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I am a trans escort. I was a high school teacher before undergoing orchiectomy (castration) to work as escort. I am a sub slave.
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我目前在泰国南部的少女天地指压中心 (GIRLS WORLD MASSAGE PARLOUR) 接客。在2014年前我曾在马来西亚北部的吉打州担任中学英语敎师,但在曼谷接受阉割手术后找不到教职所以改做指压及提供各种性服务。我现在很斯文,很女性化,听话服从,並愿意下跪接受客人鞭打调教。我的服务态度很好,阴茎小小软软的很可爱,皮肤雪白嫩滑,请上网与我联系,我的电邮址
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Published on: 26 Aug 2020

Jennifer Yvonne Lee - - how I began crossdressing at 13

I was born male, as a boy. As a boy I was shy, timid and very introverted. Because of that I was often bullied by other boys, being beaten up by them for being a sissy. My father left my mother two years after my birth, and my mother re-married to a construction site contractor. My earliest memories consisted mainly of seeing my mother being stripped naked and whipped even in broad daylight - - whenever she was impolite and disobedient to Papa, my stepfather.

My mother was killed in a car accident when I was aged 11. Papa made me take Mama's place by requiring me to all sorts of girls work, including cooking, cleaning, sewing and embroidery, among others. Besides going to school I was not allowed to participate in any outdoor activities. I was strictly required to be gentle and obedient, and I must keep my skin white and smooth, like a girl's, so that I gradually felt that I was not really a boy, and ought to be a girl - - and Papa reminded me daily of that by dressing me in girls clothes at night, and then I slept beside Papa in bed. Every now and then I felt that Papa's hands were groping all over me, from chest to bottom, and in the morning, I very often found Papa's cum all over my already-stripped-naked body, especially at my soft, lily white butt cheeks - - which Papa often squeezed with his big, rough hands in the small hours of the morning. 

Frankly, being treated like a girl did NOT annoy me. Rather I quite enjoyed putting on girls clothes which I found most attractive and colourful. Soon after I had turned 13, I started dressing and making up myself  as a girl in my bedroom.  When Papa was on night shifts and not at home, I was audacious enough to go out into the public, loitering here and there on the dark streets in my neighbourhood, but I usually returned home before 5 o'clock to make sure that I would be 'asleep' at home when Papa returned from work at around 6.30 am. 

On the streets in the early morning hours, between 3 am and 4.30 am I tried my very best, using all sorts of tricks, to hook up with lone male padestrians, old or young, to tempt them to have sex with me. The desire to experience what it was like to have sex like a girl was so irresistibly great that I never considered for one moment the danger arising from the very real possibility of being arrested by the police for public exposure and moral indecency. 

I will go on writing about my experience as a crossdresser in my future posts, but I need to get ready to serve a client of mine in 15 minutes time. I need to insert  a butt plug into my asshole to get it loosened up for my client who is an Indian man. I expect that as an Indian he should have a big penis. I really need to get myself plugged up so as to ease his penetration. 

Bye-bye, everybody who cares to read this post of mine!!  Thank you for reading this post of mine Sirs. I apologise for my poor English expression. Nowadays I don't actually speak English. The English I speak must not be standard English because my clients will be turned off by that. 'Them clients no like me clever. Me stupid they laugh and like.' This is the way I speak English now. OK bye Sirs thanks again  for reading my stupid post. On my knees I apologise for not making myself clear here and there in this post. I am sorry - - I will try hard to improve my language skills in my next posts, Sirs. Please forgive me Sirs.