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Published on: 10 Sep 2021


I need to fuck something...I was already in my mother-in-law's night dress it's only knee-high, black, with padded breast plates and thin shoulder straps...
my blonde bob-cut hair so fine and combed to barely hiding my right eye with a gorgeous diagonal fringe.
Lips maroon from her makeup-set, I could taste her own lips on mine.
Black pantyhose and black 5inch heels that can easily stab any man's heart just by looking at them. it also has a thin line of glass-diamonds on the outside from front to back...I just felt sooo alive and hot and pretty and ready for a fiery sexual night with not just one, but ten men! Even though am straight, the thought was dauntingly turning me on!  I just needed something to bury my...-rustling sounds coming from downstairs-

no no no no! not nowwwwww!!!! I ran to the guest room where my wife and I live, I mean we’ve only been married 2 months, am 26 she's 24...mother in low insisted we live with her, until we can get on our own 4 feet.
but I've been cheating on my wife regularly, with female self, I mean, I would have married Janet if that made sense at all, albeit legal! I've met Janet since I was in 3rd or 4th year school, and I love her to bits...but I was also straight as an arrow, I don't get turned on by men at all, the exciting thoughts might, but generally men bodies disgust me, except for their dicks, Janet doesn't even like me because am a guy...urghhh, what am I thinking! my head hurts, I need to hide!!!
just as I started taking off my wig, she opened the door...
My mother-in-law just opened the fuckin door, and here's me in drag, with my actual hair, I don't even fuckin look good anymore!
"Finally, I caught you" she startled me with a smirk!
"What?! No, I was, I just...wait, WHAT?!!" I couldn't process this moment.
"I knew you cross-dressed behind our backs, I just had to catch you in the act." she said.
"and damn do you look pretty, it's true what they say, young boys ALWAYS pass for pretty girls!" she continued.
"please don't tell Lauren please! she won't understand!!" I pleaded.
"Babe, who do you think told me to get my ass here" she said in a villainous tone.
"WHAT?! SHE KNOWS?!" I screamed bloody murder!
"Yes yes yes, everybody knows, your parents, your friends" We just knew you would feel embarrassed and annoyed, so we had to take it slow and calculated" she explained quite calmly.
"THIS IS YOUR IDEA OF CALCULATED?! EVERYBODY KNOWS I CROSSDRESS?!" I started to mumble and thinking in my head so fast not noticing one clear free!!! my earrings swinging as I shook my head clear.
"Well, they wanted to take it slow, I just wanted you to find out so I could start teasing you" she said and sounding seductive!
She grabbed my balls from over the dress "I gotta say, you gonna keep that dress, coz its made for you! and wear the wig.

"What are you doing?!" feeling and looking confused....

“Taking off my shorts”, when she did that, she revealed a massive limp dick, she threw her short shorts against my face, now I had my wig and her shorts in my hands…

She approached me and said “I reallllly want to fuck you Reed!”.

My mother-in-law, is so hot, she works out, so she has a round yet muscle-toned butt, grabbing it feels grabbing a strong balloon filled with water.

She is so pretty, and her makeup is pretty well done, blonde in a horse tail, her tits are like her butt, muscle-toned, strong and appears fake, but can’t really tell for sure.

She was wearing a training bra, the shorts, which are now in my hands, her thighs are tanned and thick stretching down to a pair of cute small white socks and trainers.

She took my wig and put it over my head, looking at it adjusting it, from my shock I kept holding her shorts in my hand, I was now limp from the fright of everybody knowing, but her dick is starting to spasm and grow in front of my eyes.

“so you’re looking at my dick, wanna suck my cock…Janet?!” she said still adjusting little hairs on my wig.

“erm…no, I don’t…I mean, I can’t, it’s just…wait, what did you say? How did you know that name?” I freaked out

“Shhhhhhhhhh, she moved her hips and basically placed her dick over my lower lip, thrusting forward a bit, nothing happened, except her dick expanded a little, she did it again, my lips now parted, and again, until she had the erection of a Norse Deity, it over casted a shadow over my face.

“Don’t be startled baby” most boys can take my dick in their sweet little mouths. “Open your mouth and lets make you one of my sissy boys”. So, I did, but Just before she thrusted her dick inside me, I looked up to her eyes, and put her shorts on my face, not really blocking her dick, but her dick rather fucked the shorts and then into my mouth, it was dry, but my saliva quickly started to moisten the shorts and my mouth as well.

“Tut, tut, tut…I thought you were better than this boi” she grabbed my well placed wig-hair, took off her shorts from my mouth, and threw it on my lip underneath her. “Masturbate with my shorts sissy bitch”.
and so the torture started.

I put her lingerie up, revealing her satin black panties, she says “Pathetic little whore thief”

I take off the front of the panties, then with the shorts, my hand hugged my dick through the shorts, my dick is now big, but not as big as her…I can’t believe am going to be fucked by a real futanari, How did I not know this…

She looked down at me masturbating, making sure am ready to get fucked. She then slapped my face with her dick, in every possible inch, I secretly loved how she rubs her dick against the side of my nose and over my eyes, then into my mouth, then back over my eyes, messing up my pretty makeup.

“You know, everyone is dying to fuck you, even your mom, they all want to impregnate the living shit out of you, and when you married, they thought it was never going to happen” but here we are, sucking your own wife’s mother’s cock!”

Her words felt glass, it was meant to tease and hurt, but you can’t stop thinking how transparent and clean the meaning is on the other side.

Still masturbating my dick with her shorts as I suck her dick, while she fucks my face in return, feeling her dick spasm once, twice, three times, and I feel a hot silky liquid ricocheting against the ceiling of my mouth and the walls of my throat, she pulled her cock out and kept Cumming over my face, two three shots that formed lines across my face, waking up from my daydreaming, I darted back so she can fuck my face faster, the shorts came off my hand and started to cum, the shots went soo high between  our faces, only to land back either on my hair, face or chin thrusting the air as I shoot another load of cum in the sky landing on the top of my silky black night gown…

“Looks like we have a sissy slut whore cumdump in the family” welcome to the family whore!

I fell back, in my black dress stockings and heels, blonde hair, messy makeup and semen all over my face, neck and top of my dress….I smile.

Published on: 03 Aug 2021

My dream life

I want to be completely and totally submissive. I want to be coddled and spoiled until my brain is as smooth as the skimpy hot pink latex top that’s tightly wrapped around my fake, globular tits. I want a big, rich, beefy daddy to run and control every second of my life, from what I wear and what I eat, to which of his many friends my sopping wet cunt belongs to for the day. I want to be a soft silicone toy passed around to cutie after cutie, pumped full of delicious cum and giving service with a smile, or as much of one the glossy, overinflated sacks of saline known as my lips can achieve. I want to be pure effeminate perfection, more plastic than person. I want to be playfully mocked and degraded for my bimbofied self, while being much too dumb and too airheaded to catch on. I want to live to serve and please, to have no other goals or responsibilities other than to have fun and provide pleasure. To be too stupid to have any worries other than how much money daddy’s gonna let me spend on my next shopping spree. I want to be giggly, carefree, and horny, and to have no real thoughts of my own, apart from how badly I want to cum. I want to be a household fixture, a material possession, an object. Something which can be placed in a gilded display case and admired for aesthetic beauty. Something which can be posed and manipulated however somebody wants, and will willingly comply with any wish in regards to my person. I don’t want to be regarded as a human, I want to be regarded as a toy. I want to be seen as lesser, as dumb and infantile, as useless for any real work or reasoning. I want to be lead around a big expensive estate by a studded collar and leash fastened tightly around my little throat, crawling on all fours with my plastic teats nearly brushing the floor, a reminder of how much lower and subservient I am to all those around me. I want to be filthy with sex and perversion. I want to be thoroughly owned and used like the sex doll I am. I want to be so dumbed down that if someone were to ask me “what’s 1+1?” I’d giggle and ask what “1” was, probably offering to suck their dick instead shortly afterwards. I want to stutter and drawl, mispronounce the few words I’m allowed to say, cloud my disjointed sentences with “like”, “totally”, and other vapid bimbo girl talk. I want to be nothing more than an obedient, pampered slave for sex. Of course, I’m already on the way there, since what I want is all I talk about. Make it happen, daddy!! My body is yours to play with!

Published on: 02 Aug 2021

The night my son became a woman!

Hi, am Zizi, am 35, am not what you'd call a natural woman, am a very fake bimbo, blonde, blue eye lenses, high cheekbones through surgery, incredibly busty "fake 38GGG" and I always wear ultra padded bra, unless am fucking someone.

I always wear shiny or glittery short dresses and super shiny pantyhose, I never wear heels less than 6"...and nothing of this is painful as I take steroids and painkillers on a daily basis,I  had this lifestyle since I can remember along with my friends; we used to compete who can get the most boys, I used to come either second or third because of that bitch Marissa...oh look at me, I have legs that stretch a mile, oh look at my natural auburn hair...BITCH!

anyway, I was a fool and really stupid back in the day, I don't know if I still am, I lost my care for life as soon as I delivered my beautiful baby son, he was sooo cute, my girlfriends would hug him against their bodies almost suffocating him, so I knew I had to protect my beautiful son.

as soon as he came of age last year, I married him, we live so happily together, we kiss, we have sex I even feminize him, every Friday night of every week I'd shave his body, give him a long bubble bath, I join in from time to time, I dry him up, then off to the makeup his pretty face, I'd put on some lipstick on him, get his hair done very stylish, he's a natural blonde like me, sometimes we get mistaken as sisters :D

I have a full wardrobe of girly clothes for him, from cute white ruffled socks to leather bodysuits and latex nun outfits - not to mention sexy mini skirts, tight tops, mary janes and countless of heels.

We’d go out late Friday night dancing and letting off some steam, some boys would come and talk to him like the sexy hot slutty girl that he is, with his ultra mini skirt or tight pants, they'd flirt with him and he goes all shy and try to hide his little pecker as it erects.

One day we were at someone's house we don't know, it was myself, June -my son/husband-, Katy, Zoey and Gillian, we were drinking and having fun, smooching other people as we like while drinking like crazy. Then a big BIG black man walks in a straight line in the middle of the crowd, shoving people aside, he was so muscular and so so tall, at least 7.3ft.

He stood right in front of my 19 year old little husband, he opened his zipper, took his black limp cock out and with the deepest scariest voice, he said: "SUCK IT, WHOREBOY!"

Now there was no way that he would have known that June was a boy, I mean his face is so baby like and the make up on him was so well put that for a second I actually thought he was talking to someone else...June's skin color contrast to the black man was immense, truly feminine...
he was wearing a tight short leather skirt and tight white top with a padded bra, his legs were showing smoothly down to his ankle boots
June kneeled down smiling and with the most submissive and soft voice said: "Hi coach Lawrence. It took you long enough".

The big black man held my son's head and buried his own limp cock hard inside my son's mouth.

June looked so hot, his mouth gaping with a black cock impaled deep through it, everybody was dancing some people started watching while dancing, some were already fucking each other, even girls are kissing each other sloppy.

I started to go to my son and see if he was OK, maybe help him, but Zoey grabbed my arm, pulled me over and kissed me so well for what seemed like a a day, we were drooling over each other, licking each other's faces, our makeup got messy, her fake lashes fell to her cheek, my hair got slightly was a mess of a kiss, but one of the best, because the picture ofo that  dick impaling my son's mouth was still playing in my head on a loop.

After our facial rape came to a slowdown, I turned my head and saw my son smiling as he jerked of the big veiny black cock, he puts the dick back into his mouth once it was hard and juicy, he seemed happy, he sucks on it hard, his back-long hair moving around, he moves the pink fringe on the side of his hair to the back of his ear, making his whole face visible to the black face fucker.

I watched my son...well, husband...actually, wife...getting a hard cock into her mouth...that's when I knew, I have to let him go...I can't keep him with me....he have to go and suck people off.

I said all this smiling and a tear dribbled to my cheek, Katy grabbed my chin again and kissed me even deeper than before.

Published on: 25 Jul 2021

My first boyfriend! (Crossdressing and genderbender softcore)

I went into my my sister's room to wear her black stockings and heels, we were both chubby and thick back when we were teenagers, I tugged my little penis under my hairless yet thick balls in one of her black white panties, I hadn't cum as we've been very busy with guests coming over all the time to congratulate my sister on an early engagement, until a family came that had no one my age so I told my mom I was gonna go and play games in my room (Which was also my sis's room)
So after I wore her stockings and heels I began to model and walk, and turn around making myself feel as feminine as I could, twirling around myself, with my boyish hair twirl, and I thought that skirts also twirl, so I wore one of her highschool short skirts - OMG it looked sooo adorable, and I also decided to complete the look with a nice white top, I tried one but it was too loose, I filled it with some socks as breasts, but it didnt look good at all.
I kept looking for smaller sizes, until I found a bag that said "old clothes" - bingo! I didn't find a white top but found a pink one, I put it on, rushed to the mirror and wow! it looks soo good, even without having any boobs! well, 2 short half spheres with erect nipples on them, it just looked so fit and right!
I kept on dancing smoothly, while looking at the mirror, my member noticing the changes, and starting to pulsate...
I looked into the mirror again, and something was missing...can't put my finger on it, and started to touch my cheeks, nose and mouth, I licked the tip of my forefinger for some reason, I don't get it. I looked at my sis' table and saw all kinds of makeup and perfumes and a few shades of eyes froze on this deep red luscious lipstick, that my mind wandered..."What am I thinking?! am I really becoming...a girl? thinking about colouring my lips? this is a very big step, Do I want to do this?!" my heart skipped a couple of beats only to return to reality, my member spasmsing every few seconds, i finally approached and held the lipstick in my hand. its so small, how can it feel so intimidating and powerful? what am I saying? how do I know these words?!"
I twisted and opened the cover...I looked into the mirror, pointed the barely touched bullet-like lipstick infront of my lips, and my top lip touched the tip of the lipstick. never have I ever heard my heart beat so loudly against my ears, my cheast vibrating with every beat...
I finally drew a line across my upper lip to the left, then to the right, smiled for a moment, and then the bottom lips, right and left...after that I automatically pressed both lips against each other, why did I do that? and how...remembering seeing my sister and mother do this, it was in my nature, it came so swiftly and normally. probably to make the look natural or thicker? I don't know...
Surprisingly there was this very awkward girl looking back at me in the mirror, but she wasn't satisfied.
I looked at a magazine on the dressing table and noticed aoman with pink cheeks in one of the pages, which is applied by blush,
Looking for something called blush on the table, but I didn't know what am looking for, so I grabbed the same lips tick and rubbed very little against my cheeks...and spread it out...WOW!!! what a difference! it just works! but I fealt sooo hot by that time, like my face was on fire! and started to penis calmed down and went soft.
I opened the fan to cool down, I grabbed my phone and started to take pictures while posing, making kissy and winky faces, when the door opened and my younger brother stepped in...
"OH NO, WAIT, DON'T LOOK!!" my heart started beating again like a drum, but it was faster than being right next to my ears, it was also too late, I was posing at the bed which was right across from the door, so he so me exactly they way I was in, black heels, black shiny stocking, black tartan mini skirt and a pink short top with makeup on, taking selfies.
"Brother? what are you doing? are you a girl? I thought you were a boy..." he asked.
"No, I am, I am a boy, am just trying something, please don't tell mom and dad, specially sis". I pleaded
"Why? what's wrong with it? you don't like to be a girl?
"No I do, I mean I don't" I had no idea how to defend myself, or even talk anymore...
"Its ok, you look very pretty" my brother said.
"What? really?"
"Yeah, I sometimes fap thinking about you, even without looking like this" he said
"What? you know how to do that?"
"Yeah I saw you do it when you were in bed long ago"
"but its bad, we shouldn't do it"
"No, it's makes me happy"
My heart beats slowing down...
"you really fap to me?"
"yeah, you're so beautiful and I love you brother"
"hmmmm...can you call me sis?" I asked looking down ashamed...
my brother smiles and says "Ofcourse, I love to have 2 sisters"
"OK, what do you want to do now?"
"I don't know, do you want to see mine?"
"yeah sure!"
he undressed his shorts and top to show a soft small penis
"awww, so cute..."
I then undress my skirt, and take out my penis from the silk panties they were hiding in, we were both soft, but soon after we saw each other, things changed, we were both harder than steel, and as the passion, attraction and something else that fealt sexually arousing built up inside both of us like fire, we got closer and closer to each other, until we touched each other's dicks and started to rub each other softly and slowly, I looked into his eyes as he was moaning, I landed my lips against his, now I didn't anticipate he would know how to kiss, but we surprised each other as we sucked on each other's lips and tongues, simultaniously giving each other a handjob, moaning into each other's mouths like our lives depended on it...
" going to cum, I haven't cum in 3 days!!" he says.
"Me too, I havent' cum in a week, and am soo close"
then each of us grabbed his own cock to regain balance, and kept fapping against each other while still kissing and touching each other's bodies with the free hand...until we came against each other's bodies, my cum splashed against his smooth hairless stomach, penis, balls, and bed. His cock sent a flurry of sparkling white ribbons  to the upper part of my partially undressed pink top, my neck, chin, mouth and cheeks.

"I love you baby brother..."

"I love you so much sis, let's do it again"

Yes we will