generalisation of a session. It is not indicative of we do together. It is up to you what you choose to do or not to do or add in to spice it up to your personal likes. It is tailorable and personalised to each client. Most of all it has to be fun and it has to end in you being satisfied and already looking forward to our next session. Common sense always applies.

I don't wear perfume or wear glitter so nothing is transferred to you and use mens deodorant and provide the same to shower with, so your wife or gf will never know, it's our dirty secret !!

I also have a selection of toys available for you to choose from for fun inc dildos etc

My domination service is one way only. I give it but do not receive it. I love tying men up with my stockings and blindfolding you with my panties ;) and fucking ass. I'm fun and imaginative. I also have a selection of toys available for you to choose from to spice things up.


* You are welcome to send a text message for my location or set up an appointment but questions regarding my service will be replied to with "Please read my profile"

* I do not offer phone sexy nor cozy chats. My service is clearly described above, if that is not enough for you then I am not you girl. Please do not be insulted if I have asked you to read my profile.

* Same day bookings only.

* Do not ask for any rate other than stated. If you chat starts with "I know it says but," or "I'm young and hot" and the classic "How about I come and just suck you off" It's like selling ice to eskimos. You'll be doing me no favours. Save yourself the embarrassment of me saying NO !!

* My rate does not change if you call me to ask it, my rate is clearly stated here. I do not care if you have exceeded your withdrawal limit etc.

* Cleanliness is important. I like my dicks to smell of soap. Arrive fresh and groomed or be willing to do that here.

* Asking for bareback kills the mood. I don't do it even if your allergic to latex or on Prep. It is for OUR MUTUAL protection, yes I hate them too, but I'm involved with so many men, I do not want to get an STD or be a carrier of one so you can take it home to your loved one(s).

* Time wasters spoil it for EVERYONE. If you can't make an appointment simply text me to cancel. I won't be mad, stuff happens, plans go wrong, that's life. Plus it is basic good manners.

* Treat me like a lady, be a gentleman and i'll treat your dick like a king.

I ALWAYS stay in hotels, decent hotels, good locations, parking, pre screened for discretion. It's safer than going to some unknown apartment where anyone could be waiting for you.

Rudeness, disrespect, impatience, slapping, biting, foul language intended to be offensive not tolerated.


150 HR

The list below is accurate, if it is listed here then I do it, if it is not listed then I don't do it !
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