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Laval CA
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Just your average tall blue eyed part time 'gurl' next door type ( yeah sure ! ) ..... that's as long as you like them statuesque, curvaceous, leggy and with somewhat of a contradiction, lol.

Been attracted to women that love to glam it up since as long as I can remember

Love the ability women have to transform themselves and the beauty they can project

Classy & Elegant / Mature & Sophisticated / Full Figured & Voluptuous .... always been infatuated with the feminine mystique and the many fabulous ways in which it can be expressed

Is there anything more alluring than a woman that dresses with a sense of purpose, deliberately enhancing and showcasing her best attributes with a combination of a perfectly chosen outfit and the finest of undergarments underneath it all ?

WHEN DONE PROPERLY, always been fascinated by those who knowingly and tastefully blur the gender lines in an attempt to create an almost iconic refined image of womanhood as they see it or would love to see it done.

....... no Dorothy you're certainly not in Kansas anymore, lol !

Specially love the retro pin-up look and undergarments of the late 50s / early 60s when women were so feminine and glamorous. I find FF stockings, retro style lingerie and stiletto high heels absolutely irresistible on a classy refined lady that is in a seductive mood

Definitely into other girls, TV's as well as GG's that love doing a little 'dressing up' themselves

I also love hearing about how other 'gurls' first got started so if you're in the mood to share your story, I'd love to hear it
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