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I am in theatrical, erotic game played with mutual consent.
I like all kinds of role-play
- strict schoolteacher
- ManWoman for Girliboy
- Jailer
- Cross-dresser -Modelling school for girliboys
- Opener of male vaginas, - -Merciless doctor - Cowler,
- Corseter,
- Suspender;
- Binder,
- Listener, teller-
- Tamer,
- Pisser,
- Buggeress...

The Dungeon
Theatre of the erotic?
Lair of pagan womanhood?
Place of divine worship?
Adult theme park?

The dungeon is all of these. For Man, in his need for divinity, dresses up a mere mortal as a God or Goddess. On an erotic stage He plays out an ancient tragedy, Forgetting his tears and fears.
He bows down before the Idol.
Time stands still.
He lives out his belief, drawing strength from it.
Sex and the sacred enter the play. By flirting with the forbidden, the poison of the patriarchy, Man opens the gates to eternity.-

My dungeon is comprised of three rooms -A white-tiled medical room with complete gynecologist chair equipment A make-up room like a dressing room with hundreds of accessories, whores and maids dresses, latex female faces, etc.The leather, latex bondage room. Leather, latex and vacuum enclosure bags.Dozens of hoods, masks and straightjackets. Crosses, hoists, bondage tables, slings, etc.

The smart phallic Iron Lady is my nearest neighbor She is the Eiffel Tower.

It is easier to call me from
09:00 am to 01:00 pm
French local time

Evening session possible

Long distance call:33 6 15 262 338
From France:06 15 26 23 38

If you connect the answering machine leave
a number if you are in Paris or be patient and call back.
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