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Available in Bristol.
Spike Island Bristol UK
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January 12
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All about Nina jay

I'm Nina Jay a very kinky stunning looking prosub/spankee who offers various escort services If you want to find out more read on but please don't message me here looking to go out with or have free sex with me as I'm here as a pro and have no interest in dating unless you want to pay for me to be your date that is. Please see my site for a full list of kinky services I offer.

My quickie service which is just oral or hand relief on you and you may still fuck my face, make me deep throat you and even cum on me or my face. Amazing value service only £40(this service is only me giving you and your cock amazing pleasure)

If you genuinely want to book a session with me just phone me I work most weeks Monday-Friday in and outcalls and trust me you'll enjoy spending time with me especially if you're kinky and not just looking for boring sex although I do give excellent oral sex and love having my face fucked hard as well as my sexy ass. What I don't do is penetrate you or receive oral as I don't enjoy these things but you can put your hand inside my panties and play with me until I cum for you.

Why not treat me to a lovely facial as I love guy's cumming all over my beautiful face and making a mess of my makeup you know you want to. I do offer oral without but at my discretion and the same goes for receiving cum in mouth.

I also like water sports done on me and if you want to piss on me anywhere including my face and in my mouth let me know. Imagine pissing all over my face in my mouth and sexy dressed body.

You can also face sit me while playing with me if you like. If clean I may rim you if you fancy my tongue up your ass. You can fart on my face but strictly no hard sports

Most people who call are asking about my girl friend experiences so I've added this bit so you know what I'm happy to do. You can do anything to me including anal. You can give me oral rim me kiss and snog me even cum over my body or face or make me cum in my panties but I don't give anal except sometimes with a strap-on and I only normally give oral with a condom to new clients but I am good at what I do offer please give me a try for only £100 an hour I'm really worth it.

Also check out my Mistress profile but don't message me through my mistress profile here as I rarely log in, Either message me here,phone or email regarding domme sessions

Below is my pro sub details

Southwest/midlands sexy young,submissive and very convincing TS and Billie Piper lookalike.

I'm a very good looking transgendered girl with an amazing body. I'm young very sexy and enjoy what I do as well as being good at it and I do have a very spankable bum! So if your not looking for boring sex come have some fun with your fantasy woman instead. So far everyone who's spanked,caned flogged or just played with me have said they really enjoyed the experience even the ones who normally only spank real girls or see escorts for sex. Just think how much fun you could have tieing me up and playing with my helpless sexy body or putting me over your knee for a long hard spanking and play with. imagine having your hands down my panties and me not being able to stop you no matter how much I struggle.

I am able to take quite a thrashing too if spanking/flogging and caning are your thing.

Or maybe you're looking for a sexy fun maid to help around the house and spank and play with when she doesn't do her job properly.

I have a huge collection of costumes I can wear for you in different materials from lycra to rubber or you can bring something or buy something for me to wear for you if you like to come play with me as your very own dress up doll

Oh and did I say I look a lot like Billie Piper in the flesh so it makes it easy for you to pretend you're with belle de jour.

There are some things I don't offer but e-mail or phone me and ask if there is something you want but many of your questions can be answered by looking at my pro-sub web site before calling

I am at present only available for bookings at fetish studios/dungeons at Taunton, and my Bristol flat for spanking and escort sessions However I am willing to travel, provided my expenses and travelling time are paid for as well as my fee. I currently require a paypal deposits for all studio bookings and new clients until I get a new venue of my own in the near future.

My prices start from £100 an hour Happy to do role play for you and your appointment wont be rushed as I am more than happy to talk after or before your session with me.

If you are interested in booking me please phone me stating what you require and where and when. Please do not withhold your number as I will not answer but I won't call or text you back unless you leave a message telling me its ok to do so. If I don't answer I may be already tied up so try again later.

If you're into splosh play I am happy to play with you and let you pour beans/custard or whatever food you want over me or down my knickers or in my face and I can do the same to you of course

If you want me to dress as a little sissy girl and wear a nappy and be made to cry after being put over your knee or suck daddy's cock also happy to do this

Phone me or check out my site for all my services you wont regret doing so


from £100 an hour

07975 860809

Nina xx
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