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Straight TS
Do i know you? If the answer is no then probably best not to add me.
Rotherham UK
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Do i know you? If the answer is no then probably best not to add me. However, by all means feel free to drop me a message and we can take it from there.I like to dress up as a lady, a man and often somewhere in-between. Be it butch female or camp male or weird tranny its all fun and games right?!Following very recent discussion I realise I'm pansexual. Also, I feel it worth mentioning here I do have a significant other whom I'm very much in love with, she is poly and over the past year and half I have been gradually coming around to the idea too.I like spanking, bondage, anal, ice, vac-beds and would love to explore electricity play more and try things like rubber play, Suspension, Sissy, Forced Fem the list goes on…In terms of sexual stuff i bounce between wanting to feed of the reactions of others and wanting everything my way. Probably quite a brattish switch if I'm honest, but i guess thats life. Im still relatively new to all this and very much feeling my way as i go so please bare with me.In "real" life I'm a singer which means i get to dress up in many, many lovely male costumes, dance and act which is great fun!I am generally just invested in events, i get confused with the format of this site, but i am hoping to understand it more as time progresses and hopefully get involved with discussions.
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January 11th, 2021
Love the profile Yanta 💋