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You and your Dark Fantasies

Greetings Royal Subject, just for people who open this advert. This posting is about BDSM, i say please try to avoid this if you really have no idea about BDSM. I suggest for those interested or curious that we are about to face our darkest fantasy.

You're about to humiliated using my mother tongue. the pain you are about to receive is far beyond the boundaries of deviant behaviour.

Pure dominant (non-switching).

I can handle fledglings with care if needed.

Precaution will be a top priority but pain is the ultimate goal.

Meet your master, and you're just my dog.

Mistress Angelita

Reminder Strictly by Appointment. When you contact me try to .tell me the title of this posting so I know how to approach our conversation. I don't make love (sex) with a slave....

Mobile numbers:
Shanghai, China: +86 13817165941
Hong Kong: +852 94388679
Singapore: +65 94228237
Intl. number Chile: +56 28977941
Spain: +34 625732491

For advance booking please contact by email
Please be informed of booking at least 3 hours ahead of time

For more info please email
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