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Update 16/08/12 - I didn't quite launch myself back into full time girlyness like I expected - I missed it whilst out of the country but now I can dress when I want to, it seems I rarely have the urge to do so! Apologies to anyone I snubbed - the male me feels weird dealing with messages for the female me, so I only answer them when I'm being the female me, which hasn't been often lately..... is this making me sound really schizophrenic or what? :P

I'm a bit of a geek, I like playing computer games, watching movies, reading, I love Japanese anime (and gothic lolita outfits!) and I love to go out dancing - always something I quite liked doing as a guy but I really adore it in girly mode! :o)<
Sexually I love oral - giving, receiving, watching, everything about it! ^^<
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