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Kilsby UK
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October 7

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All about Amanda to Sweet

I am size 10 heIght 5,11 long legs big baby blue eyes,

I am just your average everyday transvestite i suppose, i love getting all dolled up as a woman and the just adore the feeling of being fully dressed and feeling feminine. Its the REAL me!!i am smooth all over and do my best to look very sexy

Once dressed I do get very hot and love sex, I love the feeling of a nice hard cock inside me, so so yummy! Sometimes I work with another tv ..

Above all I enjoy satisfying men, i take my job seriously and ensure the guy/s is satisfied!

About Me.

I can be passive or versatile but can be abit domm .if you like that

I love roleplay I can be your auntie , mummy , girlfriend, dom bitch, submissive, whatever you like.

i have many kinky outfits to wear.

I love to be fucked - I love cum. Lots of cum .

I can do 1on1 or group sex, and available for sex parties too...

Of course I am smooth all over... legs like pure silk!!
Anyway babes i hope to see lots of you wonderful guys soon xxxxxx xx
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