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The Domina of your dreams

I have extensive experience with a broad spectrum of scenes. Every session that I do shares the commonalities of mutual respect, energy exchange, and intensity. I enjoy being cruel when it is appropriate to our scene, but choose to associate with people who appreciate me, themselves, and the fact that offering one’s submission is indeed a gift. It is always evident in that I enjoy my dominance, and I am honored by the many who entrust me with their submission.

Whether I am bringing you to the edge of your pain threshold or teaching you to be a sweet young lady, being Mommy, or humiliating you and helping you realize your most deviant desires, I take pride in myself and the ease with which I create an amazing experience. You will find yourself wanting to dive further into the fantasy world I create.

I take appointments in an elegant and exclusive dungeon located in the East Bay Area, at the foot of the Bay Bridge. It is easily accessible via the highway or public transit, and has multiple rooms that suit many a wonderful scenario.

The Dungeon is truly fit for a Queen. It has an elegant throne, a bevy of beautiful bondage and suspension furniture, and a toy chest that is perfectly equipped for all sorts of exciting scenes.

For my sissies, littles, students, and lovers of domestic discipline I recommend the Governess's quarters. It is a beautiful room where we can feel right at home.

If you are in need of a thorough examination, I will see you in the medical suite. When was your last check up?

To learn more about me and coordinate a session, visit My website.
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