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Polysexual TS Sissy
My name is Amber Brooke. I am a single girl with no complications who likes dating and can accommodate.
Joined December 2021

All about Amber

Some girls are born and some girls are made.

If you are looking for a girl like me then say hello.

I am a single girl with no complications who likes dating and can accommodate.Shall we get to know each other with a view to meeting.

After all, fantasies are nice but are really only worth having if you can make them happen or if the opportunity arises and I like to think I would try most things at least once...

About me:
I am slim and smooth
Hair is blonde
Eyes are blue
Quite a good figure
Loves fashion and parading
Lips that like kissing
A body that likes attention

If you want to communicate with me or copulate with me then contact me here or skype live:.cid.ae4b1828d5fe889.

Geography can be an obstacle. If you are too far to meet in person we can have an online relationship and I can parade on cam for you and strip for sex.

I am a committed girl with enthusiasm, dedication and a big heart. Kiss my neck, pat my bottom, lick my ears and I will turn to jelly and purr.

Amber x
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Body Shape


Published on: 16 Jan 2022

A new lover

Hi Amber ,

I do love your pics darling . You got such beautiful long shapely legs , dainty feminine feet snd a gorgeous perk insolent ass made to sit upon all the men's faces . Mmmm !!!
Love your baby doll and your sexy knickers around your ankles . We could make fantastic photos , videos of you posing , wearing exquisite mink and fox furs , specially blue fox fur jackets , totally naked underneath but a pair of knickers and hold up stockings , and without knickers .
A video of you trampling carelessly under your heels an artic fox fur jacket spread upon my lounge floor then sitting knickerless upon a white mink fur coat , spread upon my leather sofa , kicking your heels off and taking off your stockings to rub your bare feet all over the soft silky artic fox furs while you pull the white mink between your thighs still sitting upon it to stretch the furs into your asscrack and ride them roughly under your bare ass . I can promise you that with my help , you'll for sure spread your girly cum . Take your cage off and i will wrap your clitty into the softest most luxurious blue fox furs , pulling the furs between your thighs snd into your asscrack . I will rub them under your balls and finger gently your wet pussy through them while i toss slowly your clitty through them until you shoot your cum all over them , glad to mess up and soil my ex's furs . I will afterwards wipe your cum covered clitty clean inside the furs to make sure you turn her furs into your personal cum dump and clitty rag .
Would you like that baby ???? Dom xxx

Published on: 15 Jan 2022

My new date

My new date

A letter from BrianR

I am looking forward to our date on the 12th when we will spend 2 nights together. This will be our first afternoon together.

We sat together on the sofa my arm around your shoulder, and as I kissed your neck, I slid my hand up your thigh, letting it rest on the front of your knickers.

You started to squirm as I squeezed your ‘pantie package’ and I could feel your clitty come alive, stretching your knickers tighter. I bent to suck you through your knickers, and pretty soon the tip of your clitty popped clear, and I licked your lovely glans, teasing your ‘G’ spot with the tip of my tongue, alternately licking and sucking. You eased your sheer white panties down so I could take more of you into my mouth and tongued your glans furiously.
Soon I sensed you are were stirring, then beginning to move your hips in rhythm, so I eased off and you calmed down; I ‘edged’ you this way a couple of times, but being so heated, you stood up, slid out of your knickers, knelt in front of me and began to stroke your ‘pretty clitty,’ such a beautiful sensual sight.

You were stirring again, and as you were beginning to stroke a little faster, I laid you down, spread your legs and, laid between them. As you started to surge, I took you into my mouth and lick sucked you to your climax, swallowed your sweetness, licked your length and sucked your glans until you were spent; then squeezed and stroked your clitty as I licked your gurly sack, then fingered and licked your pussy in readiness for ... sex


Published on: 14 Jan 2022

A girl who likes sex

A girl who likes sex
A letter from my new lover to be is always nice to read and we will have sex and consummated for the first time in a few weeks

Good morning Amber,

A letter from BrianR

I awoke this morning, full of lust for you.
As you paraded for me in your red dress, l could see the outline of your knickers as to bent over in front of m and my cock was slowly thickening.
You stood by the window and lifted your dresses hem so that I could see your lily white thighs, and your ‘panty package’ had expanded, and my balls were beginning to tingle.

Soon we were on the floor together, kissing passionately, as my hand slid up your stockinged leg and into your panties. I fondled your clitty until it was hard and it’s beautiful glans was ready to be licked.

Removing your panties, lifting and spreading your knees enabled me to bury my head between your thighs, to lick your pussy and your beautiful sackful, and take your clitty into my mouth, to suck your glans and lick your ‘g’ spot until you started to moan and move your hips, telling me you were closing in on your orgasm, so I sucked more of your clitty’s length until you exploded your gurly juice into my mouth, swallowing and savouring it’s taste, and kissing and kissing you passionately whilst its remnants was still on my lips, both of us tasting your love juice.


Published on: 13 Jan 2022

Teds is a nice girl club

Teds is a nice place

I went to Teds on Sunday. I had been a few years ago so I knew it was a nice social and friendly bar, not loud and raucous so is relaxing and you can chat.

I like the bar very much, as the tall bar stools are comfortable (and to my mind stlylish) and you can sit nicely and show your legs off.

I went on my own but Ted is always easy and good to talk with.

You can dress and do your make-up there. I usually just wear a coat over my outfit and do my make-up there. Yes it is a small, dark toilet where you can do your make-up, but is more than adequate if you are confident and reasonably accomplished in that art.

The doorman upstairs also nice and friendly and we shared time having a cigarette looking out onto the street. This is perfect as I do feel the urge to smoke.

I like company and I enjoy chatting. I am also a big flirt and like men who kiss my neck, stroke my legs and generally give me attention. I found someone who kissed my neck and stroked my legs so I was happy x.

It is a perfect venue to meet someone, see how you get on and perhaps plan something more intimate. You can be 'intimate' at Teds but it is not really equipped comfortably for that.

I had a very enjoyable evening and will start going regularly.

Amber x

Published on: 12 Jan 2022

Lifestyle sissy girl and her boobs

Lifestyle sissygurl and her boobs
A lifestyle Sissygurl and her boobs.

Let’s start with saying a Sissygurls tits are important to her.
Whether you call them breasts or tits it is the same thing.

For all women, her breasts are a very important and visible sign of her ‘womanhood’ and regarded as a key aspect of her feminine beauty.

A nice small rounded booby-little handful to put into your pretty sexy bra and a little cleavage to show off in your low-cut tops and dresses is good for your confidence.

So... eventually you need to decide what to do for the best
Itr is not an easy decision but in many ways will determine your future path.

1. Be a flat chested gurl
Is the easiest option and there is nothing wrong with it
In many ways it may be what I will decide on.
A sissygurl with a flat chest can look sexy and be desirable.
If I decide on this then is best to consider what bras are best
Probably sheer unpadded bras like these as they will show your nipples to advantage
This is a nice place for sheer bras for flat chested girls.
Or perhaps little girl training bras as you are not planning it fill them.
Is a thought to put lipstick on your nipples
To demonstrate it is sexual and it also looks pretty

2. Use a pump device
Some gurls chose to make their nipples and tits bigger with a pump
Is easy to buy and will be effective for the liasion
The kind of thing you may chose to do is a breast enlarger
There are some alternative pink ones which I think is nicer
Combined with a nipple pump

Many men will be happy with a bigger breast and engorged nipples
A sissygurl could paint her engorged nipples with pink gloss to be more attractive

3. Herbal
The only real choice here is Pueraria Mirifica
I have taken but not as a regular routine morning and night
There is an effect that you will know but nobody else will notice.
Perhaps I never did it properly but I have little confidence in it

4. Hormone
The one here is Estrofem and I think called Estradiol in the US and is easy enough to buy. It is effective on younger gurls but may not be so effective on older
It is a shame I didn’t have an ‘Auntie’ or ‘Uncle’ tp put it in my tea when I was a younger gurly. It is good to research as you will worry ‘will it hurt me’?
It may be something worth trying for a month and seeing how you are
A sissygurl isn’t looking for big breasts just for sweet buds.
It can be as much vanity as anything else ..
Remember this route is called ‘a step of no return’
You will be a more attractive gurl in lots of ways .... but ....
You will have a smaller clit that maybe won’t be ‘erect’ in the way porn models are

5. Implants
The choice for most professional gurls
Is how they look so nice and still have an erect clit
Is not something I will do ...
I prefer to be a natural gurl
Even if that is a flat chested gurl

Most men, given the opportunity, would put their sissygurl on the minimum amount of hormones. It is important to have her hormonally gurly balanced. Hormones will increase her feminity and submissiveness. Her nipples will swell and darken, she will develop a more curvy body shape, a bigger bottom as well as a more feminine complexion.

Amber x

Published on: 11 Jan 2022

From a lover

From a lover
Some thoughts..

Amber has the most luscious, kissable lips, she is the type of woman you want to French kiss as she tastes delectable, running your tongue around her tongue and inner lips - mm.. I could eat her or let her eat me..

After kissing her neck and shoulder, I move to her boobs, caressing them and sucking her erect nipples and she lovingly expresses me some of her breast milk, this has to be the ultimate in sharing her body fluids with me.

After caressing her belly and abdomen I move to her beautiful clit, running my tongue round her glans, then gently sucking until firm, then sucking harder, gorgeous, she emits some pre-cum, I suck harder and she soon cums - oh what a beautiful taste. I could drink from her all day.

After coming, Amber tells me she needs to pee, which is the signal that I am again going to drink her lovely golden rain. She begins slowly, then I watch her delicious liquid entering my mouth, licking off the last dribbles and not losing a drop. This is the third time I drunk her today - I am so lucky.

After licking and sucking her balls I move to her pussy, This part of her anatomy I absolutely adore and lick, kiss and suck quite voraciously. She stoops over me to allow the gorgeous, thick syrupy, clear love juice to run into my mouth. God, how I love doing this.

After much pussy attention, Amber moves down my body lowering herself onto my cock, riding me until we, both exhausted, climax together.

Amber x

Published on: 11 Jan 2022

An admirer

An admirer
Well hello 'ordinary girl' as you put it - although I think you're special.

I think you're right about kissing and licking, I think I'd start by kissing you but know it wouldn't be ordinary kissing, it would involve our tongues wrestling each other, darting into each others mouths, I then would move down by kissing you neck, shoulders and arms them move to your breast, initially teasing your nipples with my tongue then sucking them and kissing your budding breasts.. I then steadily move down to you belly region, caressing your belly button with my tongue before moving on to your abdomen and gorgeous thighs continuing to kiss, lick and caress. When ready I would then bring you to erection ensuring I take all of your precious liquid into my mouth and not losing a single drop while slowly moving my fingers in and out of your delicious hole. Then I would need to gently suck your beautiful balls, still massaging your hole until wet. When ready I would then lick, kiss and suck your rim until wide open whereon you mount me lowering yourself onto my cock until I come deep inside you. When rested and kissing further I then lick my cum from your beautiful hole, snowballing it to you. I then tease you sucking your cum making organ until you release your golden rain into my mouth, drinking every last drop. Only then would I let you take over though it would involve you drinking my golden rain.

I think I then I would like you to become my mistress - just a pity we're so far away - xxx

Published on: 11 Jan 2022

A day in the life of Amber

This is how it was …

I looked nice for you and wore my pink polka dress with suspender seamed stockngs black bra and panties white gloves and my spiral earrings and painted my toes to match my lipstick – then changed into my red/black 2-piece then wore both of my babydolls and you can see a photo of him with me and my new pink/white babydoll just before he left.

He didn’t want me to make a video as he is married but he took about 50 or more photos of me with his camera and I hope he will send them to me so I can show you.

This was some of the conversation … I am writing as A and JoJo is J … he loves Satin though I don’t have any.

J- hi darling….please don’t forget to send me your email with “joining instructions” for Sunday!

A- I think it will be nice to meet you and share a glass of wine
I can parade and pose nicely for your camera
Perhaps I will even have sex with the camera

J- so looking forward to straightening your seams

A- I do have a new pink and white babydoll which was delivered yesterday
But is sheer and maybe too revealing

J- Can NEVER be too revealing darling…xxx

A- When happily parked txt me to say you have arrived
Then using front door knocker .. knock once count five knock twice
I will open the door for you but will I will be careful not to be seen from the street
I look forward to welcoming you at 11.30

and such a nice message after he had visited me and left

J- That was all so absolutely gorgeous darling! I loved being with you. I think you really are sex on legs….and I adored fondling you… big satin kisses darling … your devoted acolyte J xxxx

so I just have done something right …

And what happened while he was here?
He brought a bottle of champagne
We opened it and I have champagne glasses
One still has lipstick on it
I posed and paraded for many photos with panties and without panties
I sat next to him on the sofa as he stroked my legs
He wanted me to take my cage off
So I handed him the key and he unlocked me
He licked and sucked my nipples
He licked and sucked my clit
He french kissed me often
As he sucked my clit I moaned with pleasure
He licked my ears
He wanted me to make some gurl juice for him
But I couldn’t as am too nervous usually on a first date
I knew he wouldn’t fuck me but is what I wanted
So I found my dildo and fucked myself
As he sucked my clit
Next time (if there is a next time)
He said he will bring his strap on dildo
And what did I do for him?….
He seemed to just want to fondle and lick and kiss me
But I held his penis and took it out of his Satin panties
I kissed the tip but didn’t take it into my mouth

I have made a big decision
My breasts have formed with the herbal Pueraria Mirifica
But I want them to be more ‘pouting’ with bigger nipples
So yes today I have ordered my Estrofem

A day in the life of Amber

Published on: 10 Jan 2022

My name is Amber

My name is Amber
He was working out of town and and this is written from his perspective... popped into a pub close to where I was staying, although never having been in before – anyway, bought myself a pint, sat down and got talking to a rather attractive lady sitting at the next table. After a minute or two she invited me to join her and introduced herself as Amber. She seemed a little shy which surprised me as she was on her own but said she had recently split with her long-time lover and needed to get out.

We got on really well, had a few drinks together and got a little intimate touching each other, arms, hands and so forth, then she surprised me by putting her hand on my thigh, and tongue in cheek I asked if I could put my hand on hers, she looked at me quite provocatively, picked up my hand and placed it near the top of her stockinged thigh. I asked if she knew what she was doing to me and she replied with a firm yes, placing her hand on my groin and planting her luscious lips on mine, momentarily putting her tongue into my mouth.

I suggested I might want to put my hand in her panties which she said she would enjoy it as she had rather a large clit which she liked sucked but most guys apparently didn’t. We then got up and left and went to my car where we kissed and I began caressing her thighs at which juncture she slipped her panties down to reveal her cock. She asked if I liked her ‘clit’ and I thought if I go ahead with this there is no going back – not because I couldn’t, but because I knew I wouldn’t want to - so leaned over and took her in my mouth, and after much sucking and caressing her beautiful body she came – god she tasted good, she then said I guess that was a yes then - as not all guys seem to like my clit. I added this guy certainly does and would like a lot more of you.

We drove to her home where she poured us both a glass of wine and handed me a cigarette and began parading round very seductively, slowly taking off her skirt, revealing her sexy stockinged legs, then her panties, pushing her gorgeous clit close to my face. I pulled her to me and took it into my mouth and kept sucking and caressing her until she came. Then she said she need the loo but I just kept teasing her by sucking continuously and she began to pee a little in my mouth. She said she didn’t object to it but needed time to get used to the idea to which I agreed as I didn’t want to spoil what I thought could be the beginning a great relationship.

After she had been to the loo she poured more wine, pushed me onto the sofa and continued teasing, slowly dancing round me and lifting her bra whereon she pushed her nipples in my mouth, we kissed again, she pulled off my pants, sucked my cock to erection before sitting astride me with my cock slowly disappearing into her tight pussy. She then began moving slowly up and down, leant forward a couple of times to kiss, before moving faster building to a crescendo with me coming inside her and despite her already coming twice, she came again onto my chest. Exhausted she lay on top of me, still with my cock inside her and could feel my juices leaking out of her pussy and trickling down my balls.

After a while she sat up smiling and looking very radiant, kissed me and licked her cum from my chest, I did the same, licking her cum from her boobs. She then turned through 180 degrees and began licking cum from my cock and balls. I managed to get to her pussy licking her clean. I asked her to push hard to enable me to get my tongue inside her and suck out all my cum, then spent what seemed like hours just enjoying her rim and gorgeous pussy – what a beautiful taste she has.

We had further wine and cigarettes, ingesting into each other’s mouths, nothing seemed ‘dirty’ we just wanted everything from each other. After further sex we went to bed exhausted, although woke in the night to fuck, god I desperately now needed her pussy and her gorgeous clit – I can’t get enough!!!

Next day we arose with Amber cooking breakfast wearing just a flimsy see-through gown – god how can a man concentrate with his beautiful lover parading in front of him, when she put my breakfast in front of me, I pulled her onto my knee and began kissing and playing with her clit, wanting to put my erect cock inside wet pussy, why does this horny woman have this effect on me? Needless to say we ended up making love and eating a cold breakfast.

Amber x

Published on: 10 Jan 2022

Our first date

How it would be on our first date.

I have posted this as real life story rather than erotic fiction as I have been with 35 men and have had 35 dates. I was writing erotic fiction I would have embellished it much more for erotic effect. Think of it as a calling card as I want to have sex again soon... with you.

When you arrive I will make a cup of coffee for you and why don't you sit on the sofa. As you are sipping the coffee I will parade nicely for you andI love parading for a man.

Then I will sit next to you and you will stroke my legs, smell my perfume and kiss my neck. I turn to jelly when a man kisses my neck or licks my ears.

Then I will begin stroking you cock under your trousers and I will feel you grow under my touch. Soon you will be ready and when I think you are ready I will unzip you and take him out.

Then kneeling in front of you I will make eye contact before kissing the tip of your cock and then lick the shaft and your balls before sucking you oh so slowly. You will feel my tongue and lips carress your penis and I know all men love their cock being sucked.

When I see that you are now ready and wanting I will stand up and you will pat my bottom before I take my panties off. I love you patting my bottom and will kiss your cock each time you do.

I will want you to impregnate me as I am happy and content when I feel your cock in my pussy. What position fo you prefer? do you want to mount me doggie if you like that position or shall I ride your cock as reverse cowgirl.

Fuck me long and slowly and cum inside me so I can feel it spurt and then enjoy watching it dribble out making a wet pool on the bed.

And after? after you have cum inside me I want you to give me a lovebite (hidden) that will last a week. I know it is juvenile but I like it.

Yes I would want to have sex on our first date.

Amber x