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My name is Beth and I am a TGirl with a love of Fetish fashions and all things femme!!
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I am planning to restart private cam sessions later in the month, and I am looking for ideas for looks and outfits. Please let me know if you would be interested in joining in remotely (on a one to one basis or group chat). The more exciting and exotic the ideas better !!! xxx

I am potentially looking for a nice genuine chapperone places to dress and make movies, as well as friends in the Sussex area. Do you know anyone ??

Failing that might see you online

Hi there!! My name is Beth and I am a TGirl with a love of Fetish fashions and all things femme!!

Firstly, I am very much a part-time girl. Like many others I have a full time real life in the real world and all of the things that go with that. But I love to escape sometimes - not as often as I'd like - from the everyday humdrum and rubbish to a different dimension - that being the world of Beth.

Beth is a 48 yr old (gosh how old.....!!??) girl. She is of medium build i guess - not thin but not fat unless she eats too much, has two brown eyes and hair to suit the mood. Most people prefer the blond, but when when a more stylish look is required I prefer the brown.

Quite simply, as Beth I love to dress and feel slinky and sexy as a girl. I love all kinds of fashion, but i guess the pics give away the fact that I adore fetish styles. PVC/latex rubber fashion and corture. From high fashion to the kinkier styles and including high heel Stiletto Footwear, waist restricting corsets, hairstyles, vampy makeup and all things loved in fetish fashion!

What I am looking for:

Basically, friends and acquaintances in the TV and Fetish worlds. Despite having dressed on and off for some time now I have been very slack in getting out and about and meeting people apart from on line. So number one challenge is to change that. I am based near Gatwick so have access to London and the South Coast and would love to get to know others in the area.

A real dream of mine is to do some photo shoots and/or movies so if there are any genuine budding or professional photographers out there who are looking for a model to work with please feel free to get in touch. Of course if you have any ideas on how I can progress or themes you think would be fun please let me know.....

Male admirers and contributors are welcome to chat, but please, if you do wish to chat have a complete profile! A nice profile with picture will be appreciated.


In fact anything of a fetishy style!!!
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