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I'm a pansexual, male admirer who wants to build lasting friendships and deep, intimate, physical relationships with new people in a bid to connect more with others and explore my own erotic fantasies.

Always looking to learn more about ourselves, my wife and I have been through couple's therapy and are now going through sex therapy. It's proving to be an incredible journey. Something we have come to terms with his how ridiculous the concepts of monogamy and narrow sexuality are. We now embrace our sexual sides, which we leave open to exploration with multiple partners - because life is for experiencing, not just desiring.

I've had a fascination with cross dressers, transexuals, sissies, femboys, and twinks since I was young. I simply love and effeminacy and find it a huge turn-on. For those decades, I have kept a lot of that repressed, simply resigning to the thought that it would be incompatible with a traditional hetro-romantic marriage - thankfully, thanks to having a wonderful partner who is pansexual herself, I've seen the light and am able to dive head first into my fantasies in a safe and respectful way.

As many of you know, there's a lot of guys on here only after one thing and doing so in a secretive fashion. That's not the way forward. It's destructive and burns everybody involved. Intimacy should be just that, something that brings people closer and allows them to be more authentic to themselves and others.

I believe that people are precious, delicate, and vulnerable. I know what it's like not to feel accepted, to be bullied, to eventually become empty, and no longer want to exist. While it may be nice to get our rocks off and frantically mash our bodies together until we're dripping with sweat and lying exhausted on the floor, it's essential we remember that it's somebody's being we are interacting with and have to respect it as such.

I'm looking to connect on any level, from online casual friendship to in deep, person to person, physical intimacy.

I'm 5ft11 with blue eyes, have a slightly athletic ~170lbs build, and crop my hair. I work out three times a week lifting weights and carry quite a bit of muscle on my shoulders - however, I'm not pumped/ripped/shredded or anything like that. I love just chatting about life, the world, psychology or anything else, and need to get comfortable with a person before going any further. For what it's worth, I don't drink or smoke and am mostly vegetarian, although I respect other's choices to do otherwise.
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Avatar rihana
August 28th, 2013
Nice honest profile xx
Avatar PVC TV Tasha
PVC TV Tasha
March 29th, 2012
I agree with your points completely Chris .. Well said x