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Tall, athletic guy, very open minded and nicely hung. Erotic art, mutual fun and perhaps even interesting conversion 😉
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Bi male, married..........

......if you're still reading then I'll continue. Are my desires strange or a kink? To some maybe but I've had them since a teenager, I've come to realise that if you suppress a part of you, you're not living your best life. Is it really so wrong to be attracted to a trans female just as much as a natural female??? I've given up trying to fathom it out, I just know that human desire can manifest in many different forms you just have to accept who you are......and boy is it fun exploring them..........

And If your still reading......just because I don't have pictures of me on here that doesn't mean to say I don't have any, I will always send you a pic privately if you want to get to know me a little better, and no I won't bombard you with cock pics, unless you particularly want one.

So if you're Trans, CD, TV, Sissy, female or male, let's face it, does it actually matter, in London, Hampshire or Berkshire and your desire is for a tall, athletic, generously hung guy feel free to drop a message X
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Published on: 19 Nov 2020

The Damsel

Lynda has been away far too long, she hasn't been "Lynda" for 3 months now. She's an attractive slender size 10, 38B, 5'10 tall, her red/brown hair styled into a elegant chin bob. Tonight her lips look full and plump with bright red lipstick and a pearl necklace adorns her neck. She is wearing a white low cut blouse which is not quite sheer but enough for you to see her favourite white lacy Triumph bra underneath. She's wearing a black mini skirt over her white high cut lace panties, black lace top hold up stockings and black high heeled court shoes. Overall looking more sophisticated housewife than slutty tart from a distance.

This glorious mid summer evening she is driving the backroads to her favourite meeting place in rural Hampshire, eager to tease the men that wait for her there, the thought of what she's going to do makes her cock stir in her panties which is helped by the bumpy road she is travelling on. She starts to rub the growing bulge in her damp panties as she drives along, her smooth cock getting harder as she teases herself, got to be ready for my boys she thinks to herself.

All of a sudden the steering wheel starts vibrating in her hand and the car veers toward the centre of the road, grabbing the wheel with both hands she gets control and slows the car, she hears the tell tale rumble of a flat tyre as she nurses the car towards a wide gated entrance to a field up ahead. Coasting to a stop she curses her luck, tonight was supposed to be the first night Lynda had been out since the lockdown and here she is stranded in the middle of nowhere, resigned to the fact the night was a total loss, she lit a cigarette, switched on the hazard lights and got out of the car, as Lynda leaned against it she looked at the bright red lipstick coating the filter and let out a long sigh, she realised the only thing left to do was to put on her male clothes from the boot of the car, pack Lynda away, change the damn wheel and head home.

As she reached into the car to release the boot she could hear the distant rumble of a motorbike, she looked through the rear window and saw its lights quickly heading towards her, without thinking she hitched her skirt to reveal her stocking tops.......perhaps the night won't be a total loss after all, she quickly tottered round to the open boot and leant in exposing her cute butt clad in white lace and long slender legs, she heard the bike slowing as it drew closer, daring not look behind as it came to a stop behind her.

A friendly voice asked "do you need a hand" Lynda stood up from the boot to face her knight in shining armour, her gaze fell upon him as he removed his crash helmet and leather jacket, leaving him in snug fitting jeans and slim fit black t-shirt which made the most of his muscled tattooed arms. He looked back at her, her stomach felt jittery as he cast his eyes over her, before locking on to the bulge in her panties just visible below the hem of her skirt. As he stepped towards her Lynda lifted the skirt a little higher, her excitement becoming more visible, barely contained within the white lace panties. "Best I give you a hand with that, you'll be on your way in no time" he said with a knowing glint in his eye, "I'd really appreciate it, you're very kind" Lynda said in her best fem voice. They stood facing each other, She felt his hand cupping the hardening cock in her panties, his other hand tenderly brushing her neck, Lynda responded by feeling the hard tightness is his jeans, "looks like I'm not the only one that needs a hand" she smiled, he smiled back her as he released her hard cock from her panties, he kissed her neck tenderly as she unbuttoned his jeans, wrapping her hand around his smooth thick cock as it sprang free, she felt the pre cum on her fingers, removing her hand she licked each finger in turn, he tasted so good Lynda wanted every drop of this man's sweet cum.

He dropped to his knees in front of her, pushing the skirt a little higher fully revealing her bulging white lace panties, she leaned back against the car and spread her legs as he freed the stiff cock from its white lace binding, she felt his tongue lick her entire length before taking it tenderly into his mouth until she felt his lips around the base of it, Lynda felt her passion rising as he expertly worked on her cock, slowly at first then gradually quickening to the point where she thought she was going to burst, sensing this he removed her cock from his mouth a broad smile radiating across his face, "I really ought to change your wheel before the sun sets", "not just yet" replied Lynda "not before before I've had you". He stood up as she squatted down in front of him, her hard cock swinging freely between her legs, she pulled his jeans down his thighs, a thick smooth cock sprung in front of her face. Lynda wasted no time, she was hungry for this one, it had been way too long, her bright red lips clamped around his thick shaft, god he tasted good, she took him deep into her throat savouring every inch, her own passion rising out of control the harder she fucked his cock with her mouth. She felt his cock tensing the moment of reward was so close now, he held the sides of her head as he started to cum his body rigid in orgasm as the first jet hit the back of her throat, her own excitement was building within her as she feasted almost gagging on the thick sweet cum cascading down her throat, she knew she couldn't hold out, 3 months of pent up frustration exploded from her cock with such force she almost bit down on him as she continued to milk this kind stranger's cock, eager to savour every drop this man had to offer. Her own hot thick sticky cum sprayed the inside of her stockinged thighs and the hem of her skirt, she shuddered as the last moments of orgasm left her. He looked down at her, his face glowing with contentment as pulled his jeans up over his still semi hard cock. Lynda stood up a little unsteady on her heels feeling the cooling cum soak into her stockings. "Right" he said "let's get that wheel changed, can't leave you stranded out here can we"