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Will be visiting Legs and Candy Girls over the Christmas period 2013/4. Hoping also to do a few travelling overnight visits. Not sure where at the moment but wait and see who would like me to visit.

Based Milton Keynes, Do not accommodate. Bit fed up of all those subs who like to chat and make arrangements but then don't turn up or find an excuse for delaying an appointment before not hearing from them again. Where I travel to a sub and find them not receptive (don't answer the door or wrong address) I will put their details up here so no more of that please.

Have been helping a real girl Pro-Dom in Central London, training her to add medical scenario's to her bag of play. We covered electrics, sounds, breath control, injections, and a few more things as well as first aid with two other doms present. Also chatting to Mistress Wanda to assist with her comeback in Earls Court.

Just introduced a SlaveDom package for those young ladies who would like to be trained up as 24/7 slaves to a dom. Ask for details if you would like to consider this

About Me:I am a Mature (over 60) experienced Rubber Master. I am bald and overweight (14.5 stone currently). Hair parting has expanded over the years to about 5-6 inches at the front but it joins up nicely at the back!! Hairy body (nature just can't get these things right!). Both eyes have double glazing fitted. Kinky as hell and received awards for innovation and out of the box thinking in my professional life. Rubber or at least other shiny materials (PVC etc) must feature in the session somewhere. Like TGirls and RGirls in the 18 to 35 age group and with an appropriate Height / Slim ratio - size 8 to 10 if 5ft 6 and under. size 12 to 14 if around 6ft plus. The better looking the more acceptable non rubber is.

My Experience: First rubber connection was when I was seven and I found a piece of black rubber corrugated tubing used for car radiator water systems then. Kept it in my bedroom for years. Then there was my dads rubberised raincoats that were supplied by his employer. Loved the smell of them but boy were they heavy for a small young lad! I started with contact magazines when drugs and pimps were not really heard of in our city. Girls were there in the magazines own accord and a number hung around a cafe and pub near the dock area. Have had many regular friends over the years, all working on their own initiative and none into any hard drugs, except tobacco and the occasional drink, but then you cant have everything. Bought a rubber cat suit when I was about 22 which two of my friends wore for me for about ten years (wish I knew where they were now and how they are doing) and I moved from straight sex into being dominated by these rubber clad angels. Went abroad and in Europe and Far East and found that girls over there are far less inhibited especially in the Far East, but also in Germany. Germany Dommes where by far the best equipped, far better than Holland for all its history and reputation. Then I assisted Mistress Wanda in a number of ways and she led me to being dominant as well as enjoying a good sub session with a Domme who knows their trade. Helped Mistress Wanda (Earls Court) for about seven years until she retired, running her website and providing her with ideas and some training / equipment. Trained other doms and have supplied unique equipment to some. I have now been a Master for about 8 - 10 years. Do have the odd Sub session every now and again (mostly with Mistress Wanda) to keep me understanding of that subby feeling etc. Also thirty years of work in the Health Service so can insert a catheter and sounds etc.

Some of my Recent Experiences: Met with A in Durham in early June 2010. She had travelled up from Leeds to meet me so there is commitment for you. A was very nervous having not had many meets before. She wanted to be tied up and used although she was not experienced. So started with A as a maid and had her clean my rubberwear while I was wearing it. Very nice but as she missed a little bit was giving 12 on the backside with my hand while she was over my knee. Next she was tied to un upturned chair and we started with the small thin dildo, We moved on to a vibrating one and then to a tapered ball dildo. The tapered one was about the edge of her endurance but again give her her due, she did not call time. After a little freshen up and change into rubber she joined me on the bed and performed her loving duties. A is a very beautiful and nice young girl who needs more of my attention.

W wanted prolonged Rubber Bondage: W was in three levels of latex. Underwear and stockings; skirt and blouse and long top coat. Even a condom was in place. I spread a continental quilt cover over the bed and she sits on this. I add Rubber ankle and wrist cuffs with a spreader bar between the ankles. She shuffles down inside the bag and her wrists are attached to the headboard. She was then roped tightly into the rubber bag, and internal ear plugs, hood, gag and blindfold put in place. Long Rubber nasal tubes were inserted into each Nostril and taped into position. This was followed up with a Rubber head harness that again was tied to the head board and the sides of the bed. She could now only stare up blindly into the ceiling. The gag was a tubular affair keeping her mouth open and when opened allowing me access to her mouth and throat. Pallet wrap film was then tightly wrapped around her form the neck to the bottom of the bag and she was monitored for an hour before being left for four hours to cook. When released the condom had burst as she had cum three times. Next session is an overnighter.

R wants to serve as a maid: When I arrived my maid was dressed in her uniform and she took my bag. She then sat me on a settee and while I watched a suitable video on the wide screen TV, she prepared a coffee and biscuits for me. She then showed me around the flat. She was then told how to respond to a certain word from me and what to do when she walked past me. Then I put Rubber ankle and wrist straps onto her and she emptied my bag, placing each item where she was told, neatly so they were readily accessible without moving other items and within easy reach of the bed or the bath or the punishment area. She then prepared a bath for me and bathed me from head to toe following which she assisted me into my Rubber clothes. She then cleaned the rubber and shined them using some special fluid. Following this she prepared a snack for me and begged permission to eat as well. Following this she undertook some punishment for the mistakes she had made and then performed some personal services.

AB is new to all this: She wanted to be a schoolgirl and was dressed in a pleated skirt, white front buttoned blouse and white Rubber knickers which she had been ordered to wear for 3 whole days (72 hours) beforehand. She told me that being told to wear the knickers for three days had made her very horny but she had kept to my instruction and not played with herself during this time. I made her stand with her legs apart and lift her skirt, while bending over. The Rubber stretched tight over her petite (size 8) young (21) bum and I ran my index finger over her intimate areas making her squirm and tell me she was bursting. She was given 20 slaps on the bum and upper thighs for this impatience. She then underwent a general knowledge test for which she then received three cuts with a cane for the three wrong answers. This was followed by three lessons which also were enhanced with misdemeanour punishment with ruler, slipper, multi-cane and birch. The lessons were in domestic science, general science and human biology. These were followed with half and hour of Physical Training which then culminated by the school child demonstrating her gratitude to her master and requesting relief. Her relief is always self administered and during punishment. That is her request so she was strapped to a workmans treasel with one free hand as I administered 30 strokes with a variety of implements.

C is from Belgium and wanted to get out and about as a girl, having only limited experience before in a rural location. We met at her hotel about 9.30pm and went to a village just outside Northampton. She was dropped off on the main street and she had to walk along the road past the closed shop and an open pub. Three guys were outside the side entrance of the pub smoking and they followed her progress past the car park. Following this we moved into Northampton and she did a number of turns in different places, first a normal street, then going into a garage to get some Red Bull; a shopping street trying both the quiet end and the then the busy end. Then moving to the red light area where she walked along a very long approach road and then into the town centre to walk down a hill where there are a lot of clubs and eating places. She even went into a pub with some guys that chatted her up and bought them a drink. Success and an interesting evening.

WORDS OF CAUTION: When I meet with somebody I expect them to arrange the venue. Happy to come to your place if you can accommodate but if not the trainee will have to arrange and fund the venue. I normally travel and also provide most of the equipment (sometime consumables like catheters which I have to replace after). All that costs me so I dont feel that I should have to fund hotel rooms as well. I am however happy to meet in one if you arrange and fund it. I am happy to travel up to one and a half hours from Milton Keynes, perhaps a little further for the right person. I do expect all girls to be properly dressed before I arrive. When travelling for up to an hour I expect the session to be at least 4 hours long and if over 1 hour then up to 6 or eight hours.

Games: These are some of the games I devised for Mistress Wanda to use on her clients: Punishment Dice. Six punishment devices are chosen and number one to six. Slave rolls the dice twice. First time it dictates which of the implements will be used and second roll the number of strokes. Whispers - Not a Chocolate Bar. Slave is tied in punishment position. Ear muffs are applied and Mistress/Master whispers something in front of the slave so he/she can see the lips move. The slave then repeats what was said. If the slave gets it wrong punishment is applied. Moan: Mistress/Master binds the slave and gives a pleasurable experience. Slave must not moan or show any signs of pleasure. If they do, well..... These were three of a variety of games including: Who wants to be a millionaire? Game Boy; The Orifice Game; Pick and Mix; Cocks and Robinson; Powerhouse; Wimpy; Etc

My services are free unless you have upset me or are not on my target list.

Photos and Profiles: I have been asked a number of time to comment on an applicants profile, particularly their photos. If you would like me to do the same for you please ask, as long as you dont mind criticism. It must be remembered that these are aimed at my preferences which are not the same as others although some seem to have found them useful. Some issues I have pointed out before with Photos: Dont show numerous photos of your bare rear end, one is normally enough. Dont show pictures of you as a man if you are purporting to be a TV or TS. This tends to make me believe you are not sure of your position. Put some photos of you in a dress or skirt and top. Not all lingerie shots. Some men like a little mystery about there girls. Dont condemn people for not showing a full face photo as long as they are willing to share this privately. Some people have genuine reasons for not doing so. Probably including a couple of MPs!!! Do put on a variety of photos if you can. Put the first photos as being the best you have to offer as non paying members and visitors to BP only see a limited number of your shots. Tell us something about yourself. Blank profiles are not very good ones. Hope this helps.

I do have a full face photo, but that is for those I agree to meet and when the session is arranged. All meetings have to be consensual and the participants above legal age.

What do I specialise in? Medical scenes: (although not equipped any more for all procedures or major reconstructive surgery - joke) Male catheterisation, sounds, needles, speculum, electrics including internal sound and prostrate stimulation, Ice and Wax, etc. Patients are expected to discuss their medical needs before hand and produce an imaginary letter from their doctor requesting treatment from the specialist clinic. This is fully discussed before the patient writes it. When the medic arrives the patient hands over the letter and treatment is discussed before hand. Consent forms are then completed and signed by the patient before treatment begins. Treatment includes a medical examination and cover urinary tract, prostrate, and other treatments. Some psychological treatments are provided for as is some alternative medicines including the use of golden wine, silver nectar and other items. For more information on a wider range of things message me.

Public Humiliation: From small scale tasks somewhere you are not known (such as going into a shop to look around while dressed) to complex scenarios. I have a list of over 20 differing task from simple to extreme. I have one scene that nobody yet has ever completed. A few have tried but failed. Dont ask what this is as I will not tell. The only people who know what this is are those that have failed it. Not knowing what you are going to have to do is part of making the scenario more terrifying!!

Maid Role Play: You would be given domestic tasks to do, making coffee and a snack, cleaning, looking after my equipment or rubber clothing, Housework or for the more adventurous gardening and shopping. You may also be tasked with more personal things. Maids play often involves some form of punishment and reward.

Schoolgirl Play: Lessons in Human Biology; History; Domestic Science; Physical Training; General Science, Needlepoint; Design; etc. Tests (SATS) will be given as well as homework. The Gummy Academy is an old fashioned institute where sparing the rod is considered to be not recommended to a good education of the wayward schoolgirl. Entry level tests and medical given. Uniform needed and expected to be worn. Special Subjects for the wealthy such as mechanical engineering (maintaining your own machine) etc.

Secretarial Scenes: Secretary required for Company Executive in a company who provide unusual rubber garments and marital aids. You will be expected to look after the Executives every need and provide full range of duties for him. This will include making coffee and providing snacks, typing, dictation, and you will be expected to take part in product quality assurance tests. Shorthand is an advantage but so is long fingers, long tongue and good suction.

Trainee Nurse Role: Nurses Job Description will include total care of patients, bed baths and full bathing, catheter insertion, urinary tract and anal passage examination, sound techniques, electro-therapy stimulation, needles, and alternative therapies. This is a uniformed post and the nursing school is run on what are sometime called old fashioned standards and approach to student encouragement.

Nun Role Play: This is for a strict silent order and Novices will be expected to provide their own authorised uniforms (short and long). Sacrifices for the greater good must be expected and service is the watchword of the order. Self and Mentor flagellation is practiced. Worldly goods are sacrificed and sacrificed for a life of service, total obedience and a life around basic needs.

Slut Training and Abuse: Programme of development arranged with sluts involvement in the early days which will reduce until slut has no says in anything to do with sessions and if required with lifes decisions. Safe words and signs used in early meetings. Regular assessments are arranged and when ready consideration of sale to other Master or Mistress or passage through to complete ownership. Complete ownership means moving to Milton Keynes and living in a specified accommodation, working for the Master and living as the Master dictates

Assistance in Going Public: This start with partial dressing and going out in totally rural locations. From that enhancements in the dress and location until feeling of confidence is achieved with going shopping in urban areas although these might not be local to the subject. Does take some months even years to move through the stages although this is achieved in the subjects time.

Any other services ask.

PLEASE REMEMBER: These are role play scenes, they are not real. There is no company producing unusual rubber clothes and martial aids or no proper medicines given. If you are unsure what anything means please ask. I prefer applicants to undergo a series of question and answer sessions before any meets are arranged so that I can get to understand a little about the subject past experience, what they believe their wants are along with their extreme fantasies and other matters. From this I build a profile and programmed sessions on a meeting by meeting basis. I am flexible and have patience with those exploring things but only allow three defeasances. I find many people are prepared to start this programme of QandAs but few see it through. Some drop out and come back and I understand their reticence especially when major life changes are involved. I am happy to welcome them back for a second chance at the process. If they fall by the wayside a second time then I will only accept them back for a third time if they do something to prove and assure me of their commitment. Such issues are personally tailored to their individual situation and circumstances. No fourth opportunity is available. I do push people limits and experiment with their wants or perhaps some elements of BDSM that they do not know whether they wish to try or not. I also take first timers or those who have previously served other Doms or Dommes. If I cannot assist the Novice then I will say and see if I can locate a Master or Mistress that would be better suited for that Novice. For instance I am not into intricate and artistic Japanese Rope Bondage. I dont have the patience for this and as I like to include many parts to a session dont have the time. Ropes and bondage I do but not the fastidious coiled rope work of this type. Beware, I do have a wide and terrible sense of humour which started when I read the Beano as a lad. Why do birds fly south in Winter? (answer below).

cause it's too far to walk (joke answer)
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