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Bicurious Female 30 Mistress
Lilette Wintours is a VIP Luxury Premium Companion | A Woman Unlike Any Other based in San Francisco, CA, USA
Near Oracle Baseball Stadium
China Basin San Francisco US
Joined October 2021
July 15

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First thing you should know is you don’t want to miss my Instagram & Twitter.
It’s about to become a spectacular part of your day. @LiletteWintours.
I'm Lilette Wintours, but those dear to me call me, Lily


Well Hello! You finally found me, I’ve been waiting for you.
Lucky you, your world is about to get VERY exciting soon!
Slip in a seat & have a glass of Champagne as I show you a sensual thing or 2.
Stay awhile, I promise you glorious things will happen between us on our date.

A professional model & business woman by day turning into a luxury premium companion by night, there is no setting I can’t complement you in. I offer discreet, sophisticated, & fun GFE companionship dating to gentlemen, couples, partied with my model friends, & exclusive monthly arrangements all in the San Francisco, Bay Area. Not in your city?, Not to worry! BMTY (Bring me to you) by plane, train, boat, or car - anywhere in the world with my travel companion dates.


If you ask me what my favorite anything is, the answer is easy; the best of the best, of course! The best in both encounters & experiences.

If I’m not flying first class, you can bet it’s by private jet. Champagne is my aphrodisiac, particularly Perrier-Jouët (Sshhhh - that’s a secret ;) ). And spreading love, kindness, & positivity is my religion.

A quiantrelle living life somewhere between Louboutin heels & hiking boots. Don’t let my 1990’s model Cindy Crawford looks & designer attire fool you!, I am unabashedly down to earth in jeans & leather jacket - ready for an adventure! My friends and I spend A LOT of time laughing and I hope that my infectious smile can brighten your day; a light heart is a happy heart.

My standard for excellence, has and always, will be set by the love I give to my brilliant cats along with myself to achieve the best we can in this lifetime. Just like Sir Hemmingway’s spoiled cats, I hope to reincarnate as one of them.

My deepest desire is to have incredible memories in this lifetime through unforgettable experiences, high quality pieces, Michelin Stars, & passport stamps while capturing pieces of my suitors’ hearts. (I’m only half joking about the latter ;) )

Too often we deny ourselves indulgences, forgetting the need for balance. It’s too often that we settle for contentment rather than going after our heart’s true unbridled passions.

Let’s change that!

Take a step out of the mundane and book a date with a muse who will exceed all expectations and indulge in your most resonant wants, needs, & desires.

The fastest way to my heart and in my embrace is through a properly filled out reservation form & a deposit ready (for extra credit ;) ).

Be a doll and familiarize yourself with my website, particularly my ETIQUETTE page, so we can start planning our date with the most spectacular outcome possible!

Waiting to steal a little piece of your heart (but only if you want me to ;) )

With Love, Talk soon -
Lilette Wintours - xx
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