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As for the results of my recent polls, the perfect slutty gurl must:
1 - wear always black lacey lingerie
2 - have a wide range of stiletto heeled patent pumps
3 - wear always little black dress
4 - be always collared
5 - be always heavily and slutty made up
6 - wear always ff '50 nylons with garterbelt and suspenders
7 - must have always in her bag dildo,condom and lipstick ( in this order)
8 - And the most important, must be skilled at best in the " art " of the blowjob!!!! !!!!!
Maid to serve severe and strict Mistress, bondage slave for mild and sophisticated BDSM, model for glamour photoshootings.
Sometimes switches into Mistress role.
Intelligent and classy mistress
Light BDSM
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