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So, a bit more about me, I suppose, now that I've had a chance to think on it more. There's no getting away from the "slightly odd" description, with me; I just plain do things for strange reasons, though not necessarily strange things. Well, not too often. Can sometimes be contradictory; I do things I should not even be considering, meanwhile I don't do things I really should. Some examples? Fourteen years in the British Army, but I never really was a soldier, hence my leaving as a Private even after all that time. I also enjoy writing and often have various ideas, concepts and pretty fully formed stories running around my head, but can't bring myself to commiting them to paper/screen. However, if you're looking for inspiration of your own, just throw a few snippets my way and, usually, within half an hour I'll be throwing back a full blown outline at you. When I decide on a course of actiom, though, I usually follow through.<
I don't really have a list of what I'm looking for in someone, as such, I look until I find someone who strikes a chord with me, plain and simple. If I contact you, it's because you've stood out in some way and I've felt strongly enough to take the chance.
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