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I am The Real Thing.

You will never see Me subbing to anyone. You will never see me naked, tied up and beaten in films. You will never see me getting flogged at a club. The only pain I like is the kind I give you.

I am a lifestyle Domina, a believer in female supremacy.

I do not come home and sub to a Master or boyfriend.

I truly enjoy hurting and dominating you. My panties get wet at the start of every session and by the end, are soaked. I look forward to causing you the pain that causes us both pleasure.

Perhaps when you enter my space, fully clothed, you are the Dominant one in your life. Perhaps you run your own company or top your girlfriend or wife, but then you enter MY world, clothes come off, collars and cuffs go on and you need no convincing who is the superior sex.

I demand devotion and worship. You want to please and entertain Me.

I'm living the fantasy and I AM the fantasy.

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