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Bi TS Sissy
Sissy who loves extreme humiliation and bondage.
New York City
Midtown East New York US
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All about Sissy Candy

Hello everyone! I am a real life crossdressing sissy who has a fetish for being transformed into a submissive and soft bimbo doll.

I love ultra-feminine materials such as satin, silk, frills and lace, along with layers of thick petticoats. The more outrageous and over-the-top my outfit is, the greater the humiliation and submission that I feel, and the more obedient (and slutty!) I become.

I am into costumes and role-play. You know what they say - clothes make the (wo)man! If I'm dressed as an adult baby, I'd be crawling on all fours and lisping like one, waiting for my nappy change. If I'm dressed as a french maid, expect to see me prancing around on six inch heels and serving drinks, while in an ultra-short french maid's dress that reveals my panties to all my guests. If I'm dressed as a slutty secretary, I'd be flirting all day with my boss, and taking dictation while kneeling under his desk! If I'm a schoolgirl, I'd be making all sorts of mistakes and held in detention where I'd receive rounds of spankings for being naughty! And if I'm dressed up like a trashy bondage slut... well, there's not much that a tied up, feminized sex object can do except accept whatever fate her superiors have in store for her!

I have an experienced Daddy in Asia (Daddy Darcy!) who is training me to become the most perfect sissy maid possible! I am such a lucky girl, to have a very understanding Daddy who loves me as a sissy, and lets me model all these beautiful clothes. I want to become the most perfect bimbo sissy girl in the world for him! I often fantasize of becoming a sexy TS with HUGE fake boobs, and becoming Daddy's permanent live-in slave and maid.

I'd make a really naughty sissy slave, always flashing my boobs at Daddy and acting seductively in order to get his cock hard! I'd wear a different outfit everyday, and serve Daddy in all ways - making breakfast, giving Daddy massages, doing his laundry, cleaning the house, cooking the meals, running little errands (even in public in my uniforms!), and of course, being Daddy's sissy model, sissy doll, tv tart, fuck toy and cum slut.

It is wonderful to be owned, used, shown off, and humiliated this way! Put into extreme bondage equipment like arm-binders and posture collars, wearing a corset 24/7 to cinch my waist down, undergo ballet boot training, and be locked in my Neosteel shemale chastity belt to keep me in a state of submissiveness all the time!

Together with my huge breast implants, blonded and curled hair, and permanent make up, I'd complete my transformation into a silicone blonde bimbo, ready to serve Daddy always!

Here is great quote on the psyche of dressing as a sissy: the goal is not to turn them into women but to turn them into sissies. They are not equal to a woman and you must understand this. A sissy-male is far less than a woman and that inferiority must be displayed and the best way to do that is to allow the male to try and look like a woman but to stop him short with ridiculously sissy garments that make sure he is recognized exactly for what he is, a sissy, a boy dressing like a juvenile girl but in the most subservient and submissive manner.

You must understand that even though sissies' dress in the most feminine of things, no real woman would ever wear what a sissy does, because it's just too juvenile.

I have plenty of pictures

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