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Lover of TS cock. Like a bit of cuckold play & forced-bi occasionally. Been "in the scene" over 30 years.

Cuckolding stems from our time in the swinging scene, where we would have regular MMF, MMMF & several gangbangs. It reached a point where I would just sit back & enjoy the sight of my wife with other guys, with no involvement from me. My wife would select the guys to "play" with, as it is now.

Blog posts are of things I've experienced & my wife & I still have regular sex as a couple.

Hate ignorance, bad manners & poor hygiene. Can sometimes be found playing on skype. Ageing adrenaline junkie. Outspoken & opinionated on occasion, but I mean well.
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Published on: 15 Jul 2021

Kate's Business Trip

So, after locking me in chastity, Kate went away on a 3 day business trip. After having no contact of any description while she was away, Kate returned home last night. We had the usual husband/wife greeting before I was ordered to remove my clothes. Once naked, Kate remarked that I was a good boy remaining locked while she was away. She then asked if I was curious about her trip. I replied that I was eager to here all about it. Kate then went on to describe her trip. 

After getting on her train, she quickly found the food carriage, got a bottle of wine & sat down. She said a young guy sat across from her & they exchanged polite glances, looking each other up & down. After a glass or 2 of wine, she then slid her dress up her thighs, just enough to reveal her panties & flashed the guy. After a few 'knowing' looks, Kate went to the bathroom & entered. Within seconds, she said there was a knock on the bathroom door, she opened it & the guy was standing there. She said she pulled him in, locked the door & started kissing him, all the while, rubbing his hardening cock through his pants. She unzipped him & pushed them down. Taking hold of his now rock hard cock, she knelt down & started sucking him off. Kate said he had a nice fat cock, not overly long, but thick. She said he fucked her mouth for several minutes before holding her head tight & unloading a thick load of cum down her throat. He held her there until he was drained & she'd swallowed it all, before standing up, adjusting her dress, unlocked the door & went back to her seat. She told me that they never even spoke a word to each other, it was just pure lust. 

When she arrived at her hotel & checked in, she was escorted to her room by a well dressed young lady whom, Kate said, appeared very prim & quite officious. Kate said she got her demeanour all wrong. Once in her room, she put her case down, reached in her purse for money to tip the young lady, turned around & looked in to the lady's eyes. Kate said just by looking, she knew the lady was up for some fun. She pulled her close & started kissing her. As they kissed, the lady was fumbling around, removing her clothes. Kate told me once she was naked, she laid on the bed & beckoned Kate to join her. Kate quickly stripped & joined her, embracing each other & started kissing. They linked legs & rubbed their pussies on each others thighs. Kate said they stopped kissing, the lady pushed her on her back & got over her in the 69 position & they francticly licked each others wet holes until they both came. The lady then got off the bed, dressed, kissed Kate & went back to her work, leaving Kate a sweaty mess on the bed.

Kate then showered, dressed & went to dinner in the hotel restaurant with the other business delegates. She said she spent the whole time checking out the men who were there, curious as to who would want to fuck. She said there were several who caught her eye & she would get to know them later over drinks.

Kate is telling me this while I'm still locked. She said after dinner, everybody went to the bar for some socialising. She got talking to 2 executives of a company she dealt with & was trying to push a sale on them. As they were not moving from their price, she invited them both to her room to 'negotiate'. They made their way to Kate's room & in the elevator they both fondled Kate's tits, arse & pussy, while taking turns to kiss her. Kate said she squeezed both of their cocks, letting out a soft moan as she said 1 was huge & not even hard. Once they got to her room, Kate said she told them both to make themselves comfortable on the bed while she went to the bathroom to freshen up. Kate said she stripped naked & went back to her bedroom, both guys were naked on the bed, stroking their now hard cocks. Kate said 1 was easily 10" & quite thick, she couldn't wait to have it in her pussy. Kate said she got on the bed between them, on her knees,  took hold of both cocks & started wanking them together. She said she then took turns sucking their cocks before 1 guy went behind her &, thrusting his cock straight up her wet pussy, started fucking her hard & fast. She said the rest of the night was a bit of a blur but she said both of them took turns in her pussy & mouth before giving her a hard DP fucking, finally ending with them both taking turns in her arse & filling her stretched out hole with 2 loads of cum. Kate said both of them then gathered up their clothes & left, promising her the deal was done.

The following morning, Kate said there were a few knowing looks from several delegates but she just smiled then went to prepare for the day's meetings. During 1 meeting, Kate said a young girl from a rival company caught her eye & she made a point of chatting to her often throughout the day. At the end of the day's business, Kate said she invited the girl to join her in the spa as everyone else went to the bar. 30 minutes later Kate & the girl, Sophie, were sat in the hot tub just chatting, when she took a chance, leaned in & kissed Sophie full on her mouth, sneaking her tongue inside. She said Sophie pulled back a little in shock then pulled Kate in for a full on kiss, both of them hands everywhere. Kate then said she took Sophie's hand, led her from the hot tub in to the sauna, once inside, Kate said she wasted no time in kissing Sophie, squeezing her tits, rubbing her pussy & her arse. Sophie responded in kind, slipping a finger in Kate's pussy. She said she sat on the bench, pulled her bikini bottoms to 1 side & pushed Sophie down. Sophie went straight at Kate's pussy, licking up & down, sucking on Kate's clit & slipping her tongue in to Kate's wet hole, probing deep. After a few minutes, Kate said she stood up, bent Sophie forward over the bench, pulled her bikini down & started licking Sophie's arse, occasionally fucking her hole with 2 fingers. Kate said Sophie orgasmed with in seconds, which was just as well, as they heard someone approaching. Kate said they stopped what they were doing & left the spa to prepare for dinner. Kate told Sophie she would see her again.

During dinner, Kate said she was sat at table with several delegates, male & female. 1 guy in particular was openly flirting with Kate, so much so, that others at the table told him to behave. Kate, sensing an opportunity, wrote her room number on a napkin, & excusing herself to the bathroom, slipped it in the guy's shirt pocket as she left. She returned to the table 10 minutes later &, putting her finger to her lips to shhhh him, winked & continued with her dinner. After dinner in the bar, Kate approached him & said'later sweetie, once it all winds down'. 

Kate said several drinks later & she made her excuses to the group, that she was tired & was getting an early night as tomorrow was going to be long & busy. As she left, she looked at the guy she gave her room number to & mouthed '10 minutes' & headed to her room. Once in her room, Kate stripped completely naked. A few minutes later there was a knock at the door. Kate opened it & saw the guy standing there. She pulled him inside, closed the door & started kissing him, no words necessary, they both knew why he was there. As they kissed, Kate said she unbuttoned his shirt, then undid his pants. Sinking to her knees, she pulled his pants down, gripped his hardening cock & started sucking him deep. As she did this, she rubbed her pussy & using her juices, she slipped 1, then 2, fingers in her arse. After a few minutes of cock sucking, Kate said she stood up, turned round & knelt on the edge of the bed. Looking over her shoulder, she told him, rather bluntly, to fuck her arse. He needed no 2nd invite & immediately slammed his cock straight up my wife's arse. Kate said she urged him to fuck her hard. He did so, she said so hard her pussy was continually running with juices. Several minutes of fucking & Kate said he filled her arse with cum. As his limp cock slid from her hole, Kate said she told him to leave, which he rather reluctantly did. After this, Kate said she showered went to bed, a long day tomorrow.

The following day, Kate said, dragged on & on, with meetings & sales talk.  Eventually the day closed & Kate went back to her room, showered, put her bikini on & went to the spa, no thoughts of playing. She'd been in the spa around 20 minutes when 3 guys from the meeting came in & went straight to the steam room, not before checking her out she added. Kate said she decided, fuck it, lets do it. She went in to the steam room, removed her bikini & sat between 2 of the guys. Immediately, she said, hands were everywhere, feeling her up, mouths on tits. She said she leaned her head back & within seconds a cock was at her mouth. She started sucking it, greedily. Before she knew what was going on, she was lifted a little, 1 guy sat under her & she felt his cock at her ass hole. She was lowered down, taking the cock all the way in her arse. With a cock still in her mouth, the 3rd guy pushed his cock in her pussy & all 3 began fucking her hard & fast, all holes filled with cock. Kate said she had no idea how long for but it felt like an eternity, before she was lifted of the cock in her arse & pushed to her knees. All 3 then wanked off over her face. When they were done, Kate said she licked all 3 cocks clean, stood up & left the steam room. She quickly showered & went back to her room. She said she ordered dinner in her room, no more play in this trip & an early start after breakfast.

The following morning, Kate had a light breakfast, checked out if the hotel & got a taxi to the train station, then got her train home, to me.

It's now been 5 days since she came home & I'm still locked, eagerly awaiting her next trip.

Published on: 23 May 2021

Kate's Night In The Club

So, with the lifting of covid restrictions, Kate & I decided to go to the re-opening of our local swingers club. Kate made the call &, looking at me somewhat disappointed, told me they can't open without a barman. I was about to say, oh ok, when Kate quickly said down the phone "no problem, my husband will do it". Kate ended her call, turned to me & said "there, sorted, you're doing the bar". I don't think I much choice to be honest. The upside of doing the bar is getting to chat to all the sexy girls & watch the cctv to see who goes where, how long they're in there & how many are with them. Alas, there is no cctv in the playrooms, for obvious reasons.

Fast forward a couple of days,  Kate & I are getting ready to leave for the club, when she hands me my 'barman's outfit', boots, leather chaps, chest harness & a cat mask, oh, & my cock cage, Kate says I can't be playing with my cock while working. I asked about her outfit & was told "you'll see later". With that, we left for the club.

Arriving at the club, we were greeted by the owners, who thanked us for me working the bar. I was ushered in to back room to change, Kate went to another room to prepare. Once in my outfit I went out to the bar & prepared for the evening. As I set up the bar & cctv, Kate appeared, completely naked apart from wearing a pair of thigh length boots, my cock stirred in my cage at the sight of my wife. 

All to soon, other guests began to arrive & disappear in rooms to change in to their evenings attire. Kate was sat by the bar drinking complimentary champagne. 1 by 1 the guests began to enter the bar, guys in their underwear, the girls in lingerie. Kate greeted everyone personally with a kiss & a sly feel of cocks, pussies & arses. Some guys returned the compliment, feeling Kate's arse, pussy & tits.

I was busy serving drinks, when I noticed the guests begin to wander off to the play rooms. Kate was looking at the cctv, seeing who went where. I could see on the screen several guys go in to 1 of the rooms, but no girl. Kate kissed my cheek & walked off. I watched on screen as my wife walked ³towards the room with several guys in. She opened the door, entered & that was it, she was alone, naked & in a room with several guys. 

Every few minutes, I checked the cctv to see if Kate had left the room, she hadn't. After some time, a guy appeared at the bar, naked & covered in sweat. I asked if he was enjoying the evening, he replied "absolutely, there's a girl in a room taking every guy in there". I asked him how many, he said "there were 6 of us to begin & she took us all, every hole. Then some more guys came in & she's having them too".

I handed him a beer & glanced at the cctv. I saw a couple of guys leave the room Kate was in & go to another. As I went to turn away, I saw 3 more guys go in to Kate's room. Holy fuck, how many guys had fucked her so far, & how many more. I opened the guest book & began counting the guest numbers. 8 couples, 5 single girls & 11 single guys. A quick calculation meant she'd have at least 11 different cocks.

It was quite some time before Kate suddenly appeared at the bar, looking somewhat exhausted, with cum in her hair & on her tits. I asked if she's having fun, she replied "yeah, every guy here has fucked me tonight, every last 1 of them", by my calculations, that was 19 cocks. I looked at her & said "19, you had 19 guys". She just laughed & said " yeah, 19 hard cocks, all for me". I just stared in disbelief, my wife had just broken her record for the number of guys in a night, not just broke her record, but doubled it & added a few more too.

Kate said she was going for a shower while I began to clear up the bar area as the evening wad now starting to wind down. I noticed 1 girl head in the direction of the shower area. What seemed an age passed, but probably no more than 15 minutes, Kate appeared, wearing bra & panties. She whispered in my ear "add a girl to that count tonight". 

Kate came behind the bar, knelt down & removed my cock cage. A quick few strokes & I was rock hard. Kate pulled me to her, took my cock in her mouth & started sucking my cock. Every few seconds she would stop & say "were you jealous at all those cocks fucking me" "does it turn you on to know your wife is a slut for other men" " do you like to see me covered in other men's cum". Well, that was it, I held her head, pushed my cock all the way in her mouth & exploded, my cum gushing down her throat. I could hear her gulp it down as I held her head tight, until every last drop was consumed. I let go of her head & she stood up. As she kissed me, I could taste my own cum on her tongue. As we stopped kissing, Kate said "come on, let's get changed & go home, I might let you fuck me too, maybe"

With that, we went & changed in to 'normal' clothes, said our goodbyes & headed home. Hopefully I would fuck my wife's well used pussy tonight too...

Published on: 14 Oct 2020

Kate & My Friends

It was a Saturday evening & I'd invited some friends around, 3 to be exact, to watch the football. Kate had gone shopping, with my credit card as she always buys new lingerie, then she was going for a drink with a girlfriend, before coming home.

It was around 6.30pm when I heard a key in the door. Kate walked in to the lounge where we were watching the game. "Hi honey, hi boys" Kate said. I noticed she had a "glazed" look in her eyes, a sign of a few too many drinks. My friends all said "hi Kate", & returned their gaze to the tv screen.

Several minutes passed when Kate called from the kitchen, "honey, come here please". I excused myself from my friends & went in to the kitchen. Laid out on the counter was a pink, lacy bra, with what I can only describe as a very tiny, pink, G string, a matching suspender belt & black stockings. She said "look at these, do you like them?". "Absolutely honey" I said. "Do you want me put them on now & model them for you?" Kate asked. "Not right now sweetie, the guys are here, maybe later" I said. "How long are they staying?" she asked. "Until the game ends, an hour maybe, unless there's extra time" I said. "Oh, extra time is it. Ok, fine" Kate said, gathering up her new lingerie & storming off upstairs.

Now, as every guy knows, when your lady says 'fine', it really isn't. And there will be consequences to follow. It would not be too long before I found this to be true.

It was some time later, not sure how long, when I heard Kate come downstairs. "I'm just getting a drink, you boys want another beer?" she asked. We all replied as 1 "yes please". A few moments later Kate walked in the lounge, carrying a tray of beers & a large glass of wine. It took me a few seconds to register what she was wearing. A black, silky, thigh length robe & clearly, a pair of stockings. I guessed she had her new lingerie on under the robe. She bent over the table to put the tray down, giving my friends a close up view of her ass & barely covered pussy. She picked up 3 beers, turned round & bending forward, handed my friends their drinks. They each got a good look at her boobs, down the front of her robe. "You can get your own" she said to me.

Kate went & sat on a sofa between 2 of my friends, asking "how's the game", both of them stammered "it's ok, not bad". "Hmmm, yeah, it's ok honey, probably won't be extra time" I said. "Oh, I like the extras time" she said, emphasising the 'extras'. Kate then came out with " I got new underwear today, with his card. He wants to wait til later to see it. Do you think I should show him now?", a moments pause then she stood up,  adding "do you boys want to see it too?".

I looked at Kate & said "no honey, it's not appropriate". Removing her robe, Kate said "Really? We'll see. What do you think boys?" as her robe dropped to the floor. My friends looked at me in disbelief before 1 said "fucking hell man, your Mrs is fucking hot". Kate laughed & said "want to feel?" as she squeezed her boobs through her bra. My friends looked at Kate, then me, opened mouthed. Kate turned to me & said "well honey, your call". I looked at her, then them, then back at Kate. I heard myself say "oh well, what the fuck, do it". Kate smiled & said "come on then boys". My friends stood up, went over to Kate & started carressing her body all over & taking turns kissing her. As I stood up to join in, Kate said "not you, sit the fuck down & watch". I sat back down, no point protesting now.

My friends hands were everywhere on Kate, rubbing her pussy & ass, squeezing her boobs. Kate was squirming & moaning with their attention on her. 1 of them soon had her bra off & was greedily sucking on 1 of her nipples while pinching the other, making my wife squeal. Pretty soon her g-string was around her knees & her legs were apart. 1 friend was licking her pussy, another had his tongue in her ass. She looked at me with a wicked smirk on her face.

After a few minutes, Kate said "right then boys, show me what you've got for me". My friends quickly broke off from Kate & stripped naked. All 3 were rock hard. I'd seen them naked before, at the gym, but never hard. Kate let out a loud "mmmmmm" & sank to her knees between them. She put her hands out & took hold of 2 cocks, wanking them slowly. She turned to me & said "it's ok honey, you can wank too". She then opened her mouth as my other friend fed his cock in to her mouth. 

I stood up & stripped off, my cock hard. All the time keeping my eyes on my wife, a cock in each hand & another fucking her mouth. She stopped sucking that cock, & wanking it, another cock was pushed in her mouth. Again, a cock in each hand & 1 in her mouth. I sat watching & wanking my cock slowly, unable to avert my eyes. I thought to myself, at least I'm not caged in front of my friends. My friends then swapped over again, as the 3rd put his cock in her mouth as she wanked the other 2. They played this little game with her several times, alternating cocks in her mouth. They even tried all 3 at once. Not sure if they managed it, but definitely 2 were sucked together.

The 'round-robin' cock sucking & wanking continued for several more minutes before Kate stopped, stood up & came over to wear I was sitting. Getting on her knees on the sofa next to me, she said "right then, who's 1st?". The 1st of my friends got behind Kate, rolled on a condom & with a look at me, pushed his cock in to my wife's wet pussy. As he started fucking her, she reached out, took hold of my swollen balls & squeezed tightly, making me wince. "That's it honey, wank your cock while your friends take turns in my cunt". My friend kept fucking her, harder now. Kate pushed her ass back to meet every inward stroke. Kate gasped "I want you all to cum in my mouth".

My friend pulled his cock out of Kate's pussy & went round in front of her. Kate reached out & as she gripped his cock, she said "next please", wiggling her ass side to side. Another friend went straight in & started to fuck her. She then put the cock in her hand in her mouth &, holding the tip with her lips, started wanking it hard. It wasn't long before I heard her gulp as he cum in her mouth. Kate stroked it firmly, to milk every drop out. Letting his cock slip from her lips, she faced me, opened her mouth & showed a large pool of spunk on her tongue. She closed her mouth, gulped loudly, then licked her lips. Opening her mouth again, she showed me she swallowed it all.

My friend that was fucking her pulled out & went in front of her. Again Kate said "next". As the 3rd cock entered her now well fucked hole, the 2nd went in her mouth, my friend wanking himself as Kate sucked loudly. I was slowly wanking, with Kate still holding my balls, while she was getting cock at both ends. My friend in her mouth pulled her deeper on his cock, and holding her tight, groaned as he unloaded his cum in her throat. I could see Kate gulping it down. As he pulled his cock ou, Kate licked her lips & said "mmmmmm". Finally, my friend fucking her pussy pulled out & took his turn to cum in my wife's mouth. He held her head, slipped his cock between her lips & started fucking her mouth, slowly at 1st, before building the tempo. Kate gagging as her mouth was fucked hard. It wasn't too long before he slipped his cock out, pulled Kate's head back by her hair &, with her mouth open, wanked his cock. A few strokes & a thick spurt of cum went straight in my wife's mouth. He squeezed his cock to drip every bit out. Kate flicked her tongue at the head to lick up what was left, before closing her mouth & swallowing.

Still holding my balls, Kate said "ok honey, your turn now", turned slightly, bent forward & took my cock in her mouth. Working her mouth up & down, it wasn't long before I too, unloaded in her mouth. Kate stroked & squeezed until my cock was completely drained. Letting my cock slip free, she stood up & said "thanks boys, that was amazing. Will there be replay at all?". 

I hope she was referring to the football as we missed the end.....



Published on: 12 Oct 2020

Dinner With Kate's Boss

Kate called me at work & told me not to be late home as her new boss was coming to dinner. Her previous boss was a guy in his mid 40s, quite fit, with a big cock. I sort of guessed what the evening would entail, a nice dinner & then watch my wife getting fucked by a new cock. As it turned out, I wasn't wrong, of sorts.

Arriving home, I entered the house & followed my nose, the aroma of food cooking, in to the kitchen. Kate was putting the finishing touches to our meal. She was dressed in a bathrobe & would get dressed once dinner was prepared & just before her boss arrived. She'd set the table, selected our evening's attire & prepared the guest room, just in case her new boss stayed over for the night.

With her boss due in around 30 minutes, Kate told me to go upstairs & get changed, she'd put out my 'clothing' on our bed. I went upstairs & entered our bedroom. On our bed was my leather chaps, a leather chest harness & my cock cage. On the floor was a pair of 'biker' style boots. With some trepidation, I removed my 'normal' clothes & put on Kate's chosen attire. Lastly, I squeezed my balls through the ring of the cage, slid the metal cage over my cock & fixed the lock in place. I turned & looked in the mirror & had mixed feelings. On 1 hand, I thought I looked the part, on the other hand, kind of wondering WTF is happening tonight.

Kate called me back down to the kitchen. When I walked in she said "you look great honey, just keep an eye on that pan, I'm going to get ready", & off she went, upstairs, to get ready for dinner. Kate returned about 10 minutes later & as she walked in,I just let out a "WOW". She was wearing a short leather dress, low cut with a zip up the front, with hold-up stockings & heels. I asked her why she doesn't wear that for me on our 'normal' couple nights. Her reply was "plenty of time for that sweetie" & kissed me, on the mouth.

A ring of our door bell brought the evening back in to focus. Kate went to get the door & told me to wait in the kitchen. I was surprised to hear another womans voice when Kate opened the door. I heard her say come in, then the door closed. I heard the distinct sound of 2 pairs of heels approaching the kitchen. Kate walked in, followed by a tall, brunette lady, dressed in a rather sexy LBD & heels. Kate introduced her as Robyn. We shook hands & Robyn looked me up & down. She said to Kate "you were right about him", smiled & followed Kate to the dining table.

As both women sat down, Kate told me to get the wine & pour them a glass each. I did as asked & as I put the bottle down Kate said "no beer for you, just water tonight". I was a little disappointed at this but, as ordered, got myself a glass of water. I was then instructed to fetch out the starter dish for them both. I, again, complied, & setting down a dish each, Kate told me to have mine in the kitchen, this dinner was 'girls only'. I went to the kitchen, got my food & began to eat. I could hear giggling, laughter & some whispering going on.

Following the starter, I was instructed to serve both ladies the main course, followed by the dessert. Once all courses were finished, Kate told me to bring more wine. I took them another bottle & as I poured each a glass, I noticed the zip of Kate's dress was open a little, exposing the top of the cups of her lacy bra. Robyn's dress had ridden up her thighs, almost revealing her panties. Both ladies continued to consume the wine, to a point where they were in to their 3rd bottle. Luckily it was Saturday tomorrow, so no work for them.

After some time, a rather tipsy Kate told me to go to our guest bedroom & wait there, on my knees, facing the bed. I did as ordered & as I got on my knees to wait, I heard some more giggling & whispering. Before too long, I heard them both approach the guest room. They walked in & Robyn sat on the bed. Kate stood in front of her & I heard her undo the zip. Kate's dress fell on the floor in front of me. I heard Robyn say "mmmmm, very nice". I looked up & saw Kate standing, facing the bed. She was wearing a bra, stockings & heels, no panties. From my position on the floor, I could see her pussy, smooth & glistening with wetness, she was already horny. She reached out & pulled Robyn to her feet & held her close. I could hear them kissing, then Robyn's dress fell to the floor. They carried on kissing, & now carressing each others bodies.

They stopped kissing & I saw Robyn step back a little. I could see her slim, toned body, with smallish boobs covered by a thin lace bra &, casting my eyes downwards, past her toned stomach to her crotch area, which was only just covered by a very small pair of panties. As I focused my gaze, Kate pushed her back on to the bed. Bending down, Kate lifted Robyn's legs, reached down & slid her panties up & over her slender legs, tossing them to the floor alongside me. Kate then knelt down & buried her head in Robyn's crotch. From the noises Kate was making & the moaning & gasps from Robyn, I could tell Kate was eating her pussy out, right there in front of me. Every so often, Kate would rock Robyn's hips back & forth, clearly licking her ass, then her pussy, then back to her ass. I'd seen her do this before & it always drives her, & her female lovers, wild.

After several minutes, Kate stopped licking, stood up & got on the bed, straddling Robyn. She inched her way towards her head before stopping &, squatting down, planting her pussy firmly on Robyn's mouth. I could see Robyn's tongue flick out & start licking Kate's very wet cunt while her hands took hold of Kate's hips. Kate began to ride Robyn's mouth, rocking her hips back & forth on the eager tongue in her pussy. Kate reached back & slipped 2 fingers in to Robyn's pussy & started finger fucking her as she rode her mouth. Kate was moaning & gasping, Robyn was busy slurping away at my wife's wet hole.

After some time, Kate got up, came over to me & said "now for your fun". She reached behind me in to a drawer & pulled out what looked like a gag. I was sort of right. It was a gag, but with a small penis shape on the inside & a long penis shape on the outside. She put the small bit in my mouth & fastened it behind my head. Pushing me on to my back, she then squatted over me, holding the long bit in her hand at the opening of her pussy. Slowly, she slid it in to her & down, until her ass was on my nose. After a few wriggles, Kate started bouncing up & down on my face, riding that dildo attached to my mouth, her cunt juices squirting out, over my face & chest. Lost in the moment & trying to keep my head still, I didn't notice Robyn until her legs were alongside my head.

As Kate rode my face, Robyn inched closer, until I heard more licking. I couldn't quite see but guessed Robyn had straddled Kate & was being tongue fucked while Kate fucked herself on my face. This went on for some time until Kate said "do you want a turn on him now?". I heard a "mmmmm", then Kate removed herself from my face to be replaced by Robyn, who immediately sank straight down on the dlldo. The whole scene started again, with Robyn fucking herself on my mouth & Kate planting her pussy on Robyn's mouth. There was lots of moaning & groaning from both ladies, who seemed to be enjoying themselves on top of me. My face, head & chest were soaking wet from their juices. 

Several more minutes of action & Robyn stopped riding & stood up. Kate told me to get on my knees again & reached behind my head, undoing the gag & throwing it to 1 side. She then told me to get up, go to the en-suite bathroom & turn the shower on. I did as ordered & waited for them both. Kate & Robyn walked in, now both completely naked. They got in the shower & washed each other. A few minutes later & Kate told me to strip & get in the shower. I eagerly stripped off, thinking I was going to get some pussy tonight. I was wrong.

As I stepped in the shower, Kate told me to lay down on my back. Looking at her curiously, I did as she asked. Kate then stood over me, feet either side of my head & squatted down. I could see Robyn looking puzzled at this. Kate reached down, pulled her pussy lips apart & said "ready honey?". Before I could reply, a steady stream of pee came from Kate's pussy, covering my face. Opening my mouth, I tried to catch as much as I could. Kate rubbed her pussy a little as the last of her piss dripped on my face, I could hear Robyn say "wow, just fucking wow". She stood up, turned to Robyn & said "your turn". Robyn squatted down over me, opened her pussy & started pissing on my face. I kept my mouth open, catching more of hers than Kate's. When she finished, she stood up & both ladies began to kiss. I just lay there, jets of shower water washing both girls piss from my face.

Bith girls finished washing each other & stepped from the shower. I stood up & washed myself as they both towelled each other dry. As I stepped from the shower to dry off, Kate said "right then honey, you're sleeping in there tonight", pointing at the guest bedroom. With that, she took Robyn's hand & with much giggling, led her off to our bedroom for the night. I watched as they walked off, naked, hand in hand, in to our bedroom, the door closing behind them.

I can only guess what was going to happen next as I slipped in to the bed in the guest room. It was then I realised I was still wearing my cock cage, & Kate had the key. Oh well.....

Published on: 28 Sep 2020

The Boardroom

I got a text from Kate to say she was working late, she had a new office junior & she was going to show him "the ropes". Also, could I drop by & pick her up, oh, & be wearing my cock cage too. I had to call her when I arrived.

I arrived at her office building & called from the car. Kate told me security were expecting me. She also said there is a new entry scanner in the lobby & all visitors were screened for any metal objects on them. This was going to be embarrassing, my cage was going to set it off, obviously.

I walked in to the lobby, signed in & was directed through the scanner. A loud 'beep' sounded. I was sent through again, another loud 'beep'. A security guard approached with a hand held scanner & began sweeping it over me. Reaching my crotch it beeped, a few more scans, a few more beeps. I was told to spread my arms & legs & a guard used his hands to feel the tops of my thighs & crotch area. I felt him touch my cage & he laughed. Turning to his colleague, he said "Kate's husband" & laughed again. He directed me to the lifts & said "5th floor, boardroom", then laughed again & walked off.

I got in the lift, pressed the button for floor 5 & went up. Leaving the lift on floor 5, a sign pointed out the boardroom. I approached the boardroom & could see Kate through a window, sat at a table, a tall, young, suited guy, was stood along side, looking at some papers she had. I knocked on the door & walked in. Kate said "hi honey, sit there", pointing at a chair by the table. As I sat, Kate said "ok going through the scanner honey?". I replied "no, it went off, then they scanned me & found my cage". She chuckled & said "I know, show Phil here what set it off". Before I could answer, she said "NOW, do it. Drop your pants".

I stood up, took my shirt off, unbuttoned my jeans & pushed them down, along with my boxers. I stood there, my caged cock on show. Kate winked at me & said "look at that Phil, look at that pathetic cock, locked away, no use to anyone". Kate told me to sit again, stood up & said to Phil "show this useless cunt a real cock". Phil looked at us both before removing his suit jacket, undoing his pants & pushing them down, revealing the biggest white cock I have ever seen, never under-estimate a skinny guy. Wrapping her hands around it, Kate started wanking him to hardness. She looked at me &, with a smile, said "look at this big fucking cock, he's going to fuck my mouth & my ass so fucking good". With that, she bent forward, put her mouth over the end of his cock & started noisily sucking him, her hands still wanking him. I sat there watching his cock get harder & bigger in my wifes mouth. Kate then sank her mouth all the way down his cock, making gagging sounds, drool seeping from her lips. She then put both hands on his hips & started rocking him back & forth. He got the hint & started fucking her mouth, Kate still gagging & drooling.

After several minutes of her getting her mouth fucked, Kate pulled away, stood up & came to me. She turned away from me to face Phil & told me to unzip her dress. I did as ordered & Kate let it drop to the floor. She was stood there naked apart from stockings, suspenders & high heels. She walked to Phil, kissed him & started stroking his cock again. She stopped, turned around & bent over the table, her ass & pussy on show to Phil. She looked at me, smirked & said to Phil "put that cock in my ass & fuck me, show my pathetic husband what a real cock can do".

Kate reached back with both hands & pulled her ass cheeks apart. She said to Phil "put it in my ass, show this pathetic cunt what a real stud is". Now, this is just a game for us or so I thought. I started to say to Kate, "honey don't you think this is a bit...", but she cut me off & said " just sit there, shut the fuck up & watch this big cock fuck your wife".

Phil put the head of his cock at her anal opening &, with Kate pushing back at him, slipped his huge cock straight up her ass. Kate gasped "fuck, it's so fucking big, fuck me stud, fuck my slutty ass hole". Phil started fucking my wifes ass, slowly at 1st before slamming it hard in & out of Kate.  I watched, dumbstruck, as this big cocked, skinny, young guy went to town on my wifes ass. Kate was pushing her ass back at him on every in stroke, 1 hand frantically rubbing her soaking wet pussy. Kate was screaming now &, looking me in the eye  said "look at this you cunt, look at this big cock up my ass, look how deep & hard he fucks me, look at him making me cum, he's so much better than you".

Kate looked back at Phil as he plowed her ass, saying "yeah, fuck me stud, bury your big cock in my slutty ass, show my useless husband how to fuck". I sat there & looked at the floor. Kate saw me & said "no bitch, watch him fuck me". I looked up & watched as my wife was fucked relentlessly in her ass. I could see her pussy juices running down her thighs, slick & shiny. 

Several minutes passed before Phil said he was going to cum. Kate looked back at him & said "cum in my ass, fill me with your hot spunk". I was shocked at this, only 3 guys had ever cum in her ass before, me being 1 of them. Phil held Kate's hips & with a few more thrusts, his knees buckled a little as he came in my wifes ass. Kate, squealing, thrust her hips back & forth as he pumped his young cum deep in her hole. As he pulled out, Kate told him to sit on the table in front of her, she wanted his cock in her mouth again.

Phil sat in front of Kate & as she held his cock, she turned to me & said "get over here now & lick his cum from my ass while I clean my ass from his cock". I crawled over to them, put my hands on her ass & pulled her cheeks apart. I could see his cum starting to run from her gaping hole. Kate said "now bitch, lick it all up". As my tongue lapped at her ass, I heard her slurp loudly, his cock was in her mouth again. I dutifully licked all his cum from my wifes ass, there was a lot to clean up. I stopped & Kate asked if I was done. I said yes. Kate said "good boy, hand me my dress then go & sit back down, Phil, you are finished for today, you may go".

I handed her dress over & sat back down. As Kate pulled on her dress, she said to Phil "we will continue your training tomorrow, there is still a lot to learn. Perhaps some evening work at my home may be required, I'm sure my husband won't mind". She looked at me as she said it & winked. Phil gathered his clothes & left the room.

As Kate tidied the table before leaving, I asked "what was that all about? Why so harsh? It's only a game". She replied "yes honey, your game, my rules. This is what we agreed. Now let's go home, & fuck, I'm still horny.

We left the room, went to the lift & went down to the lobby. As we walked through the lobby, the security guards said "goodnight Kate, hope your day was productive". She said "yes thanks, it was a really educational day for some". Both of them laughed as we left the building & headed home.

In the car Kate said "you know I love you honey & I love your cock too". The drive home passed quickly as Kate put her hand on my thigh, rubbing it slowly....

Published on: 21 Sep 2020

Kate's Next Idea

I came home from work & found Kate on her laptop watching porn. A quick glance over her shoulder & I noticed she was watching bisexual cuckold porn. This didn't bother me much as I've sucked cock & cleaned up cum at her instruction.

Anyway, I asked if there were any particular scenes which she preferred. She told me to sit down next to her as she opened her downloaded files folder. She placed the laptop on a table in front of us, opened a file & pressed play.

A video started playing, of a hotwife with 3 guys. Her "cuck" was sucking each guy in turn before the took turns fucking his wife. As we watched, his wife told her "cuck" to get on his knees on the floor. She then put a ballgag in his mouth & told each guy to fuck him in the ass then cum in him 

We were both fixated on the action unfolding on screen as each guy fucked her "cuck" & filled his ass with cum. When it finished, I asked Kate if this really turned her on. She said it made her really hot & wanted us to try it in the future, maybe 1 guy 1st.

I thought for a moment then said ok, I'd do it for her. But, maybe she'd like 2 guys there, so we could get fucked at the time & perhaps swap over. This suggestion made Kate squeal. She kissed me & said she'll make it happen.

We're going away on a surfing weekend soon,  I wonder what will happen....


Published on: 21 Sep 2020

Paying The Builders

We were having some construction done to our house. An extension with a bedroom & a large bathroom with a walk in shower, big enough for more than 1 person. Throughout the building phase, I'd been there every day, Kate not so much. But when she was, she would tease the builders, an older guy, 40ish, & a younger guy, probably mid 20s, by wearing skimpy outfits like shorts & tight t shirts, flimsy dresses & sometimes just a bathrobe. I'd noticed both guys checking her out on several occasions.

On the last day I had to go to work. Kate was at home & she was to pay them the final installment when they'd finished, there was only the shower heads to fit. Kate said she would 'take care of things' with a glint in her eye. I knew what she meant. I kissed Kate goodbye & left for work.

It was difficult to concentrate at work, wondering if the shower would be finished, what, exactly, was Kate going to do, would she wait for me to get home. 5.30pm couldn't come soon enough & then it was time to go home. I arrived home just after 6pm & noticed the builders van still on our drive. Ok, what was going on. I walked up to our door, let myself in & quietly closed the door. There was no sign of Kate but I could here running water coming from our new extension. I decided not to call out & made my way there, curious as to what was happening. I soon found out.

Nearing the extension, I saw Kate's underwear discarded on the floor & there were voices coming from inside. I quietly made my way through the new bedroom to the bathroom. I could see mens clothing scattered around the tiled floor. In the corner was a toilet, with the lid down. I decided to sit there & see what was going in. Entering the bathroom, I glanced in the shower, there was Kate, standing between both guys, kissing them in turn & stroking their cocks. I sat down to watch.

1 of the guys asked Kate what time her husband got home. She replied "soon, but don't worry, he likes to watch". With that, Kate knelt down & started sucking their cocks in turn. The older guy asked if she was sure it would be ok, Kate said "of course, he gets off watching me getting fucked, don't you honey?". Kate looked directly at me as she said it & carried on sucking their cocks. The younger guy said "fucking hell, is this really happening?", Kate stopped sucking, stood up & said "yes, now fuck me you horny fucker". She bent forward & took the older guys cock in her mouth, her ass towards the younger guy, her wet pussy on offer. He wasted no time & stuffed his cock in my wife's cunt & started fucking her hard & fast, Kate's pussy squelching from her juices & the jets of water from the shower. In between sucking the cock in her mouth, she'd stop & say "yes, do me, fuck me hard you dirty cunts". Kate reached back with a hand &, using the water from the shower, rubbed her ass hole, slipping 1, then 2, fingers inside.

She stopped sucking & stood up, letting the young guys cock slip from her pussy. Turning around, she bent forward & told the older guy to fuck her ass. She took the young guys cock in her mouth as the older guy started fucking her ass, hard. I sat there taking in all the action.

The older guy pulled his cock from her ass, saying he was going to cum soon. Kate stopped sucking & knelt between both guys again, taking a cock in each hand & wanking them both. She looked directly at me & said "you ready for this honey? You ready to see these hard cocks cum in your wife's mouth & on her tits?". As she did, the younger guy started cumming, huge spurts landing on Kate's face, dripping down to her tits. This made her squeal in delight & start sucking the last of his cum from his cock. She was still wanking the older guy, when he said he was going to cum. Kate turned her attention to his cock & put it in her mouth & I watched as held her head, his legs buckled & he started cumming in my wife's mouth. A few moments later, Kate let his cock loose, turned towards me & opened her mouth. I could see a large amount of cum before she winked at me, closed her mouth & swallowed it all. She then opened her mouth to show it was all gone.

Kate stood up, & washing the cum from her tits, said to the builders "thanks guys, you've done an amazing job, we both love it. Honey, the money's on the kitchen dresser, can you pay them please". Both guys got out of the shower, dried off & got dressed. I escorted them to the kitchen & handed over an envelope of money. They then headed for the door. As I opened the door, the younger guy said "did that really happen? Did we just fuck his wife? While he watched?". The older guy said "yeah, & he paid us for it too". I said "yes, you did. Thanks guys, great job", & I closed the door behind them.

Kate called out from the shower "honey, come here please". I wondered what she could want, she'd just been fucked by 2 guys. I headed back to the bathroom. As I walked in Kate said "have they gone?", I said "yes". She replied "good, get in here now you kinky bastard".

I wasted no time stripping off & joining my wife in the shower. I took her in my arms, pulled her close & kissed her. I could taste another mans cum on her mouth as I slipped my tongue between her lips. Kate asked if I enjoyed the show. I replied "yes darling, amazing as always". With that, Kate took my hard cock in her hand & knelt down.

But that's another story....


Published on: 16 Sep 2020

Demonstrating Cuckolding

Kate informed me she had invited a friend & her husband around for the evening. I thought to myself 'how nice, company for snacks & drinks'. Little did I know what Kate had planned for the evening. 

About an hour later there was a knock at our door. Kate went to see who it was. I heard her say "hi, come in, hi there", then the sound of a quick kiss. The lounge door opened & Kate walked in, followed by a female & a guy. I recognised her immediately, we'd briefly chatted at a wedding, about cuckolding. So, what exactly was Kate's plan? Kate introduced them as Jeff & Michaela.

As we all got comfortable, Kate told me to get some wine from the fridge. In the kitchen I could hear girly giggling from the lounge. I rejoined them with some wine. Kate was sitting on our sofa with Michaela, Jeff in an armchair. I poured the wine & took a seat in another chair. Kate then suddenly spoke up, asking Michaela what exactly interested her in cuckolding. I noticed Jeff shift uncomfortably in his seat. She replied that the thought of her husband watching her getting fucked turned her on. They'd talked about it, yet Jeff was still unsure if he could handle it. With this, I invited Jeff outside for a smoke. We left the girls to it & went out to our patio.

As Jeff & I smoked a cigarette each, I asked him directly if he was sure about being cucked. He replied that he was shocked Michaela wanted to fuck other guys, he thought he was enough. Yet, he'd rather be present if she was going to do it & maybe he could join in. I laughed & told him that was how me & Kate started out, with 3somes, etc., & it progressed to me just sitting back watching her perform for me. I assured him it was only for fun, we still had an active sex life. I suggested they try it a few times, different scenarios & see how it goes. Jeff said he would be ok if she just sucked cock 1st time out. With that, we finished our smokes & went back inside to the girls.

As Jeff & I took our seats, Kate got up & went to the kitchen. A moment later she called me to join her. In the kitchen Kate asked if Jeff & I had talked about "things". I said yes, he's shocked Michaela wants to fuck other guys, but he'd prefer to be present, & he'd be ok for her to suck cock the 1st time. Kate said "shall we give them a 'live' demonstration?". This was unexpected but I said ok, who with? Her reply was leave it to her. Kate went upstairs as I went back to the lounge, I made small talk & had a drink. Kate then called me upstairs. I went up & joined her in our spare bedroom, or in other words, our "play" room, basically a large double bed & a chair in an otherwise empty room.

Kate then went to our bedroom & I heard her on the phone to someone, a bull no doubt. She came back to me & said "he'll be here in 30 minutes, now let's get ready to play". I undressed & Kate handed me a leather chest harness, which I put on. As I did, Kate put my cock cage on me then put the key round her neck on a chain. She then put a gimp hood over my head & told me to get on my knees in the corner. As I obeyed her command, Kate patted my head, turned, left the room & went back down stairs. I could hear girly laughter, guessing Kate had told Michaela what was going to happen. Time seemed to drag, 30 minutes is a long time on your own.

All too soon I heard footsteps coming up the stairs & approach the room. The door opened & Kate walked in, closely followed by Michaela & Jeff. They both stared open mouthed at me, in the corner, on my knees, facing them. Kate told them both this was our play room & what happens in here, stays in here, once that door closes, it's time to play & it ends when we leave the room. Michaela & Jeff both nodded in agreement. Kate said "good, now we begin", she then whispered in Michaela's ear, who looked at Kate in shock. Kate just told her to do it. Michaela turned to Jeff & told him to strip naked. He looked at his wife, my wife, then me. I just nodded, a sign of 'just obey'. Jeff stripped & hesitantly took off his boxers. I noticed his cock wasn't small, & he wasn't hard yet. Michaela told him to sit in the chair. As he did, Kate went behind him & cuffed him to the chair, a situation I know all too well. Kate went to Michaela, pulled her close & kissed her, fully on the mouth, while squeezing her ass. Kate then said "you boys like this don't you?", we both nodded. Kate said "good, there's more to come tonight". The sound of our doorbell brought our reality in to focus. Kate kissed Michaela, took her hand & led her out of the room & downstairs. I heard the door open & a guy's voice say "hello again, ooo, a friend too". I heard the door close & the lock applied.

Footsteps on the stairs signalled the girls return, & then some whispering outside the room, before the door opened, Michaela walked in & stood by the seated Jeff, then Kate appeared, hand in hand with her bull & closed the door. I'd met him previously & knew he'd give Kate a good time, & no doubt Michaela too, if it went that far. Anyway, Kate led the bull towards me & in full view of all of us, kissed him deeply, her hand on his crotch, rubbing his cock through his pants. I could see Jeff & Michaela just staring, open mouthed at my wife. Kate stopped kissing him, unbuttoned his shirt & removed it, dropping it to the floor. She kissed him again.

Kate turned to Michaela & Jeff, asking if they're ok? They both nodded. Kate turned to me, winked & dropped to her knees. She unzipped the bull's pants & pushed them down. With a hand rubbing his cock, Kate, again, looked at the other 2. I could see Michaela squirming, a big grin on her face. Jeff was half watching, half looking down. Kate turned her attention to the matter in hand, so to speak. She took hold of his boxers & yanked them down, his now hard cock springing loose. Kate looked at me, winked, then looked directly at Michaela & started licking the bull's cock, up & down his long shaft, before opening her mouth & taking his length fully in to her throat. She started blowing him, very noisily, I guess for Michaela & Jeff's attention. Michaela gasped very loudly as Kate sucked on that big cock in her mouth. After a few minutes, Kate stopped, stood up & pushed her bull backwards, on to the bed. All of us watched as Kate unbuttoned her blouse & took it off, before unzipping her skirt, letting it drop to the floor & stepping out of it. Kate turned towards Jeff, reached behind her & unclipped her bra. She took it off & dropped it on the floor. She went over to Jeff, bent forward & said "see these tits, tonight they're his tits & he's going to cum all over them".  She then stood up, kissed Michaela & turned round, her panty covered ass in Jeff's face. Kate looked at me as she slowly slid her panties off & stepped out of them. She opened her legs a little, reached down & started rubbing her pussy. I heard Kate say "see this cunt, he's going to fuck it with his big cock, better than you could ever do". With that she stood up & approached her bull on the bed.

Kate pushed him on his back, got on the bed & squatted down on his face. She squirmed & writhed as her bull ate her pussy. We heard her say "eat my pussy, make me wet for your big cock". I looked over at Michaela, she was standing there, legs crossed, hand in her crotch , she was also sexily biting her lip. Jeff had a look of stunned amazement on his face. He was moving uncomfortably, side to side, trying to hide what I guessed was his cock getting hard. Several minutes of frantic pussy licking later, Kate rose slightly & slid down her bull's body. She took hold of his cock & slid her pussy down on it. She came noisily from that, probably just for effect I assumed. Kate began bouncing up & down on the cock in her. She looked at Michaela & asked if she was enjoying herself. Michaela moaned & nodded. I could see Jeff looking at me then at my wife riding a big cock. Several minutes passed before Kate got off her bull, climbed off the bed & knelt on all fours, in front of Jeff & Michaela. She beckoned her bull over & told him to fuck her in the ass. He needed no 2nd invite, getting behind Kate, squat down a little above her & feed his cock in to her ass. He started fucking her ass hard & fast as Kate screamed in pleasure. A few minutes of serious fucking & he said he was going to cum. Kate, fell forward, his cock slipping from her ass. She turned & knelt in front of him. He stepped forward & fed his cock in to Kate's mouth, she again sucked him very noisily. After a couple of minutes he pulled out of her mouth, & with a few strokes, shot a large load of cum on Kate's tits. Kate rubbed his cum over her tits, then summoned me over & told me to clean up. I looked at Michaela, who was looking quite flushed, then at Jeff, before leaning forward & dutifully licking all the cum from my wife's tits. Once clean, Kate stood up, told her bull to sit on the bed, we weren't done yet. 

Kate beckoned Michaela to her, turned her to face her husband & unzipped her dress, letting it fall to the floor. As Michaela stepped out of it, Kate turned her to face me &, WOW!!, very hot lady, great figure & sexy white, almost virginal, panties & bra. Kate then turned her to face her bull on the bed. Standing behind her, Kate unclipped Michaela's bra, removing it & tossing it in Jeff's direction. Kate then slipped her panties down & off, tossing them to me. I couldn't help sniff & lick them, they were soaked. Kate reached around Michaela with both arms, down to her pussy & slowly peeled her lips apart, slipping a finger inside & working it around. I looked over at Jeff, he was dumb-struck at the sight. I hoped Kate wouldn't go too far, Jeff was ok with his wife sucking cock on the 1st occasion.

Kate told her bull to sit at the top of the bed & manoeuvered Michaela over to it & pushed her down on to her back. Joining her on the bed, Kate laid between her legs, arms under her thighs & started licking Michaela's wet looking pussy. She came almost immediately. As Kate licked away, she reached out, took hold of her bull's hand & placed it on one of Michaela's tits. He started squeezing before leaning forward & sucking on her nipple. He then sucked on her other tit, this was making Michaela writhe on the bed. Kate was making loud slurping sounds on her pussy. Kate stopped licking, got up, turned, then dropped down on Michaela in the '69' position. Both girls then went at each others cunts with wild abandon, screaming & moaning in pleasure. 

Both girls ate each other for a long time before Kate got up, stepped off the bed & took Michaela's hand, pulling her up to her. Kate looked at her bull then pointed to the floor in front of them. He climbed off the bed & stood in front of both girls. Kate positioned him side on to Jeff, & I knew why. So he could see his wife suck a strangers cock. Kate reached down & started wanking him, he was getting hard again. Kate whispered in Michaela's ear. Michaela looked at Jeff, me, Kate & then the bull. With a helping hand from Kate, Michaela knelt down, reached out & took the bull's cock in her hand. She let out a loud gasp & started slowly wanking him. Kate knelt beside her & whispered in her ear again. Michaela looked at her husband as she slowly slid her mouth over his cock. I heard Jeff say "fucking hell" as his wife started sucking cock, slowly 1st before really going for it, sloppily & noisily sucking her 1st bull cock. Kate said to Jeff "you enjoying your wife being a slutty cocksucker?". There was no reply. Kate then took a turn at sucking before letting Michaela carry on again. After what seemed ages, but probably no more than 5 minutes, the bull pulled his cock from Michael's mouth & with a few hard pumps, shot a load of cum on Michaela's face. Michaela took his cock back in her mouth to finish him off, along with a wanking action, then licked the head clean. Kate kissed her & licked some of the cum off her face.

Kate stood up & pulled Michaela up too. Both girls took turns kissing the bull & stroking his limp cock at the same time. Kate then thanked him & asked him to leave. He got dressed & as he was leaving, handed Michaela a piece of paper with his number on it. He said to Michaela to call him, she said she would, soon. Kate went to Jeff, uncuffed him & said "you 2 boys get dressed & go downstairs, pour drinks & wait for us". We did as instructed. While waiting, we heard the shower go on, then a lot of giggling. About 20 minutes later the girls joined us. Kate asked them how it was for them. Michaela replied "amazing, can't wait for next time, I want him in me", Jeff was quiet. I invited him out for a smoke. Outside I asked if he was ok. He said yes, he was quite shocked by how turned on he was watching his wife. He would have been ok if she'd been fucked. I said that was not an option as he'd initially only been ok with just cock sucking. Girl on girl was just Kate being Kate. Anyway, as we finished our smokes, Jeff said next time he wants to see her getting fucked. I laughed & said welcome to my world. We then rejoined the girls inside. A few drinks later & they both left for home. Kate said Michaela told her it was the horniest thing she'd done since getting married & really hopes Jeff lets her get fucked next time. I said he would, no problem. 

And that was the end of another interesting evenings fun......



Published on: 15 Sep 2020

Kate & the 2 BBC's

Kate & I had been invited to wedding of 1 of her colleagues at a posh country hotel. On arrival, we were escorted to our room by a smartly dressed young girl. In our room we were shown the facilities & as our guide was leaving, Kate told me to give her a tip. I opened my wallet, took out a £10 note & handed it to Kate. She then tucked it in the girl's blouse, patted her ass & kissed her cheek. Thanking us, the girl blushed & closed the door as she left.

We only had 2 hours before the ceremony so began to change. I undressed & changed in to a suit & tie. Kate went in to the bathroom & returned a few minutes later. I stood there open mouthed as all she was wearing were hold up stockings & pads on her nipples. Kate told me her dress was very tight & didn't want any lines showing so was going to be naked under her dress. With that, she picked up her dress, a pink silky, strapless number, stepped in to it & pulled it up. She turned & asked me to zip it up. I did as asked & could see how tight it was. Kate turned to face me, her dress had a split up the front, from just above the knee to a few inches below her crotch. As she walked, you could just about see her stocking tops. Just as we were leaving our room, Kate went to the bathroom & returned with a necklace on, the pendant hidden in her cleavage. We then headed down to the bar area.

In the bar, we got a drink from the bottles of free champagne & mingled for a short while. We met several of Kate's colleagues & chatted. We then found a sofa in the corner & sat down. As we were sitting there, Kate began pointing out a few people & saying "he's fucked me, he's fucked me, they've fucked me, she's fucked me". I asked if there were any others there, she said no, but, they haven't fucked me, YET. I looked over & saw she was pointing out 2 black guys. I gulped, I knew they were going to fuck my wife at some point, whether I was there or not. Would it be tonight?

I mind came back to reality as we were ushered in to another room for the ceremony. We stood & watched as the bride, Kate's colleague, walked past & made her way to the front. As she went past, Kate whispered that the bride had fucked her too. I looked at the floor, stunned. 

The ceremony passed me by, my concentration elsewhere. I was brought to my senses as Kate took my hand & led me to the restaurant area for the wedding feast. Fine dining & free champagne focused my mind from what Kate had revealed to me. After the meal, we made our way to the party room, a hall with a dance floor & DJ. we found a table & sat down, making full use of the free drinks, wine & champagne. Several people began to dance, Kate went & joined them & as she danced, the hemline of her dress rode up, revealing her stocking tops, any higher I thought, & her naked pussy would be on show.

I watched her dance for a while, when a female colleague of Kate's sat next to me. She said she knew all about our "lifestlye" & was curious about my view as a "cuck" as she was tempted to try it with her husband.

We chatted for some time & I explained how I wasn't a full time "cuck", it was something we did for fun & I always knew who she was seeing, what she did & sometimes watched. She asked about the cock cage & how it made me feel as she bought 1 for her husband but had not yet given it to him. Again, I explained it was just for fun, Kate loved when I wore it as it made her more slutty & whoever was with us never knew the dynamics of our fun. She thanked me, kissed my cheek & said enjoy the rest of the party. I smiled, took a sip of my drink & turned my gaze to the dance floor.

I looked around for a few minutes, trying to find Kate, surely she wouldn't sneak off for fun without me knowing. Not to worry, across the other side of the dance floor I saw Kate & some of her female colleagues dancing. I decided to go outside for a smoke. I went over to Kate & said I was going for a smoke, she said ok & kissed me on the mouth. I smiled & made my way outside with a drink. I lit a cigarette & as I took a puff, a voice asked me for a light. I turned round & saw it was 1 of the black guys Kate had pointed out earlier. I lit his cigarette & we had a chat. He asked if I was Kate's husband. I said yes. He said I was a lucky guy, she was hot as hell & if she was single, there'd be a queue of guys waiting to date her. I chuckled a little, he clearly didn't know about us. Turns out he'd only worked there for a month. 

Our cigarettes finished, we both went back inside, Kate was sat at our table with her friend who had spoken with me earlier. As I sat down, Kate said her friend had told her about our conversation. Kate kissed my mouth again. I put my hand on her thigh, Kate reached down, held my hand & said "later", then kissed me again. I thought, tonight will just be me & her. How wrong I was going to be.

As the evening went on, Kate danced some more, I took no notice really, she was enjoying herself. I did look once & her dress had ridden up a little more, it was now just below her ass. Luckily  it was dark in the room, so her pussy would not be visible. While she danced, I saw 1 of the black guys go up to her, the 1 I had smoked with. The danced close, & every few moments, his hand would grab her ass, this made her dance closer to him. Before long, the evening began to wind down, me & Kate had a dance to finish off. Kate went to the toilet as we were leaving for our room, so I went for a smoke. When I came back, there was no sign of Kate. I waited by the door for a few minutes, when Kate appeared from a side door, kissed me & said let's go up to our room. As we left, I looked back & saw the other black guy leave the same door Kate had come from. I thought nothing of it, she didn't have time to do anything & now we were heading to our room.

We got to our room & Kate went to the bathroom. A few minutes later, she returned & I could see her nipples poking the dress, she'd taken the pads off. She looked at me & ordered me to strip. I quickly got undressed. Kate then steered me to a chair by the bed & pushed me down on it. She went behind me, took my arms & tied my arms to the back of the chair. As I sat there curious, Kate reached in her bag & produced my cock cage. Before I could protest, she told me to "shut the fuck up, it's play time". With that she put my cage on me & locked it. The key had been on her necklace all evening, she then produced a ball gag & put it in my mouth, fixing it behind my head, I hadn't even been aware she'd had it. I sat there for several minutes wondering WTF was going on. A knock on the door soon confirmed what was happening.

From my position in the chair, I watched as Kate went to the door & opened it. I couldn't quite see the door but I heard a guy say hi & some kissing, then some more kissing. I heard the door close & a guys voice said "where's your husband?" As Kate appeared, she pointed at me tied to a chair & said "right there, he's going to watch". It was right then I saw the black guy I'd smoked with, closely followed by the other black guy. My eyes were wide open in amazement, the ball gag in my mouth stifling any protest. Kate stood both guys in front of me & stood between them. Her arms around their waists, she kissed 1 then the other, looked at me & said, "you're going to enjoy this, but not as much as I fucking will", she then licked her lips & kissed them both again.

As she kissed them in turn, their hands were squeezing her tits & ass, & I saw 1 slide his hand up the front of her dress, Kate's legs parted a little & from the sounds, he was fingering her & she was cumming already. 1 guy unzipped her dress & it fell to the floor, she was completely naked apart from her stockings. They both kissed her in turn, 1 fingering her pussy, the other playing with her ass. I watched as she squirmed between them. They stopped kissing & Kate went to her knees between them & I watched as they both unzipped their pants, pushed them down & take them off. It was then I could see their cocks, they were both quite long, & thick from what I could see. Kate reached out & took both in her hands & started stroking them. I could see them getting hard & 1 had to be at least 10", the other probably around 8", by my estimation anyway, I've watched her take big cocks before.

As she stroked their cocks, Kate looked at me & said "look how big these 2 are, they're going to stretch me out tonight honey". With that, Kate winked at me & started sucking them in turn, the smaller of them 1st. She licked the tip, then the shaft before taking it in her mouth. She worked her mouth up & down his cock, taking him all the way in then back out again, she then turned & did the same to the bigger cock. Kate took turns sucking both for some time before stopping & looking at me. Her eyes were glazed & her mouth was drooling. She blew me a kiss, stood up & got on the bed. She reached out, grabbed both guys by their cocks & pulled them on to the bed with her. 1 guy asked if I was ok with this, Kate replied "the little cuck bitch has no choice, now give me those big fucking cocks". She looked at me, winked & laid back, knees raised, legs apart. 1 guy bent down between her legs, the other knelt by her head, side on to me so I could see.

They guy between her legs started licking her pussy & his hand went in to join his tongue, working her pussy good, from the squelching I could tell she was cumming from his action. The guy by her head took hold of his cock & fed it in to Kate's mouth. Kate took hold of his balls & as he fucked her mouth, she was playing with his large sack. Her other hand reached down & held the other guys head in place between her legs. Kate was moaning & squirming around as both guys went to work on her. After several minutes, both guts swapped ends & proceeded to carry on working my wife in to a sweaty, orgasmic mess. 

As I sat there watching, unable to speak, my cock, small in comparison to the 2 guys on the bed with my wife, was swollen in it's cage. I shocked myself with how turned on this sight had made me. The guy licking Kate's pussy stopped, raised himself up & positioned his cock at Kate's very wet opening. He looked at me & I actually nodded my approval, very eagerly nodded. He then slowly fed his cock in to Kate's cunt. I heard Kate give a loud moan as he went all the way in. He then started fucking my wife, really hard. I could hear her juices gush as he slammed his big cock in & out of her. Kate carried on sucking the big cock in her mouth. After several minutes of this hard fucking, Kate pulled away from them, got on her knees, turned around & bent forward. The guy who'd been in her pussy pushed his wet cock in her mouth, Kate sucked him deep, clearly tasting her own juices, the guy who was fucking her mouth now knelt behind her & pushed his cock fully in her wet cunt. Kate gasped & obviously came right there. Both guys now fucked my wife hard at both ends, Kate moaning loudly & cumming in floods. I hoped nobody in the hotel could hear this going on but I somewhat suspected they knew.

Both guys fucked Kate for some time like this, they had some stamina & Kate was matching it. They stopped & 1 guy laid back, his feet towards me. He pulled Kate over him &, taking hold of his cock, Kate sank down, taking it all the way. She squealed & came again. She started riding his cock & from my chair I could see her juices gushing from her. The other guy went in front of her & again started fucking her mouth. They were giving my wife a good seeing to, right there in front of my eyes. Kate's body was glistening with sweat & her cunt was awash with her juices. The guy in her mouth pulled out & got behind her. I heard Kate say "shove that big cock up my ass". He needed no 2nd invite & just shoved his cock straight up her ass. Kate again squealed & came.

I watched as these 2 guys fucked my wife. And to be honest, it was a fantasy of mine, to see Kate DP'd by 2 big black cocks. I was not disappointed either.

They fucked Kate like this for several mintutes before they stopped. Kate then got up, turned around & squatted down, reverse cowgirl, & taking hold of the cock that was in her pussy a few moments ago, eased her ass down on it, to his balls. She gasped & I could actually see her juices squirt out. The other guy got in front of her & shoved his cock hard up her sloppy pussy. They then began fucking her hard & fast again, for several minutes. Kate was squealing, gasping, moaning & cumming like I'd never seen before. After some hard fucking, Kate pushed the guy from her pussy, got up, turned round, took hold of the cock below her & sank back down, her pussy impaled on his cock. She looked back & told the other guy to fuck her pussy too. He went forward, & with some wiggling about, eased his cock in her pussy with the other cock. Kate gasped & said "fuck my pussy with your big cocks, hard". Both of them fucked her furiously for a few minutes then Kate said she wanted them to come on her tits. Kate removed herself from both cocks, got off the bed, came over to me & removed the gag. She asked if I was enjoying the show, I said Fuck Yeah. She replied, good, now for the finish. With that she reached behind the chair & untied me, my arms fell free. 

She knelt on the floor in front of me & told me to kneel in front of her. She told the guys to stand either side of her. As they did she said "My cuck bitch wants your hot black cum on my tits, come for me now lovers". Both guys started wanking their cocks in front of us, Kate taking each 1 in her mouth in turn to help them along. It wasn't long before 1 guy came on her tits in huge spurts, it was a big load. How he hadn't cum before is a mystery. Kate rubbed his cum over her tits as the other guy wanked, before he too came over her, another big load. Kate rubbed his cum over her tits too. Then she looked at both guys & said "watch this cunt clean me". She grabbed my head, pulled me forward & said "clean every little drop of cum from me bitch". I started licking & sucking, cleaning all that other mens cum from my wife. Kate then pulled my head back & pushed her fingers in my mouth telling me to suck them clean. I did as ordered. Kate then stood up, kissed both guys, thanked them & bid them goodnight.

Both guys dressed, squeezed my wife's ass & tits, kissed her again & left. Kate pulled me to my feet, got on her knees & unlocked my cage. Removing my cage, my cock sprung free. Kate took hold of it & in a few strokes, I was hard as a rock. Kate gave my cock a quick lick before getting up & leading me to the bathroom.

We both got in the shower & as we washed each other, Kate raised a leg, took hold of my cock & guided it in to her pussy. We began to fuck under the hot jets of water. It wasn't long before I came, in my wife's well fucked cunt. This actually made Kate cum too. We finished the shower, dried off & got in to bed. We discussed what happened, as we always did after. I confessed it was a fantasy to see her being fucked by 2 big black cocks. Kate chuckled at this & said it was 1 of hers too, to have big black cocks fucking her, only 2 wasn't enough, she wanted 3 or more. With that we kissed each other & Kate said "maybe 3 next time, or 4, goodnight honey, love you". 

So, until next time....


Published on: 27 Jul 2020

Fetish Club Cuckold

Kate & I had gone to a fetish club for the evening. Dress code for the evening was fetish wear, ie; leather, rubber, latex, etc. We chose our outfits before going & packed them in a bag to change in to on arrival. Mine was a leather chest harness, leather chaps, collar, leash, hood & cock cage. Kate chose a leather slave girl harness, which was open around her boobs & also around her pussy & ass. Kate also added hold up stockings, thigh boots & a cat mask. 

We arrived at the club & made our way to the locker room. It was mixed changing, after all, we were all there for the same thing. We changed in to our outfits & locked our normal clothes away. Before heading to the play rooms, Kate took my cage & put it on me, squeezing my balls through the ring & slipping the cage over my swelling cock. She locked it in place with the padlock & put the key, on a chain, around her neck. Kate took hold of my leash & led me in to the play room area.

We made our way to 1 of the smaller dungeon play rooms. Inside was a St Andrews Cross, a bondage bench & a large double bed, which had a rubber sheet on it. Kate led me to the cross, raised my arms & locked me in the attached wrist cuffs. Then she knelt down, pushed my legs apart, & just like my wrists, locked my ankles in to the attached cuffs. Kate stood up, &, while toying with my caged cock, kissed me & said "now for some fun". With that, she walked to the door, opened it & left. I was cuffed to the cross wondering where she had gone & what was she doing.

It must have been several minutes before I heard footsteps approaching, then the door opening. I watched as Kate walked in but what she was doing stunned me. She was holding on to a guy by his extremely large, erect cock & leading him in to the room. The guy also had a hood on but apart from that, he was completely naked. He saw me cuffed to the cross & asked who I was. Kate just said "oh that's my husband, he's going to watch you fuck me". 

With that, Kate stood him in front of me, side on so I could see the full length of his cock, squatted down &, looking at me, started stroking his cock. As she did she said to me "look at this big cock, look how hard it is, this cock is hard for me, it's going to fuck me in every hole, you are going to watch every second of it, enjoy it &, if you are a good boy, you can lick his cum off me". Kate then started licking his cock while holding it by the base.

She licked all around the head, flicking her tongue in to his pee hole then sucking just the tip. As she did, she wanked him slowly, she didn't want him to cum too soon. I was secretly hoping I didn't cum in my cage. I watched as, again, Kate held his cock by the base & slid her mouth over his cock & down the shaft, taking as much as she could before sliding her mouth back up to the tip. Kate did this slowly for a few times then sped up, giving him a wet, sloppy blowjob, I'm sure the moans from her were to tease me.

After several minutes of sucking him, Kate stopped, stood up & told the guy to stay where he was but stroke his cock to keep it hard. She came over to where I was on the cross, bent down & uncuffed my ankles, then reached up & uncuffed my wrists, then slowly lowered my arms so the blood could go back to my hands gradually. She kissed me at this point & I could taste the other guys cock on her mouth, this excited me, making my caged cock twitch.

Kate then took hold of my leash & led me to the bed & pushed me on to my back. With in seconds, I felt my wrists being cuffed again, I did not know these were on the bed but, being a fetish club, it was pretty obvious really. Kate then stretched my legs out & apart before cuffing my ankles to the bed too. So there I was, spreadeagled & cuffed to the bed, wondering what was next.

Kate got on the bed next to me & called the guy over. He knelt on the bed, next to my head. Kate took hold of his cock & with it near my face, leant over me & started noisily sucking him again. Every few sucks, she'd stop, kiss me & drip her spit in my mouth, I could taste his pre-cum on her & could smell his sweat he was that close. Kate then rose up, slipped a condom on the guy, xl size of course, turned & squatted over me in the 69 position. She lowered her pussy to my mouth & told me to lick her clit. As I began to lick, her hand reached back, took hold of the guys cock & pulled him to her pussy. He put the tip in & Kate pushed back, taking him all the way in. He started fucking her slowly as I carried on licking her clit.

Kate then told me to lick his cock as he fucked her & lick his balls when he was fully in her. I complied as best I could, it was difficult but I managed to keep my tongue on his cock. I got more difficult as the speed of their fucking increased until I eventually left my tongue stick out & his cock run over it as he fucked her hard. Kate was screaming & cumming so hard as he fucked her. His big cock doing what it was meant to do.

Pretty soon, Kate told him to stop & pull out. As he did, she sank her pussy on my mouth & told me to lick her good. As I did, Kate reached back, took his cock & put it at her ass. He needed no other invite & pushed his cock in her ass, to the balls. Instantly, Kate cum in floods in my mouth. I heard Kate tell him to fuck her ass hard & her husband loves watching it. He began pounding her ass, every in stroke making Kate cum, over & over, every out stroke her cum flooding over my face.

After a few minutes of intense ass-fucking, I heard Kate tell him to pull out & cum on her ass. As he pulled out, Kate reached back & pulled my head in to her pussy. I could see him wanking hard, the head of his cock by her gaping hole. Kate told him to cum on her hole, her cuck bitch is going to get a treat. With that, he came in spurts on her ass, on her ass cheeks, her hole, some on her pussy lips. He squeezed the last drops out, which dripped on my mouth. Kate told him to watch as I licked every last bit of his cum from her.

As I was licking his cum from Kate's ass, I could feel my cage being removed. This made me lick harder & faster. I could feel the blood flowing in my cock again. I felt a hand start stroking me to hardness, I knew it was Kate, the guy was still watching me lick my wife clean. I heard Kate say to him "watch this now, he fucking loves it". With that, Kate started sucking my cock. It wasn't long before I started cumming, obviously in her mouth as she had stifled moans. 

I stopped cumming & felt my cock go free, it flopped on my stomach, I could feel dribbles of cum run out. Kate got up, turned round & leaned over me. She held my chin & forehead, pulling my mouth open. I looked in her eyes & saw a little twinkle as her mouth opened & she dripped my cum in to my mouth, telling me not to swallow yet.  She leaned in closer, licked her lips & spat the last drop in my mouth. She closed my mouth & told me to swallow. I had no choice & swallowed, both Kate & the guy watching me. Kate then leaned in kissed me & said to the guy "told you he was a good slut for his wife".

With that, he left & Kate uncuffed me, helping me up she asked if I was ok. I said "yes, of course, it was amazing". We then left the room to clean up before watching some of the other play taking place in the club.