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Today i maet Sw4llow and i just want to tell you that she is totally Genuine, stunninly gorgeous and very very hot. She makes a massive effort to look fabulous and evrything that goes with her is amazing so if you get chance to meet her do not miss that opportunity !!!!!<
HEY!!!! I HAVE TWO FRIENDS !! CAN'T BELEIVE IT Life is looking good at the mo <
Friends count climbing upto to 3 now!!!! shame no one wants to meet Arrrrgh !!! Oh and please don't assume i chose my log on name because i am W/E i'm not sorry<
And get this i have had the bottle to upload pics ! god knows why i dressed though!" Must admit i was asked to dress by someone i was meeting and i really enjoyed it <
Oh not doing too bad with the freinds count its steadily climbing !!
Hi 44 yr old admirer just an ordinary guy who just wants something different. living with partner RG but i have a real urge to experiment. Have had a little experience most of which were awesome ( especially Ixora She's a wonderful friend too ) also had one bad experience but won't go into that. Would love to upload a pic but really nervous about that. Not sure what else you need to know but please feel free to pvt me and ask.
pure sex, cock, anal, oral give and take, cum oh! and convincing!! and genuine thats very important
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