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November 19

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Hello to all you sexy ladies,

Tall, smart, well endowed, slim and rich... well 1 of those anyway - up to you to work out which ones

Please have a profile and a picture too - it can't be worse than mine!!!! (and that's not a challenge)

In my years on here (since 2001) I have met many CDs and HPWs, but now strongly favour those who are more convincing, smooth, dress fully and made-up. Anyone is welcome to contact me though but please don't be offended if we don't click for this reason.

When in Swindon area I am home-based so accom and meeting is trickier. When away from home, I can travel/accom to meet your needs.

I love all sorts of activities you'd like to indulge in and offer a thick cock to use in whatever way you please.

I like a sexy girl, who dresses tartily with shiny lips who I can treat as a girlfriend and/or a slut, passive or active.

But that's just my preference, tell what you like and I'll oblige or let me use you as I see fit to satisfy my needs

5'8 with dark brown hair and green eyes. Cannot accommodate unless away from home and say otherwise above.


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