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The home of FemDom decadence.
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The House of Sinn, the home of FemDom decadence, is a project started by Goddess Ezada Sinn, supported by Her Lady friends, and Her fans. Besides being the owner of the House of Sinn, She is also a well known Female supremacist, male trainer, Femdom clips Producer and Fetish Model. Goddess Ezada loves to control, discipline, and use men for Her pleasure. For Her, this is not mere play, it is who She is, 24 hours a day. Any male who is allowed to be in Her presence, can only do so as a servant or a slave.

From all over the world, male creatures have voluntary offered their services and submission to Goddess Ezada. And that is how She likes it best: not to force you into submission, although She is positively capable of doing so, but to show you that the small path that leads to your submission to Her, is the only way along which you can reach your true destination. Only as Goddess Ezada’s servant or slave you can experience a certain amount of happiness and hope for salvation.

She is an expert in dominating and re-educated male creatures. Goddess has a vast experience with controlling and subjecting many different types of servants and slaves. Whether you are wired as a masochist, or a fetish enthusiastic, a mere submissive worshiper of Her beauty, or a natural born slave, She will soon know you better than you know yourself and make use of this.
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