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Lesbian TS 45 Slut
just another slutty whore
Guelph CA
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March 3

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I'm an ultra fem transgenderd girl with ultra skinny eyebrows,a super feminine bob hair style, body and facial piercings. That include 6 holes in each ear, both nipples pierced, 2 piercings my navel, a tounge ring, labret and monroe piercing. All my toes are covered in fitted toe rings and an anklet on both feet. I have a love for heavy makeup, corsets, satin clothing, jewelry and pretty much all sexy girl things. New to this site and hope to make some sexy feminine friends. I Hope to have some sexy pics and videos up soon. I have a love for girls with heavy makeup, girly tattoos, and fem piercings. I've had a fantasy of a group of guys, girls and/ or trans girls to smear me with lipstick... shower me with piss and cum... any takers... mmmm.

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