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Latest update a slight change can you tell what it is?

My name is Nick in case you hadn't guessed already. I'm 5'8 with blond hair and blue eyes and a slim build!

I'm looking to make friends with people at first and see how things go! Once we become friends if you like to cam we could cam together but I only prefer to cam to cam rather than just cam for someone (although there can be the odd exception for the right people)

I've met before and had a very good time so met again! I'm looking to meet although my weekends are usually taken up. Therefore if I say I do want to meet you I mean it but will never give a date unless I am definately sure I can make it. I want to make this clear because it may take a long time before I can meet dependant on distance and whats going on in my life and I don't want to be classed as a timewaster because I haven't. If I promise to meet you and give you a date I can meet I will be there!

I like to chat to people so just message me if you want to get to know more.

Also if I'm in chat I'm only a man and although I do try to do multiple things at once I'm not always good at keeping an eye on chat, so if you private me or whisper me and I don't respond message me.

Anyway I've probably gone on long enough so if you want to chat or anything feel free to get in touch!
Friendly people who like to chat.
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