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Many people don’t know how to pay for an premium. Some people will wait until the service is over. This is not how you should pay your premium for the service. The first thing to remember when it comes to paying an premium is that you must pay her the first time you meet her.
Keep the cash in cash. She will be able to collect it from you. You should also pay the exact amount she charges you for her service. Do not wait to pay her until her service is finished. This is rude, and your premium won't appreciate it.

1. Respect the Premiums Always

Respect is the most important thing to remember when you meet an premium. Many people make the error of thinking that premiums should be treated with respect. Keep in mind that you're not dating a cheap sex worker.

These premiums can be sophisticated women who want to give you the pleasure of being with them. When you meet an premium, treat her with respect and kindness. The premium will treat you well and make sure that you are happy throughout the appointment.

2. Do not pressure yourself to perform sexually

When they meet an premium, there is one thing that most people think of: sex. They want to provide a thrilling sexual experience for the premium. They pressurize themselves prior to the meeting, and don't get the chance to have sex with beautiful women like this. Don't worry about sex if you're meeting an premium. This can make the experience miserable for you and your premium.

3. Learn about the nature of the Premium

You might like to learn as much about the premium as you can before meeting her. This will help you understand the personality of your premium. It will make it easier to get to know her personality and what she enjoys. It will also make it easier for you to communicate with her dirty side.

4. You can leave whenever you are done

After having sex with an attendant, most men are confused about whether to leave immediately or wait. An premium will always be happy because she is a professional. You can spend more time with your premium if you enjoy her company and are happy to spend more time together. If you're in a rush, you can just leave after you have sex.

5. Generous Tip to the Premium

Remember to tip your premiumee generously after her service. This will let her know that you appreciate her efforts and show that you value her work. This will make her happy and help you to get into her good books.

6. Read the Service of the Premium. But you need to ask her first.

It is important to review an premium. This helps other clients decide if they want her service. Some premiums are not happy to have their reviews. Ask your premium before you write a review. Write the review based on what she said. Fake reviews can take away the purpose of writing a customer review.

7. Hygiene is very important: Keep clean

Unhygienic clients will do more to detract an premium than a dirty client. Don't forget to clean up after yourself before you visit the premium. If you don't, the premium might refer to you as "Smegma Man". You don't want this at all.

8. Send Something to the Premium as a Gift

You should always bring a gift to an premiumee when you meet one. You can bring flowers, wine, or any other gift that you feel she would like. You can also take her out to a romantic dinner. These are gestures your premium will enjoy and appreciate. She will also do everything she can to make you feel happy during your appointment.

Last Thoughts

These 12 rules will help you remember to respect your premium. These rules will make your meeting with an premium unforgettable. You will also be a more popular client of an premium.
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