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I am a long term cross dresser, who likes to present an authentic female look including my figure.
Belfast UK
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Published on: 09 Jun 2021

I am a FAT BITCH and weight loss starts today

Wednesday. 9th June 2021. I got out of bed and looked at myself in the mirrored wardrobes.  Fat bitch was my first thought.   Not so long ago, I was 11st 0 lb and I looked good. So I got the bathroom scales out and weighed myself.  12st. 12 lbs.  Time to change my eating habits.   Today I have only eaten Alkaline food and drank pure pineapple juice and of course, the occasional cup of tea..  I haven't felt hungry at all and tonight at10 PM I weigh in at 12 st and 10 lbs.   The acid  which is stored as fat in my system has already started to be consumed. A good, but expected start to my new eating regieme.

 Thursday 10th of June. (Day 2)

 This morning I weighed in at 12 st. 10 lbs.   A good start with a drop of 2 lbs on the first day.  

 Friday 11th of June   (Day 3)

 This mornings' weigh in is 12 st. 9 lbs. Another pound off. I am on target so far. I hope to loose 7 lbs in the first week. ........Lunch was a boiled egg and one round of wholemeal bread..  

 Saturday  12th June   (Day 4)

I weighed in this morning at 12st.8lbs.......Another pound off and on target. All going well so far.

 Sunday 13th June    (Day 5)

Weigh in weight this morning was 12 st. 8 lbs.. No change from yesterday.   Update at 8.pm.   My weaight is now 12 st. 7 lbs.  That's a drop of one lb. from yesterday and a total weight loss of 5 lbs so far.

 Monday 14th June (Day 6).......   12st and 6 lbs at breakfast time today. Right on target and I have now lost 6 lbs in 6 days.