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I am doing very few live sessions with new people, but it is still a possibility. The first step is an e-mail of introduction. Tell me all about yourself, where you live, what you do for a living, your age, height, and weight and what type of play you are interested in. We can also go over all of this in a phone session but do NOT call wanting to "talk" about a session unless you are ready to do a phone session! Another words, I am not going to just talk to you for free, my time is to valuable.

First Session:I have given some thought to creating my own play space, but have found that hotel rooms are comfortable and convenient, and don't draw the attention an established dungeon might. So if you need a lot of heavy equipment to set the mood, I may not be the Domme for you...But I do have a wicked imagination, and I travel with a well stocked bag of goodies (feel free to bring along any of your favorite toys.) I usually need a day or two notice to set up a live session. Write or call and let me know when and where is good for you and we will go from there.

Bondage:I have found most of the hotels to be very bondage friendly. *chuckle*. So if you would like to be bound, and teased mercilessly, this is something I truly enjoy

Corporal punishment:If you have been a bad boy, I can administer a firm over the knee spanking.
Goddess worship:I love my feet rubbed and kissed. Kneel before me, and serve me. Massage away the stress of the day. Worship me as the Goddess you know I am.

Role Playing:This can be a lot of fun. I have a vivid imagination, so let me know how you see yourself, and I will do my best to bring life to your fantasy.

Feminization:I really enjoy helping a girl look her best. You will need to bring your on things...but once we get you all fixed up perhaps we could even go downstairs for a drink.

If you are interested in a phone or web cam session call 321-327-4379

If you are interested in a live session and we have done one in the past (and I remember you) you can call to schedule another.

If you are interested in a live session but have not seen me in the past, and have any questions then write to to ask them!! Do NOT call me with questions about a live session unless you are ready to do a phone session to discuss it! Any questions you have can and WILL be answered in an e-mail.

Failure to follow these simple instructions will prove you are NOT worthy of my time.

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