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Bi TS 37
Leicester UK
Joined December 2008
March 10

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Q: Are you single?
A: Nope. But I love to chat to anyone about anything :p
Q: Hobbies?
A: Videogames, Warhammer, Looking cute as fuck
Q: Do you like pizza?
A: Yes. Yes I do :)
Q: Are you a Mistress?
A: No, the Miss in my name merely implies that I am a currently unmarried young woman.
Q: You're really sexy.
A: That's not a question, but thanks.
Q: Fancy a shag?
A: No thanks, I'm more than accounted for in that respect!
Q: I'm hard for you.
A: That's nice, tell me about yourself.
Q: Are you sub or dom?
A: I don't tie myself into one role :-p
Q: Would you accompany me to a club/bar one night?
A: Can I bring my girlfriend?
Q: Whats your phone number? Do you want mine?
A: No, and probably not. Haha :)
Q: Can you post more pics?
A: I'd love to.
Q: Can you post a pic of your bum/cock/etc?
A: Not today!
Q: Can I send you outfits/gifts?<
A: Yes, please =)
Q: Do you escort/accom?
A: Sorry, no!

31 year old crossdresser from Leicester. Short brown hair (options: long red wig, long wavy brunette wig), blue/grey eyes. Average height, a little extra weight from too much chocolate, trying to cut that down!
I don't smoke, very rarely drink, don't do drugs kids!

Wanna email me randomly? is your key target! Whether you wanna comment on my photos, talk about videogames or just tell me I'm epic, give me an email :) I love getting email, no matter how random it may seem. I'll try to reply to everyone who is nice!
Shopping, videogames, movies, bowling, corsets, EGL (Gothic Lolita fashion/cosplay), anime, drawing...
#Bi #Leicester #UnitedKingdom #UK #Transgender #Regular







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November 11th, 2014
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