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Female Mistress
I, Empress Angelique have been in the BDSM scene for nearly 8 years.
Chicago US
Joined August 2013

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All about Empress Angelique

I, Empress Angelique have been in the BDSM scene for nearly 8 years. With extensive experience training submissives, slaves, pain sluts, wallet piggies and fetishists of all kinds, I'm well equipped to deal with all kind of kinks.

Whether you're a newbie or experienced novice, my approach to domination will change the way you think of D/S or S/M

With a holistic approach, your personal preferences, limitations and kinks of interest are taken into consideration.

Your visit is very discrete; it’s at the privacy of my own home which is in a safe quiet neighborhood.

For booking seen before clients can call or text me within my working hours as for new suitors email me or fill out my form on my "Contact Page". I’m available everyday from 10am till 10pm.

If you confirm your booking and don’t show up you’ll be on my black list of time-wasters.

I prefer to book one day in advance. Advance bookings must be confirmed 2 hours before the booking.

Same day bookings must be made at least 4 hours in advance and confirmed 1 hour before.

Are you a straight-up foot fetishist? Do you desire nothing more than to lick and sniff my boots or help me into my latex and shine it up? Do you have more esoteric desires that other Mistresses simply don’t understand, like smelling under a musty armpit or watching as I chew and eat candy or blow and pop balloons? Whatever your fetish, I’m fascinated by it and eager to create a session focused on exploring and indulging it.

You can pick what you want your session to include, or I will pick for you. If you let me pick, I’ll be doing as many of the items where there's a red "STAR" on the list, as I please (and a few of the grey, just to throw you off.) On the other hand, if that sort of submission isn't your type, feel free to be a baby… or a pony, a slave, a footstool, or a bullseye target. My pleasure in Domming doesn’t come from doing what I want and seizing control; it comes from getting inside your head and making you lose control of yourself.

If I take you under consideration, do not contact me unless you are a serious sub, slave, pain slut or fetishist who wishes to worship me or true novice or fetishist wishing to indulge in your unspoken fantasies. My time is a very important commodity. Do not waste it.

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