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I think sissy maids are a distinctly wonderful flavor of the submissive male. I have to confess though, I have always enjoyed seeing a man dressed in women's clothing.

It is erotic to me, and the entertainment value is immeasurable.

Because it's socially unacceptable for men to be feminine, the male sub will find it awkward and embarrassing. It's such an affront to their male ego that the sissy maid, with all his domestic service along with the humiliation and physical punishment he must endure, is a splendid avowal to female supremacy.

Most I have met who go through a complete training program, are the real deal submissive male.

For those that are not familiar with what a sissy maid is, they are simply submissive men who dress in feminine attire (normally a frilly maid uniform) and do domestic service for a Mistress. Sometimes their attire is as simple as wearing panties, bra and an apron, but most of the time they are dressed ultra feminine with petticoat and ruffle

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