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Who I Am...

I'm 23 years old, living in Warrington and fairly new to exploring my interests and the lifestyle. I'm quite a quiet and reserved person and not likely to draw attention to myself but I'm friendly and always happy to talk.

At this stage I'd primarily identify myself as a submissive although I do feel that I have switch tendencies. At present I'd lack the confidence to dominate but feel it's something I could explore with more experience gained through my own submission.

For me one of the major appeals of submission is escapism, the ability to step out of the pressures and expectations of everyday life and to dedicate yourself to somebody, becoming their plaything even if only for an hour or two.

My Interests...

I'm still discovering my interests but I can say I'm not a big fan of pain however I am open to exploration starting with spanking and paddles to pegs and clamps and seeing where that leads although I expect caning, knives, needles and electrics will always be hard limits. I'd like to experience bondage and I enjoy anal play including strap-ons through which I discovered my kinkier side.

Despite my shyness I do have a bit of an exhibitionist streak which I've been able to explore anonymously online and I now occasionally work as an unlikely webcam performer, mainly in roleplay sessions with male clients. While they may not always be my ideal play partner I do love the thrill of bringing pleasure to others.

I find the use of sex and sensuality very appealing in a D/s dynamic although they're not integral. I'm very keen on body worship and I find the idea of being reduced to little more than a sex toy to be very powerful, existing to fulfil another's desires. Through simply exploring my interests online I've found my sexuality increasingly flexible and, whilst predominantly heterosexual in terms of attraction, gender now feels less of an issue when it comes to sex. I do find the idea of being 'used' by men appealing, either forcefully or perhaps one day submitting or playing with through my own choice.

Who I'd Like to Meet...

I'd really like to meet and speak with more people to help ease me into this world, either local or online and whatever their age, gender or sexuality. Both my MSN and Yahoo! Messenger addresses are on my profile so feel free to add me, send me a memo or just say "Hello" if you see me online. I'd especially like to speak with anyone around the Warrington area who I could possibly meet up with or could help introduce me to local clubs and events.

I'd love to find a local Mistress or play partner (18-50s) who I could explore my interests with and I'm fairly open to what type of relationship that may be at this point, from casual, friendly play sessions to more long-term arrangements. I am open to playing with couples or larger groups (preferably a Domme and sub couple but I may be open to Domme/Dom couples under certain circumstances, perhaps starting by submitting to the Domme before both and then later I may feel comfortable submitting to the Dom alone too) but I would ideally like to start on a one-on-one basis. Age isn't of particular concern although ultimately I'd love to be in a relationship with someone around my own age who shares my interests.
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