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Welcome All, i'm bitchboy, str8 passive sub/slave with a passion for BDSM. Born to worship the Superior Female in Her many guises. But my first love is an Active, Strict, Dominant Transsexual Mistress. TS Ladies know what i want and need... to worship and serve. i know any donation/tribute is for Your precious time and company only. Whatever else happens is strictly between Mistress and HER bitchboy:)
my vanilla life is routine and uneventful. i get my kicks and kink serving and worshipping strict, sensual, sexy TS/RG Mistresses. i hope You like the photos. They are exclusive, private pics, from real Live BDSM sessions i enjoyed and endured as part of my slave training. They show me in my rightful place, on my knees serving my 2 Hot, Superior TS Dominas in Germany. Sexy, Kinky, Nasty Dommes, always in full control of Their obedient little bitchboy, using, abusing and degrading me for Their Perverted Pleasure. Intense, Cruel, Painful, Humiliating, Bizarre, Erotic FUN. Danke Lieber Ladies for making me Your bitchboy and Sex Toy.... LOVED IT - ADDICTED - WANT MORE!

The tall, blonde TS Domina in the pics on my profile has been my Pro Mistress for many years. Alas, She is in Germany, a difficult and awkward commute! She knows i seek a Mistress in London and wishes me well in my quest.
Finding the right Mistress can be a complex process. Trusting someone enough to take/relinquish control is a big step for both Domme/sub. If the chemistry and dynamic don't spark, the experience can be a huge anti-climax for both:( i'm not looking for a wham, bam, thank you Ma'am one off session. My (wet) dream is to find a TS/RG Mistress for repeat, regular sessions which will allow us both to grow and develop in our respective D/s roles.

i am not a pain slut. i prefer verbal, physical and psychological humiliation and domination. A skilled Mistress does not need a whip to control a sub/slave. True Dominant Ladies instinctively know what buttons to press to bring me to heel and make me Their bitch. i know my place... under the 6 inch heels of a Beautiful Dominant Lady to serve and worship as Her Obedient, Devoted bitchboy.

Mutual trust, respect and honest open communication are the bedrock of successful BDSM play. Expanding thresholds and stretching Her slave will heighten the experience for both Domme and sub but agreed hard limits should always be respected. i am a straight sub/slave in my sexual orientation and tastes but i am still a human being, not a doormat. Safe, Sane and Consensual BDSM is the path i follow.

No offence meant to anyone but i'm not into CD, TV or men.... just not my scene, sorry!
Thank You for checking my profile. i hope You found it interesting and informative and enjoyed the photos.
Good Hunting and success to You all in Your search for Your favourite kinky pleasures.
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