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I'm a 6'3 / 191 cm sissy pro-sub slut. I come from Norway and am a Norse Goddess of submission. I take great pride in who I am and what I can offer others. I have long and extensive experience as a trained servant, maid, sex slave, slut, sissy, masochist and so forth from many Dommes - both professionals and amateurs.I try spending as much time as possible travelling, and prefer doing so while attending to a new play partner's needs. If you are interested in a highly experienced travel sub to accompany you anywhere, feel free to send me a PM... :-)The only thing I demand from you, is showing me proper respect. Please.xx,VictoriaPS! Just so it's clear, I'm here to meet friends and play partners. I do hang out in the chat from time to time, but other than chatting to get to know people and possibly arrange real-life meetings, I am not interested in any forms of cyber-sex. No judgement from me, but it is simply not my thing. If you want to impress me, rather than sending me a picture of your penis or similar, feel free to tell me (one of your) your all-time favourite song(s) and why it's special to you. At least I'll know you bothered to read my profile... :)Thanks!Genuine sugar daddies will always get my attention. I need more latex and would love to go shopping with you, posing for you. xx
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