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Bradford UK
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June 11

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From the BBC, or SKY or ITN
If I was meant to suck you, I'd have hoover writen on the front of me.
Thanks for taking time to read my profile. I'm a 45yo TV from manchester. Very shy and reserved. I'm 5'9" slim to average and smooth. Dark blonde hair and blue eyes. Have been dressing since early childhood and been very frustrated with the way I am. As such I have always gone along with what other people expect. Now it's Lynne's turn to play. Dress style is usually practical and not too much make-up, (because I'm not very good with it) could use a little help there. Not looking for sex, just some good friends to chat with and possibly go out with once in a while.
Gypsy girl look. Boots. Pink Floyd, Sparks and The Enid.
#Transgender #Regular #Bradford #UnitedKingdom #UK