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I am your average guy who happens to enjoy fantasizing about serving as a femboi
Washington US
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So, I'm a totally dominant person in my normal life, but I have long craved to be submissive and have desires about serving, being displayed and exhibited to men.

I have always been an Alpha Male during the day; I am very controlling in my day-to-day life, much to the chagrin of those who I work with, so I have come to the realization that I need to "let go" from time to time and let someone else be in control, if for nothing else than a cathartic release.

I want to feel embarrassed and humiliated. I want to relish in the thought that I'm an attractive young man who “should be” fantasizing about women, when in reality, I’m dressing to bring pleasure to another man.

I love the idea of being "paraded" for horny daddies and older pervs who would dominate me sexually. I tremble thinking about a complete stranger taking control of me, feminising me, humiliating me and forcing me to be his sissy.

I love just about every Prissy's Sissies cartoon, dressing in the most froo-froo faggoty sissy outfits possible, being called "Daddy's Girl," etc. I crave protocol and the verbal humiliation that comes with it all, and i fantasize about calling an older man "Sir" or "Daddy." I find myself much more attracted to the humiliation aspect of everything; that is, being forced to dress for another man, being forced to talk with a lisp, verbally state what I am, state that I secretly find men attractive, etc. I relish in the thought that, I should be focused on women, but here I am, dressing for an older man in the hopes he finds me attractive. (Like there is NO reason for me to appear in these clothes except for the fact that I am a sissy).

And I love the idea that I would not be in control for a period of time--that i exist as a sex object for someone else. To bring pleasure to men. The fact that it's an older man makes it completely embarrassing and erotic--like, I shouldn't be doing this (of course, we all know it's totally healthy, but it's the thought that counts).

I have this fantasy to appear before an older man as a submissive girl. To be forced to suck a dildo in front of a man, to kiss boots, to bow down, to prance, to pose, to change outfits purely for another man's erotic pleasure, and just appear pathetic.

I would love to be spanked, humiliated, embarrassed, derided, scolded and punished for my ridiculously immature sex habits. I have a need to confess my sissy desires to others and my shamefully embarrassing fantasies.
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