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Neath UK
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OK............. new looking site so thought it time i updated my profile.
been here some while now and have made some good friends, however.......some here are just 'fantasists' and i have no interest in mere fantasy! i want genuine like minds.............who adore kINKY SEX!!
as do i, im happy, easy going, imaginative, but very very sexual i adore making others CUM! and 'im good at it' very good at it, i give my all its my greatest pleasure and yes at times a curse, trying to meet those who can genuinely keep up........sigh.... plz help me here there must be other's here who want to FUCK,BE FUCKED,RIM,RIMMED, and CUM covered till the end of days?? coz i really do, its my 'PASSION' so only those true SLUT'S like myself need get intouch. this does NOT!! mean that i will fuck anyone, not at all im picky, and i do get alot of offers so i can be. thanks, if your genuine kinky, come say hi..
im a nice person, hate labels i adore sex, im BI, CD,TV, Femminie,masculine. im anything i wish to be! and i am a sexy,fem,hot, sexy, passionate,kinky slut.
im keen to play in a group, im open to movies (keen in fact) sexy pics, i require regular hard core, prolonged action, and can provide this and more, im very greedy sexually..(no shit) im funny,skinny, smooth. and this is important i dislike body hair so NO hairy pantie wearer's, or angry small minds, lifes to short. im vey sexually greedy, but i will not inflict or recieve extreeme pain, yes..... bondage,game play, spanking,cockould,group,threes,rimming, anal play, im switch (to greedy to stick to one role) gangbangs,ball play, face sitting, rimming( I know i like it)cum loads of cum, i adore cock, being fucked,fucking, hot smooth sexy bums make me dizzy, with lust......and woman i adore them too, so long as they accept the above, love pussy, but im as passionate about ass.....want a woman who feels the same!!.......who wishes to share cock with me?? smooth guys needed to ravish and supply endless cock n cum, and TV's, smooth sexy CD's needed for lezzy sexcapades with me. im here to make lasting long term friendships. and special individuals to fuck with me 24/7 theres much more to me......... come find out!! no pics no chat those that wish to use my images (all me) may not and the appropriate leagal action will be taken to deal with such infringements. to my friends, fans hugs,sticky kisses......and lets play more!! call me. much love to all. xxxxxxxxx
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