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I'm a 49 year old transsexual , I consider myself to be a girl with a penis which is why I have put straight because I love boys & their cocks. I am 100% bottom I enjoy being fucked not the other way round just ordinary girl really xx
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Published on: 27 Jul 2020

Hi im Emma

It didnt actually start with crossdressing , when I was at college I had part time job in a warehouse , one day the boss said to me if you want to earn extra cash you cann work late , said ok , so later on its just me & him working he asks if I have a girlfriend , said yes , he put on hand on my ass and said do yo mind this said no , he put his other hand on the front said what about this , I said its fine , he said i will be back in a moment be naked when i am , im still not sure why but I took my clothes off , when he got back he was naked from waist down witha stiff cock and holding what i know to be lube , told me bend over one of the boxes so I did , his finger went in to lube me up then felt his cock tip press against me then his weight was one and his cock went and i shouted he said make as much noise as you like and fucked the hell out of me , after he said you enjoyed that ? and the truth was I had ,he fucked ame a few more times while I worked there , a few years on I was living with my girlfriend and I I used to sit and watch her get ready when we going out then one evening I relised I was jealous I wanted to wear that those clothes and eventually one when she wasnt around I slipped a pair of her knickers & tights on and a bit of lipstick and boom the switch flipped I knew what I was mas meant to be , we broke up and I sstarted dressing in private indoors my father who was alive nearly caught me once by turning up unexpectedly but thats another story and then I did the the thing that every tgirl has done done I purged , I got a new girlfriend and we lasted 2 years and I didnt dress at all during that period but then we we split to and within a month I was buying dresses etc again but still only dressing in private , this went on for about a year then I purged again but this time it actually made me feel worse , I sat down one dayand thought you have get a grip so i Bought myself some new stuff including work outfits and an expseive wig and on the Monday turned up work dressed as me and asked to see HR explained what I was doing they were fine , after work went to see my sister she was cool to , some of my friends werent but hey ho cant have everying , dating was a little tricky , yes I wasnt an anal virgin but that was now a wile back but by and large thats been good to , in fact lived with a guy for 5 months which only ended I think his friends were ribbing him about hs ex-male girlfriend. So I haved as female for 10 years and im glad I made that choice it me that gets to wear pretty knickers & lipstick and keep the guy waiting and I feel comfortable in my skin