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Bi Male 66 Cross-Dresser
I think i am easy going and looking to others who are also. i would like to meet and actually have some fun.
New South Wales
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April 19

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i do feel there are things that GG's can and do do that a guy could never get away with.How about holding hands as they walk together down the street or in the mall? I see GG's do that all the time with no one looking sideways at them. Two guys? Everyone would automatically think they were gay. Definite case of discrimination by the public.
1: Women can go to the restroom together.
2: Women can compliment other women on their appearance without being thought a depraved sexist deviant.
3: Women can go into a men's underwear section without drawing attention.
4: Women can purchase whatever clothes they want, regardless of assigned gender, and wear it without raising eyebrows.
5: Women can shave their legs; less socially acceptable for men to do so.
i wish to be sensible in suggesting i adore all Goddess's ,but if i'm ever owned i should leave it to real Men to fucking her properly ,and be useful in other ways like serving ,entertaining or amusing maybe.

i am looking for man, woman or couple to help me become the perfect sub. i have had not the most experience but love being submissive and have yet to give myself over to being totally controlled. If you wish to make me your slave and help find out my limitations please contact me.
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