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I'm a danish guy who seeks new friends for fun and happy moments in this great thing called Life..

i'm very bad to descripe my self, but i try..

i'm a guy who love life and all that it contains.. Feeling the flow through my body is a wonderful thing and just go out in nature and feel that you are a part of it..

i'm tall normal build, but i could loose a few punds.. my eyes are green/grey.. and as you proberly can see on my profile pic i look like a viking, which i am by heart. NOT meaning that sail out to rape and pillage.. Only sail out on viking ships and working with historic workmanship in my sparetime.

i hope to get some new good friends for good times and happy moments.. meaning i'm not here for pure sex, i'm looking for new friends to visit and a have a good time with, if something more happens we are adults..

on daily basics i work as a teacher, juggler and somthing else i can't translate into english.
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