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January 13

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Very Sub bi tv, looking to meet other girls and have some girly fun. I am a big girl so not very convincing but I do try to make up as best as I can.

Looking for anyone who will have me, no seriously, looking for some sexy fun with another girl. I just love the feel of my nylon covered legs entwining with yours. Have recently waxed my legs, OMG they feel wonderful! I love the feel of stockings/tights over them, sooo soft and sexy. Any girls that are thinking about doing it, go on, you will not regret it.

Dress me up like a whore or a school girl or in any other demeaning costume you can imagine, I will love them all. Call me a whore or a cunt or just your cock sucking slut. Write bitch or slut across my face in lipstick and watch as I get more and more turned on. Apply my makeup to me wildly, giving me thick red lips and dark black mascara eyes that will run down my face as I cry.
Choke me by forcing your cock deep into my throat. My humiliation will continue with a savage skull fucking with your thick hard cock plunging deep into my throat. Unable to breath as your balls slap my face I choke and begin to vomit. Covered in my own spit and puke, your cock will continue to plunge ever deeper into my tightly held head. Until you spill your load deep into my throat.
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Avatar Master Mark
Master Mark
January 9th, 2015
Nice effort, thank you for viewing my profile, naughty sissy!
Avatar Debpaul
May 18th, 2013
hot hot hot babe xxxxx
Avatar Debpaul
May 18th, 2013
looking hot babes xxx
Avatar nylonjohno
May 17th, 2011
lovely pics!
Avatar Tracey08
March 24th, 2011
when you gonna tie me me down ??
Avatar Tracey08
May 27th, 2010
I want to be your toy!
Avatar ShySally
September 14th, 2009
Blowing you a kiss!
Avatar tvapril
July 13th, 2009
Very sexy!
Avatar pouty sissy
pouty sissy
April 22nd, 2009