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No faceless.. see ME in my VIDEO FEED
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All about sheshe

So 'see my feed' ie my videos means press that stack logo in my profile (above the fotos.. ABOVE!).. lots of videos OF ME.. so nice to see a proper profile yeah :)

I am a visual artist in NW London. I live as a tgirl because.. I am a tgirl! No I AM NOT A GIRL I AM A TGIRL AND 'PASS' VERY NICELY.. AS A TGIRL..

I have a thing for BBC o and toned bodies and avuncular culturefiles.. call me multifaceted :) o and sexy tgirls! (with a brain :)

ALSO INTO RANDOM ONLINE ROLEPLAY.. for which I will approach YOU. It can involve meeting but has to involve whatsapp/skype. PRIVATE CAM here does not work properly.

...WHISPERS ALERT is OFF.. SO SADLY ALL UNHEARD :( write me a long letter .. ie message:) Make me feel special? Or not lol

ALL nonroleplay MESSAGES WITH NO FACE DELETED UNREAD :) break a leg :)

Write me a proper message I won't type hi back to a stranger.. :( too many :(

I am actually really nice but no-one will ever find out.. here it seems lol But at least read my blog.. below.. I DO like coffee/chat dates out.. art galleries/theatre. But I'll be dead before anyone suggests it here. Fortunately it happens via reality!

BTW.. far sexier in reality (so
unfotogenic :( ..likes social.. earl grey.. a scone :)

Really into watching boxing (oddly!) otherwise Marcel Duchamp rules x

Don't speak to faceless. Can you? Plus some info about yourself on your profile.. useful!

Don't like writing or reading profiles?.. and your mates might laugh if they see you here.. hence the DoNut pic/logo.. how funny ..NOT.. it's bye from it's never hello .. just nuffin.. silence.. from me it's x zzzzzzzzzz x

LASTLY ..NOT into public talk of *rannies *aggots *issies etc .. all nonsense generally motivated by homophobia and self hatred.. they are all terms at best for private roleplay. A subtle? ..vital, distinction!

So.. why is someone seemingly so particular on a fetish escort site? Mmm lol ..dunno.. but here I am.. and really I only like liberal cultured wayward solid types who like longlasting social .. Tho marriage is an idea..

I DON'T ADD MEN AS FRIENDS EVER.. just girls :)))

Please do not refer to how I look as 'it' or reference 'it' - stick to NOW o .and me..

All pics/videos taken casually with my phone posted as is.. hence comic moments :( ie the best bits
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Body Shape




Published on: 25 Sep 2021

Call Me Stupid

I have a HUGE. HUGE. HUGE. 

Wardrobe.. and it is ram jam packed full of beautiful stylish idiosyncratic clothes across a wide spectrum of tastes, textures, materials, designs and styles.

As huge as it also is my lingerie exotica crates.. crates of chichi nonsene spanning every conceivable kink and provocation pales in insignificance to the larger cupboards of heavyweight designer frufru..

And yet is there a single picture of a dress or skirt here? Do I wear dresses or skirts or catsuits or onesies at transtype clubs and events? No just lingerie.. see my video feed.. that is not me in a club.. that is how I arrived!

Yes I wear my fab gear everywhere else.. and never lingerie but here.. where I assumed I might speak directly to like minded spirits.. free from the earthly bonds of polite society.. closer to the fine grained skin of truth itself.. no never.

I assumed that showing your body ..digging down to as close to my selfie surface is revealing the core indispensable undeniable me.. the bit most women want to hide because 'no one looks good naked..' Well I do.


Call me stupid .. I assumed such bone hard honesty would ellicit or snake charm the hardest heart to speak earnestly and honestly and warmly and as directly.. back. Heart to heart.. skin to skin.

Yes. Call me stupid. I was totally.. nakedly.. wrong.

Published on: 20 Jun 2021


It puzzles me. The humunculus single cell male urge to cast it's seed over the whole universe. For no apparent reason.

Emptying it alone into their own hand is the net result.

Yet this persistent bizarre over-wheening comically hopeful expectation of a beauty on each knee.. each testical and every orifice (god forbid) attended to.

And from their main orifice.. the mouth. Zilch. The neural pathways as inactive too.

This flickering stormcloud brewing electrical activity around the tip of their urethra. A gurgle like a choked laugh echoing in a frozen over cesspit.




Published on: 13 Feb 2021

WifiWifey Wishlist Item 6 Buy Control of this Angel

total fanny remote control


BUTTTTT you YOU you YOU can still buy tokens to control it LIVE on CAM from YOUR phone INSIDE ME!

..just the one below now (and WISHLIST ITEM 1)

or this 

squirt me from home :)

Or both to make me your total remote controlled doll :)

You like the videos. You want personal. You want control. You want your very own doll with buttons .. buttons YOU press and see her squirm FOR YOU..

Here is your chance :)

You get 3 x 30 minute sessions of interaction live and/or with videos for each item. Make me squirm squirt and beg for more.

Or maybe for less.

You decide.

This is my wishlist 6 - 4 earlier items/tasks are sold.. one left.

Enquire for how we do this.. xx

SO to be clear you can pay to use these on me but the first ..the vibrator is bought.. the second the MILKER is still to be bought.. and used.




Published on: 02 Feb 2021

The eblue profile logos

Tgirlover84. Let's take him. He is less of a nobody because he has a foto. In darkglasses. From above. Camera shaken. Sunbleached.

But it is not the usual idiotic logo.. yeah? 

So he messages me. A total stranger. A nobody.. me with 100 clear fotos.. 50 videos.. links to a website phone number the lot.. this real person.. me.. cum ova doll u can stay the nite.

Aha ha ha.

So I reply.. on my way.. but mispell on as in so then I point that out adding.. uve seduced me how can I resist.. his reply.. ?????? (always the question marks) that makes no sense!

Why did it not make sense to this super Einsteinian luvr? Thick? No. 

Imagine a little fluffy british cloud transported floating to the edge of the cosmos.. the fringes of space/time. A typical profile eblue logo sprayed on it.. even slip a pair of sunglasses on it.. 

No matter what you reply to these braindead homunculi.. it is as if the whole of space time has intervened interposing vast distances between what they want and how fast it arrives.. so this faint whining whinge across the universe.. the eternal decapitated Phallus leaking complaint and threats and incomprehension is the result of that tiny tiny gap.. not getting what they expect immediately with zero effort zero input zero zero zero.

And their raging or even more often dumb disbelief that baby can't both have his rattle AND toss it off away across his universe of ranting lust.. results in an anonymous absent silent incommunicative zero. This 'man.' His half life of ridiculous expection stamped through like a bar of Blackpool rock with his..

eblue logo.

Published on: 01 Feb 2021

What is a TV?

We will return to that swelling rogue's gallery of 'masters.'

But what is a TV?

You can be sure it was something in the corner of the room that they stared at endlessly when they were little boys. When they should have been bettering themselves just like mummy and daddy.. so distinct now in retrospect.. insisted. But they did not better themselves.

So they are now the TV in a corner. Unseen. (They hope.)

Waiting to be switched on.




Published on: 01 Feb 2021

The So Called Masters and Daddies

Ok daddies are confused. Some are abusers some nurture and protect.

But most are simply failed masters.

Given ALL masters here are hollow non-men.. wrecks, failures, prescription zero's.. that takes some doing.

Let's just say there is an overlap. A heap of comatose mulch.. that were once young bodies with a vaguely human structure.. now collapsed in on their own pond of snotty slimey self satisfaction

There's Caspar. Sparky. Daddyforsissydoll, Bernard B. The one with a blackboard.. he asked me to do an online test to speak to him. 

Caspar sighed when I invented a new profile to stream videos and explore a myriad new outfits.. had n't he said it all last time we spoke? 

Daddysissydoll is very protective of the word sissy he needs it in his name just like he needs his arsehole clenched tight between his sagging stinking buttocks.. hate speech! Tutut. Tufftitty I like my lil retrograde freedoms it's what makes me the man I am!  And indeed that vague blurred nether region is all you are ever allowed to see because they are all headless on cam.. some have never heard of whatsapp or cam.. 

They all merge into a truncated 50's peasouper of failed marriages; Z Cars; babyboomer pensions bouying them up.. stiff floating turds in the sewer of transbashing bonhommiedom where everything's free n easy and gives to them endlessly.

Or else.


Published on: 01 Feb 2021

Wishlist Item 5.. SOLD

I Post It 2U Stained

Published on: 01 Feb 2021

Wishlist Item 4.. SOLD

Get The Private Video

Published on: 01 Feb 2021

Wishlist Item 3.. SOLD

I Wear It For A Weekend + Snapchat

Published on: 01 Feb 2021

Wishlist Item 2.. SOLD

A Kiss Over Coffee