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Hey Hello thanks for the select us, wasn't what a relationship was supposed to be like I wanted to be happy with my boyfriend not miserable and fighting constantly I broke up with him telling him it was better to call it quits before it got much worse I could have matching who getting physical with me and even punching me eventually I didn't want it to get to that Brad then take it well at all I thought he would be upset but eventually understand where I was coming from he didn't Brad actually got mad at me he told me I would regret it if I tried to end things with him I couldn't believe what he was telling me how could he say such a thing to me I tried to reason with Brad but he wasn't having it he told me that I was his that.

I would never leave him it freaks me out as you can imagine so late and it up coming up with a plan to run away from him I was going to pack my stuff when he was at work and move back with my parents and Jaime accept that I just didn't want to be with him or so I thought somehow Brad discovered my plan when I was just about ready to leave with my bags he said only burst into the room I was in shock and didn't know what to say I expected him to begin screaming at me but instead he just threw something at me is hitting me right on the face in before I knew it I fell to the ground screaming and pain I didn't know what happened at first all I knew was that I was in the worst pain I've ever felt in my life somehow managed to call 911 and was rushed to the hospital my face but like it was burning I couldn't open my right eye soon was told that I had been at hat with acid and then have my face was completely burned by the coast of liquid I could get a few surgeries to reconstruct the burnt issue but I would always live with the scars of my face it was devastating fortunately Brad was caught by the girl friend almost immediately he tried to fight the system in bed innocent but the jury in the judge weren't having it he was convicted to 10 years in prison I can't believe.

I had to go through this terrible experience it took me a long time to recover from the constant pain and I had to go through a lot of physical therapy my friends and parents for really supportive and they helped me every step of the way hence we button come close to me at first but had the most gorgeous Gan V me after half an hour staring at each other from inside the room he approached me chat in Sydney today so funny and sweet written on it together I know any other guy had any chance with me after I met him him you with love at first sight it sounded asali but to me it's tadapaave my stomach with all my heart is beating so fast can I start smiling for the first time in my life I was actually considering dating someone I didn't know how my parents were taken that I knew which time we started folding really hard after all I had my first class with very nice it is take long before that is also known you and I was feeling now that I didn't hear all things to well I got blinded by have nice without them and one thing that you never do you know your parents meeting at Auditorium in upstairs to another entity classroom kara Rahe 2 is too long the fully understand everything I was happening but I was Sholay either I knew I should not stay there alone without you so perfect for me but I was already inverse and he was the guy I had been dreaming about that nice you asked me home and weakest good night my world is floating on AIR air stop smiling the next morning I tell my girl friend that I am Mr mother very first time in that.
If you need us just call us, I really like him decide in everything that happened that I had experienced other then it is well suited out in I don't want hurt me madam me I really did why Galaxy never love status in what happened between us I like so much for giving me permission the date Ham of course I agreed but I did note hiar 13 that I text him night in my stomach surprised he said yes I like you really like me as well and it be more than happy day, fit exercise women and their hi completely won the Mulberry and I gave us a blessing to be given during the first person ground that I have to come back home before 10:00 p.m. in now we can be alone Meru method or false that since my girl friend and bye friend didn't have any idea about everything we are already done but I was fine with me direction during that again he was very nice as humans later I began feeling really I will get sick in the morning in my belly was studying to swell after that Nitin understand what is going on in tara was under the weather eating something that in agree with me the bye friend of getting worse and I didn't go away come in my belly was getting bigger and I knew that something is wrong said before I didn't know much about dating in all that stuff but I wasn't completely Chalte river twice to me lies that I am I pregnant I freaked out completely my best friend came to my rescue.
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