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All about Lady Lydia

Lady Lydia welcomes submissive males and females into her dungeon, as well as couples in which at least one partner is submissive. She does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, religion, or any other factor, and is particularly pleased to accommodate anyone suffering from a disability.

If you are a masochist, Lady Lydia will hurt you. Don't let her beautiful smile deceive you: she will delight in causing you all kinds of physical pain. If you can handle being marked for a week or two, she will be truly happy. However, for those of you who can not be marked, she will devise ways in which to cause physical torment of your person with an amazing lack of evidence.

Lady Lydia operates primarily from her dungeon in the 98109 area north of downtown Seattle, Washington, on the East slope of Lower Queen Anne Hill. Sessions can also be arranged at one of the Seattle area luxury hotels.

Every session is unique when variables such as the submissives limitations and fantasies, the momentum of the scene itself, and the Mistress's penchants and whimsy all come into play.

In addition to submissive males of all ages, races, religions, etc., Lady Lydia welcomes into her dungeon submissive females, couples in which at least partner is submissive, and anyone suffering from a disability.

How to contact Lady Lydia
Lady Lydia asks both new and existing clients to book their sessions using the Session request form whenever possible. If you have any difficulty using the form, please email equivalent information to Lady Lydia and explain the difficulty.

In addition to cash, Lady Lydia now accepts Visa and Mastercard credit cards.

New clients
Lady Lydia looks forward to meeting you and is anxious to ensure that your first session is as smooth and successful as possible. She therefore asks you to:

Read this web site carefully, especially the Activities page, to familiarize yourself with the kind of session Lady Lydia enjoys and the activities she will not indulge in. However, if your favorite activity is not listed, don’t despair. It isn’t possible to list everything and it’s quite likely Lady Lydia will be delighted to arrange a session to satisfy your wishes. However, her “Does not” list is absolute and is not subject to negotiation.
Carefully read the Protocol page, to understand how Lady Lydia expects her clients to behave.
Go to the Session request form and fill in all the sections relevant to the session you are requesting. The About you section should always be completed.
When Lady Lydia has confirmed your appointment, she will give you the address and location of the dungeon, and you will be instructed to call in advance of your session. This is mandatory. You must call when instructed, or your session will be cancelled.

Lady Lydia looks forward to meeting you and enjoying your first session together.
Existing clients

Lady Lydia much prefers you to plan ahead and, if at all possible, book your sessions using the Session request form. Her phone should be used only in an emergency.

Same day appointments are occasionally available by phoning with a minimum of 5 hours notice, but only rarely.

To email Lady Lydia, note this address and use your email program: lydia.mclane [at]

If you cannot email, have not heard back from Lady Lydia within 24 hours, or have an emergency, you may phone her.

Lady Lydia’s phone number is 206-550-2570 (call only between 11am and 7pm). But remember, you should call her only in an emergency, if you are not able to email, or you are an established client seeking a same-day appointment (with a minimum of 5 hours notice).

If you are a new client telephoning to confirm an appointment, and this is your first time speaking with a Mistress, be prepared to speak briefly and tactfully.


If Lady Lydia answers, be sure to let her know who you are and why you are calling. This is not a social call. Lady Lydia does not find the phone useful for anything other than business calls.

Do not attempt to engage Lady Lydia or anyone else who may answer in role-play on the telephone. Keep your communication courteous, polite, and respectful. Be prepared to answer questions asked by Lady Lydia and do not try to engage in explicit or superfluous fantasy talk.

If Lady Lydia is not available, leave a polite voice message explaining when and how Lady Lydia may contact you.
Mailing address

Mail for Lady Lydia should be addressed to:
Lydia McLane,
PO Box 9495,
Seattle, WA 98109

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