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We offer an amazing affordable online shopping store that fulfills your desired needs. Follow @mjkim5 on Poshmark
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Kristie Kim Design provides super-affordable, adorable, and elegant casual clothes. This user-friendly online store is the ideal spot to try out all of the latest trends without spending too much money.
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Published on: 26 Jul 2021

Artist / Kristie Kim - Design Owner at POSHMARK

Kristie Kim Design is a multimedia company that offers one-of-a-kind graphic design services as well as entertainment and marketing collaborations. We offer a wide range of products on everything from clothing to accessories that suits your budget. Kristie Kim Designs are everyday items that mix in seamlessly with the rest of your outfit. Choosing the right piece of clothes shouldn't be difficult; you may discover a one-of-a-kind outfit that others will admire, as well as the most recent runway trends.