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Straight Transgender 29 Bad Girl
Simply Salma la mas
London UK
Joined December 2010
November 17
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P l e a s e -- K i n d l y (READ) this profile before you call me thanks

All major credit/debit cards are accepted.

Frequently asked questions:

* Are you the girl in the pictures? - Yes I am it's me 100%

* Are you fully functional and get a full erection?-Yes I am always ready to take the lead and perform.

* Do you do out-calls?- Yes, i do, to private flats , residences and Hotel's

* duo available on request as we dont live together
with the same guy from the pics ask me by calling me only !

* Do you have a BIG body, Beefy, tall, big shoulders, big feet, big hands and belly type of a RUGBY PLAYER?- Not i am not, I am fit, not fat, petite, small only 5-6 feet, amazing lips, feminine, smooth all over, flat stomach and the most amazing Latin BOOTY in London if you don't believe it, come and check it out.

* I am new to this - it is really my first time. I am very nervous, are you gonna be gentle? -Yes i will don't worry, i am patient with newbies and first timers and we can have an amazing time without pain, i can guarantee you that ;-)

* Do u live in a nice place, discreet, clean, have shower facilities, and easy to park?- Yes, I live 5 mins walking distance from the station, parking it is out of the congestion charge / apartment and facilities /ready/ always/ clean for you.

* Do u offer a first class service? - Yes I do, i offer complementary drinks, pop, via, also will host you and treat you like a king .-But if u are the type of guy who like to be treat like the opposite I will follow that fantasie and treat you like a b*cth.

* How do you usually dress when we meet? - I always dress to impress!!! please feel free to tell me what kind style of sexy clothes do you like me to wear, i am easy going and not cheeky about it! i do have an extended wardrobe to select from : lingerie, silk, lace, stockings, suspenders, leather, PVC, uniforms, high heels, lap dancing heels, high/knee/ankle length boots, etc

*Your butt looks amazing. I rarely seen that shape before its real or photoshop? -yes is real, bubbly and incredible i dont need to use photoshop to make it round / perfect ( lol ), i work out often every week to get that amazing shape that everyone loves, come and check it out!

*I would like to meet you but. I am not sure. Can I call you and make a booking? Yes of course you can make a booking if you are only 100 percent sure, but please dont make a booking if you are not 100 percent sure -my time is valuable, i am always doing something especially when i am on tour please don't waste my time and i will not waste yours.* how big it's your cock? Big enough to make you happy 7.5 inch

* SMS? - yes I will reply 1,2 or maximum 3

* ENDLESS SMS? - i don't / i just ignored them.

* Whatsapp? - I don't accept whatsapp, unless you came from overseas and doesn't have access to the Uk network.

* Can i inquire about your services over the phone?
- absolutely not! Please kindly read the FAQ before you call;-) fluent in English? Yes

* negotiate your rates ? no way / absolutely not i do not accept.

I am straight forward - easy to get along, nice, polite, civilized as long as you are nice too,- I will respect you if you respect me

Darling If you don't have manners please avoid calling me.
Most annoying SMS/questions. Received or asked over the phone and I will Ignored and not answered from me or /blocked/do not disturb!!!

Q: how long are you in town for? Q: where are you from? Q: are you top or bottom Q : what are you going to wear for me? Q: are you Going to give good Q: are you the girl on the pics Q : when are you coming back to my city? Q: you live alone?Q: you have a friend for duo? Q: can I have special rate? Q: what time are working until? Q: can I have a booking for tomorrow? Q: I will booked next time i am in London Q: remember me? I saw you on that night club, restaurant, I say hi it's me the Italian guy. Q: can I book you for next week? Q: it's gonna be painful/hurt me? Q: can you send me pictures? Q: can you send me videos? Q: can you find something for me? Q: can you organise a party? Q: can you send me a recent picture? Q: did you get a full erection? -Note if you asked any of the the follow questions up listed, I just simple finish the Call or I will answer sarcastic with the next follow answers :
-Yes how are you good morning Sr. Do you need a Technician, perhaps a carpenter or plumber? - hello you are calling pizzalicious woudl you like to place and order e have pizza 4 for 1 only today I'm From the sun corner with pluton Around. The sky .- I am visit your town for 6 years .- Its that you on the pics? not baby its not me , it is my grandmother - Yea It's 15 half hour or 850 one hour .- I i will not give you a good time .

* I am well experienced and I know that the genuine type of guy will never ask Many questions , Instead asking many questions make it just simple:

1 - make a genuine phone call or SMS
2 - book and set up a time
3 - show up!
4 - everyone happy!

Please kindly read my entire profile
To avoid all those questions = Again
Please KINDLY READ Salma's profile from top to bottom!
I do have my own proper style;-)

if I am not your taste or cup of tea = I completely understand my darling!

Most usual questions, answers and expressions By you or my self! -
Hi Salma I saw your profile you looks stunning, I would like to go and visit you? * Thanks a lot for the complement you can visit me today as I am free to meet now. -- Hi Salma are you available? * Yes I am darling - Hi Salma are you free in 30 min? * Yes I am baby I will send the full address now by SMS .
- Hi Salma are you free in 1 hour? of course Bebe, I will send post code straight away by SMS .- Hi Salma I'm in the area are you available to meet now? - *Yes I am, will be ready in 15 min see you soon

* What is the most annoying things i don't like and disgust me when I receive a SMS/WHATS APP or a CALL? - I really don't like when someone wants to meet for free/or bargain just because of any simple reason like : i am handsome, i am masculine, i am very sexy, i am fit, i am better looking that Brad Pitt, i live close to you, i have c, etc / please avoid me blocking you straight away from whats app or/do not disturb from my phone. i am here to meet:ONLY = Genuine straight Gentlemen

*** WiSHLIST *** To see more of my wishlist please visit my website :-)
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Avatar BDSMaidCarolin
December 29th, 2018
She is a SEXY Tgirl...!
Avatar lennyb
October 13th, 2018
Hey Salma, I never get tired of checking out your profile! It's only you with such a classy sense of taste and you look simply stunning in the dress in the display pic xx
Avatar haggishorns
September 21st, 2018
Avatar Wetnursesandra
September 18th, 2018
One word WOW xxxxx
Avatar roberthung
September 16th, 2018
Absolutely stunning x can't wait to see you again x
Avatar marisadiamond
September 9th, 2018
gosh this girl is stunning xx
Avatar gkwill
September 1st, 2018
Thanks for comment beautiful xo
Avatar jamesEssex
August 29th, 2018
mmm bellissima xXx
Avatar gkwill
August 27th, 2018
Soo hot x
Avatar haggishorns
August 21st, 2018
Thanks gorgeous