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I'm 36 years of age, 5'8 (Obviously taller in heels) and am currently 72kg. I got into the BDSM lifestyle properly about 4 years ago with a heavy focus on Pet Play and Bondage. My kinks include: Dress Up, Leash and Collar, Clamps and Gags, Feminisation, Chastity and being sexually teased and tormented.

I have a bubbly, energetic and generally happy personality but at times I can be blunt, feeling anxious and I may even go off on a rant about something.

Now that lockdown restrictions are being reduced, I'm definitely seeking a Dom or Domme in the Glasgow area as I really want to start doing more things in RL which are part of the lifestyle. If you like what I'm about, please message me and if we click on here then perhaps we can arrange a meet.
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Published on: 14 Sep 2021

Anal/Pussy Training...

So last week, I spoke about chastity cages, see the post below and hopefully I inspired one or two you to purchase and try your 1st cage.

With that little useless clittty now all locked away and forgotten about, today we are going to focus on how a sissy should pleasure herself and prepare for taking real cock from Alpha males, studs and bulls who will want to breed that hot little ass over and over again.  I've had my fair share of mishaps with anal training and this article may include a couple of things to do with "accidents" in that area, my intent is to not disgust but be real about it and how to avoid these accidents from happening to you.

Before we start talking about 10"+ horse cocks from Bad Dragon, we are going to start small, baby steps so to speak to get that little pussy trained to be able to take any cock with ease. Please also note that in no way will I promote drug use, so if you are looking for info on Poppers which are known to relax the anal muscles, you will have to look for that info elsewhere.

With that said, there are going to be a few things that you are going to need to dip your toe into the world of anal play.   The 1st thing I'm going to recommend is a decent water based lubricant.  There are many out there to choose from and the price of products varies massively.  One of my personal favourites is: Lubido Aloe Infused Anal Ease Water Based Lube.  This product is avaliable on amazon and pretty much any sex toy based site and usually retails for about £5 a bottle, one of the best anal lubricants around.

The 2nd thing you're going to need is going to be a douche kit, ensuring that you are fully clean up there before you engage in any form of anal play is good practice, you won't be put off by anything and it is far less likely that any "accidents" will occur when engaging in anal play.     A decent douche that should last you a very long time is about £10, again pretty cheap, unfortunately these kits don't exactly come with instructions, so I'm going to include a brief guide on how to douche as nothing really exsists out there.

1.  Fill your sink with warm water, it's important to use warm water for this process, remember your body temperature is not cold, and you can really hurt yourself if you douche with cold water.

2.  Squeeze the bulb of the douche and place the end of the nozzle into the water, the suction will cause it to fill up.

3.  Apply a little lube to the entrance to your sissy pussy and the nozzle and lay on your back with your legs up, creating a natural slope of your anal tract towards the ground.

4.  Insert the douche and gently squeeze the bulb until it's empty, remove the douche and sit on the toilet, it will all naturally come out.

5.  Squeeze any water that is left in the douche out into the toilet and flush.

5.  Repeat this process until the water is coming out clear, the amount of times you will use it can vary on a number of factors, such as diet, when you last ate and your general well being as a person.

6.  Give the douche a clean by putting some hot soapy water in the sink, fill it again and squirt it out a few times.  Dry it off and put it away, next time it comes to use it, fill it with warm water and squeeze it out to make sure it is throughly clean.

I would not recommend an enema kit for a beginner, things can get horribly messy when using these for the 1st time if you don't know what you are doing and they are not meant for novices, after a while though, you may want to advance to getting one, especially if you are a size queen and are wanting to take massive dildos or cock.  Let me try to explain a little, what the difference between a Douche and an enema is, a douche is designed as a quick clean, it will clean up to the entrance to your rectum (About 5-6" deep in the body depending on the person) an enema will go beyond that, cleaning your colon, but like I said they aren't really for beginners and we will talk more about enema kits in another article.

So, now that we are all clean and that pussy is ripe and ready to take something, where exactly do we begin?  Plugs, Dildos and anal toys come in all kinds of shapes and sizes with thousands of various products where do we start?

The 1st thing I would suggest to purchase, would be a set of training plugs.  These come in various materials such as rubber, glass or metal and with a flared base (Always make sure a plug has some form of flared base, tappered are the best and won't irritate you in any way if you are new).  These sets normally cost about £15-20 online and here is an example of a nice set that you can buy:

Start out with the smallest one, get used to it, plugs are a great way to begin to stretch your anal muscles and get them used to having something inserted inside you and the bulb is going to put pressure on your prostate, meaning that you are going to be teased by it everytime you move about or are just randomly sitting.  It goes without saying to always use lube with any form of anal toy.  1st you want to lube up a finger and slip it inside of you, wiggle it about and well...enjoy it, get your depths nice and slick and then lube up the plug and gently insert it into your body.  If you feel any discomfort, remove it and apply a little more lube and try to insert again, until it easily slides in and feels well...good.  Much like my article on chastity training, wear the plug for 1 hour a day at first, then go to 2, then 3 etc until you are a proper little plug slut all day.  A note on sleeping plugged, don't immediately do this, lube tends to dry up which means that the plug can be difficult to remove after long time wear, once you are comfortable enough to do this though, make sure you apply fresh lube before bed.  With your set of three to five plugs, once you are very comfortable wearing the smallest one, move to the next size up and then the next, this will really train your pussy for taking cock as the muscles will get used to stretching around something and this is a great method for you to train to do so.

The other thing you are going to need is a training dildo, this is where the real fun begins so to speak, practing fucking your pussy with a nice rubber cock and believe me, the more you remain locked, the more regularly you are going to do this to get some sexual satisfaction sissy.  Of course dildos come in all kinds of shapes and sizesm different materials etc, the one thing I would highly recommend for a beginner, is to not buy something solid.  Don't start with glass or a hard rubber as this is just going to hurt you more than you are going to enjoy it.  You should probably get something with a suction top too, training your thighs and hips to ride cock is a very important sissy skill as a lot of guys are going to love watching you bounce on their dick. I'd also recommend one with balls, I love the feeling on them slapping against me while I play and give me something to grip when I'm fucking myself with my toy.  Sadly the training dildo which I bought is no longer avaliable, but their are plenty of products out there to buy, if you need more advise you can always DM me.  Start out with something about 6" in length, has a nice girth to it and the rubber can be lightly squeezed in your hand and then bounces back when you let go.  Again, be sure to use plenty of lubricant when engaging in any form of play, use a couple of fingers first and then coat the dildo in a nice layer of lube.  Find a position that you are comfortable with, this is very important and is going to vary from person to person, personally I love putting myself in a "Mating Press" position, laying on my back, with my butt high up and my thighs tucked to my chest. this means my palm can wrap around the base of the dildo and the suction cup and I can fuck myself to heaven.  Find what works for you, what you get the most pleasure from and what is going to end up making that little locked up clitty leak and dribble...

We will discuss more "Advanced" anal toys in a future article, I will try to cover inflatable plugs, big glass plugs, tail plugs if you want to engage with your "Pet" kink, fuck machines, bigger dildos and lovense toys.  For now though sissy, that should be enough for you to be getting on with...I hope that this article helped  x

Published on: 05 Sep 2021

Choosing the right chastity cage for you...

Over the past couple of years I've been asked many questions on chastity cages as I have often appeared on cam wearing one and people have always been curious.  Also the information just simply isn't readily avaliable online in a single article or document and incase you're not aware it's nowhere near as easy as they make it look in porn vids, so I thought I would put together this article as a guide for someone looking to get into being locked and being comfortable while doing so.

I've been chastised for about 12 months now and live day to day life in permanant chastity, my cage only comes off to be cleaned for hygiene reasons (This is very important and we will get into that later) but prior to that I had a lot of struggles finding the right cage for myself and ended up spending about £200+ on cages until I eventually found the right one for me.

The 1st thing I'm going to discuss is material, chastity cages normally come in three different types of material which are either: Plastic/resin, Metal or Silicone.  Metal cages tend to be a lot heavier than the two former as they weigh more, as a 1st timer, I would avoid them, they are going to be very uncomfortable for you to wear and it will probably put you off.  If you are an experienced chastity slut though, you might want to advance onto something like the bird cage so that your partner or Dom/Domme can tease your clit through it.  Silicone is a waste of time, don't even consider a silicone cage, the material is far to flimsey for long time ware and mould lines around the rings will start to irritate you to the point where you will want to take it off, avoid silicone cages always, they are often cheap because the seller knows that they are not a good product at all.  This leaves us with plastic/resin cages which is probably your best option as a 1st timer diving into the world of chastity and this is going to be your best bet in finding something that is going to be suitable for long time ware.

When it comes to plastic cages, the most popular device out there is the CB6000.  This tends to come in two varieties, the expensive one and the cheap knock off for about £20-40 on ebay/amazon.  The cheap knock off one was my 1st cage and damn did I have a lot of problems with it and am going to talk from my own experience on why you shouldn't buy this product.

Firstly, it arrives with several different rings, plastic pegs and a little padlock which due to where it sits will rattle away like anything whenever you move, this can be a little embaressing if say you go to the shops wearing it and you may get a few odd looks from other people where ever you go.  There is absolutely no guide on what ring size to use with it, but I will say this, there should always be enough room between the ring and cage to comfortably push your little finger through, as this is where your little sissy orbs are going to sit and you really don't want to be cutting the blood off to them, this is also a general rule of thumb for any cage that you will purchase.  Once you finally figure everything out and get the thing on, it's actually ok to wear, but a few weeks in I had a massive problem.  My clitty  was getting erect when I woke up, (yes sissies still get morning wood) and it was causing a lot of strain on the ring.  One morning I woke up in agony and looked down to see that the ring had snapped and was now pressing into the flesh of my sac.  I franticly tried to get it off and when I did, there was a little blood and was very lucky to not have to go to A+E although I did have to have a rather embaressing conversation with NHS Direct.  Sorry to give the horror story, but the plastic is cheap and horrible, so whatever you do, don't buy this cage, it's cheap for a reason so make sure you avoid.

If you're going for the genunine CB6000, you're looking at about a retail price of about £120 and for that sort of money you can get yourself The Vice which imo is a far better product and is a lot more comfortable to wear and is very secure.  Also the sizing I find to be a little better as you always want a snug fit around your clitty when it is soft with your urethra pressed to the opening slit of the cage so that when you urinate, you don't get it all over the insides of the cage.  Remember above when I mentioned hygiene...yeah you don't want to end up with urine burns on your clit.  The vice retails at around £120 and can be found upon one of my favourite sissy webstores

To some, £120 might seem like a lot to spend for a first timer, and that may be a bit beyond your budget to satisfy a curiousity to know what it feels like to be locked.  Fortunately there are some good cheaper options out there, personally I'm a big fan of The Nub:

When I got the package for this, I was a little jubious at first, it looked very small and again came with various rings and a couple of the largest ones looked a little miss shapened in the moulding process.  After finding the right ring for me, again using the little finger through the gap method, I was surprised to have to sand paper down the fastening of cage to ring to get it to slide through (The package does provide you with a sheet of sand paper) after that though, I put it on and wow, I immediately felt so girly.  It's a super tight fit but yet so comfortable for long time ware and I've gone weeks and months wearing it, only removing it for a cleaning, also you can comfortably do exercise routines such as yoga with it on which is a huge plus in my book as regular exercise is very important for a sissy to stay in shape.  If you're looking for a budget cage to get started with, I highly recommend this product, the fact that it has a sliding bar lock too means that whatever panties you wear above will not have an awkward outline of a padlock and plastic either.

So, hopefully the above helps a new comer out a little and now, well your cage has arrived and you are super excited to try it out for the first time, how exactly are you going to go about it....

Well as previously stated, find the right ring size by making sure that there is enough room between the ring and cage to push your little finger through.  Once you have this right, give the plastic parts you are using a wash with some warm soapy water to ensure that they are clean.  Dry them off and add a tiny smear of a water based lubricant to the ring and gently slide it over your sissy orbs and clitty.  Grip your clitty and sissy orbs and give the ring a light gentle push towards your pubic bone and pelvis and make sure it is sitting straight and you are comfortable.  Next take the cage portion of the device and give your clitty a gentle push downwards and then slide the cage over your clitty until the cage portion slides into the slots or pegs of the ring.  If you require a bit of water based lube on your clitty too, this is fine and not uncommon, like I previously said you are looking for a tight and snug fit.  If your clitty is getting a little excited from all the stimulation, be patient, let it go soft as there is no rush and there is no point getting frustrated with it.  Make sure that your urethra is open to the slit or opening upon the cage so that you can urinate and well...leak hehe, out from the cage. 

Once you have your cage on for the first time, wear it for an hour, see how you feel and then take it off, the next day go for 2 hours and the 3rd go for 3 hours etc.  Like everything else in life, our body needs time to adjust to anything and trying to go perma chastity from the get go just simply isn't going to work.  When you are wearing your device comfortably for 14-16 hours a day, it will then be time to sleep in it, this is always a big moment for any sissy and I'd recommend not having much planned the next day as you might struggle to doze off or in the morning be feeling super horny and aroused with your little clitty trying to get all hard in it's tight confines.  If you are able to achieve this though after a few weeks, well done! You are now pretty much a perma chastised sissy slut!  Also, get used to your chastity cage being your alarm clock in the morning as you are going to wake up super horny every day and are going to quickly need a shower to calm yourself down a bit before work.

I would recommend that every 3-4 days you take your chastity cage off to give both it and your clitty a wash with some warm soapy water.  Like every other part of the body, your clitty sweats, small bits of dust and possibly a little bacteria can get trapped between the material of the cage and your clit, so hygiene is always important or you might start to feel some discomfort and it may lead to some medical problems which you really don't want to have to speak to your GP every other part of your body, keep it clean.

Phew, I had a lot to say, but that has just about covered every question I've ever been asked on this subject, oh wait...there is one more thing...

The topic of having a keyholder...

While I find the idea of this really hot and exciting, for the most part this is going to be a fantasy which will only ever eventually be achieved when you are in a full time BDSM Dynamic with a local Dom or Domme.  I would never give the keys to my cage to anyone online via post etc and have been asked to in the past, infact someone once offered me £300 to send them the keys to my cage.  Simply put, don't do this, for one they could just dissapear with your keys forever.  Two, you're not going to be able to maintain good hygeine down there if you have no key.  Three, if there is any issues with your cage, you're not going to be able to quickly solve them by removing it and are going to end up injuring yourself.  Explain this to the online Dom or Domme that, that is why they are not getting your key, and if they have a problem with it, that's on them, find someone else, a good Dom or Domme should always respect their subs limits and what they won't do in a dynamic.

What if you're feeling a little extreme though, want to know how it feels to lose total control of being unlocked and can't find yourself a Daddy or Mistress to keep you under control?  Well there are a couple of methods you can use here.  One of my personal favourites, is putting the keys in water and then putting them at the bottom of the freezer so it sets as ice.  If I do get the urge to unlock, it's going to take quite a while for that ice to melt, heh.  Another, is posting your keys to yourself...just make sure you do it tracked delivery though or well...hmm, if those get lost you're going to be in a lot of trouble sissy :P

Well, think that should cover it, over the years I've been asked many questions and thought I would finally get round to writing, I hope both Dom/Dommes, sissies or anyone else interested in the world of chastity found some useful information in this article.  If you have any further questions on chastity, please don't hesitate to DM me on here.

I will do a video version of this in the next couple of months and then we are going to be on the next subject which people want me to cover...How to Sissygasm?