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I'm 62 but very fit for my age For the last few years, since my wife went off sex after an illness,I've found release in stroking and playing with like minded lingerie lovers and have developed a real fascination with stiff bulges in silky undies
. Also love sexy phone wanking.I was 58 before I either saw or sucked my first stiff cock,which belonged to my grandaughter's boyfriend,(17)who I found in my wife's silk half slip and stockings,one day, wanking!! It opened up a whole new life for me and my sex life is soooo much better now!

Later that year I was also found dressed in my wife s silky black french knickers and waist slip with sheer nylons and suspenders. by a neighbour .I covered up my undies with a dressing gown but forgot he could still see my nyloned legs. He asked to see more and when I opened my dressing gown.........wow!!!
It also gave me an idea and now I often answer the door to delivery people in my dressing gown with my nylons on show.It s had a surprising amount of success for me/

I love fondling stiff cocks in silky panties and slips I love slips and petticoats and revel in mutual fondling up other cd's skirts and exploring inside their silky panties. I have a large collection of slips half slips and petticoats in all materials and love nothing better than to dress and undress other cd's

.Also learned to love rimming and water sports!how erotic!Love phone sex with the right people

As you may guess i hve had a lifelong fetish for silky slips since my first ever cu m into my mums black slip when I was 12! Mum and auntie used to regularly walk around in just blouses and slips when I was 7 yrs old.

More recentlyI ve explored sex with strangers in the park. it started with driving to the car park and removing my trousers,so passers by who looked in,could see me flashing my silky french knickers and sheer stocking tops. Men would gather round and wank while I fondle the ones who please me. Five men gathered round the car the other week, and even some schoolboys one day! And just discovered silent fondling in the toilets with strangers. Risky but so erotic!
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Avatar Sexyslips
August 21st, 2012
you can fondle me anytime hun as you tell me all about your granddaughters boyfriend
Avatar Leizah
February 10th, 2010
Blowing you a kiss!
Avatar SallieSub
August 5th, 2009
You sound like great fun!